Are we really living in a democracy?

With elections in the air, we urge KARNATIQUE readers to contemplate on a very important and apt question: Are we really living in a democratic state? Is this really a democracy?

The correct definition of "Democracy" is that it is a system of governance in which people rule themselves. This simple definition is often forgotten in India, and such forgetfulness is the cause of quite a lot of confusion. But who form a "people"? When is the "ruler" of a people to be considered one-of-us, and when an outsider? What is the litmus test of whether or not a democracy is existing? The answer is surprisingly simple as is accepted world over: It is language which unites a set of individuals into a people, and it is when a linguistic people is ruling itself that we can call it as a democracy. When the French rule themselves, it is called a democracy. When the Germans rule themselves, it is called a democracy. When the Germans even think of ruling the French, it's called the beginning of a world war. Not democracy.

The French are a linguistic people, the Germans are a linguistic people. So are the Kannadigas and so are Tamils or Malayalis or Bengalis. We are different linguistic people who have come together in a federation of states called the Indian Union. They are different linguistic people who are still deciding whether or not to come together in a federation of states called the European Union.

But why is it okay when the Kannadiga people are "represented by" Hindis or Tamils or what-have-yous? Why is it okay when New Delhi rules Bengaluru either directly or through decisions taken in party high commands? Why is it okay when the topmost offices in the city corporation of the capital of Karnataka are filled by Tamilians and every one of their cousins? Why is it okay when political parties such as AIADMK and MES - with published agendas totally against the good of Kannada, Karnataka and Kannadigas - are even allowed to contest elections in Karnataka? Is it a valid democratic electoral system which allows parties whose ideologies consider linguistic diversity as a hurdle to progress to contest elections in different linguistic states? Is it a valid democratic electoral system which allows parties which are controlled by non-Kannadigas to contest elections in Karnataka? So what if the pawns speak Kannada?

Why do we still call the system of governance (if any governance has ever existed in Karnataka after the collapse of the Vijayanagara Empire) in Karnataka a democracy?


Anonymous said...

This write up does not really make any concrete statment. It is just questions followed by some more questions. I feel the write up also is getting confused with governance of Karnataka. Didn't we have governance after Vijayanagara empire?... surprisingly we had Mysore Wodeyars, nayakas of Chitradurga, Kempegowda... et al.

But for sure no one Kanrnataka empire was there after Vijayanagara.

What is the alternate? where is hte solution?

Anonymous said...

You're right. Karnataka as a whole has not had any real governance since Vijayanagara empire.

Unknown said...

Excellent writeup, it shows where was the karnataka and where its moving towards.

Ofcourse these may not be the concrete statements, concrete statements should come from the group of kannadigas.

These statements are to create awareness of current situation where most people are unware.

Ragavendra said...

One of the ideas I got is to enable the passport systems across Indian states. This could be similar to the one followed in US. By doing this Karnataka can regulate the intake of outsiders. Its an HELL living with these non-kannadigas.

Harish Kumar said...

Well said. There has been no democracy in KRN after fall of Vijayanagar. In fact Vijayanagara , inspite of being a monarchy , was more democratic in that it represented the dreams and aspirations of kannadigas than the present democratic system when all orders come from Delhi. You remember what happened to Virendra Patil when Rajiv Gandhi said there will be a new chief minister ? What as the typical kannadiga reaction to it ? But NTR started a new party when Sanjay Gandhi insulted an AP minister and Congress was dethroned after that in AP.

Prabhudeva said...

questions to be simple and to pin point.

1. The greatest threats in the country is generation wise
Politics by the family

2. The above issue should be solved by a amendment in the constitution such that once any family is entered in to politics then next two generations in the family are not eligible to contest in any form of elections.

3. If the party is regional it should not be allowed to contest in the other states.

4. If the party is national then EC Should impose Standards norms on the party agenda.

5. There should be some norms to be imposed by EC on the party body it self, so the there should not be any next kin (till next two generations)the party.

Nandisha said...

This is really good topic. But, the answer are hidden. How to tackle this issue. If we go to any govt offices, I see they are from different places though they talk in kannada. Their base is from somewhere else.

We (especially politicians) are not worrying about the culture and state wise improvement. No, single largest strong party. Like, in our state JDS, BJP, Congress. They have created their own ote banking with their respective regions. They have impressed the people with their own constituency by doing some simple projects. So, they try to elect their won candidate. That cause imbalance govt.

I feel, when people understand and come to the level of knowledge where they can think and choice only two parties (like two major parties in tamil nadu, ie. Karuna nidi and jayalalitha), then there is no question of coalition govt and there is no scope for what's happening right now in our state. Once we have only two major parties with strong and more number of MPs, then it really impact to the center govt and they listen to us little bit. Otherwise, center simply ignore the state issues.

Also, we people not interested in govt (state and central) jobs since there is no proper earnings. But, whoever interest they don't have recommends and money (Lancha) to join.

So, to make it democratic and better state
0) Our people should be vissible (in all sectors like, govt, bank, industries, agriculture) country top level. Means, we need good leadership.

1) People should get knowledgeable and good education to choose better thing.

2) Find govt sector or private sector jobs and try make those openings are conveyed to needy people. So that we will be in all sectors and we can choice our own thing.

3) Some how, young and professional should come to the politics with social welfare mind.

Once we show that we are dominating in all sectors with valid and healthy progress, I am sure, we/future generation definitely have better condition and have control all our issues.

Raji K said...

its full of questions thanks

Anonymous said...

I feel Kannada should be more important than the individuals who claim their mother tongue is Kannada.

Take an example of Tamil film industry, They attract Talent from every state and dont care what their mother tongue is. They teach them Tamil and come out with quality films. Increasing the market share is the top priority to them and quality comes as a byproduct.

Look at our industry. The producers of "Satya in Love(SIL)" created a furore when a mere poster appeared in some theaters (screening SIL) claiming "Indra" is scheduled for release. Our Industry is infested with vested interests like Rajkumar family. They know how to blackmail the theaters and upcoming artists and run their crappy movies with themselves in lead. They never dare to compete with other Industry.

Same thing in politics. We kannadigas are not able to arrive at a common decision for naming BIAL airport. Different castes demanding different names - Kempe Gowda, Basavanna, Vishwesharayya.

We need to fix the problem in our own backyard first.

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