Dear Next Government: Twenty Things That Matter Most

Elections to the Karnataka Assembly are round the corner & all the major political parties participating in this poll are busy bringing out their manifestos. In these manifestos, we come across "Rice at Rs 2 per kg", "Free colour TVs for BPL card holders" type of promises. It appears that the political parties are focusing less on areas which need to be addressed for long-term development & are resorting to mostly populist measures.

We expect the political party / parties that form the government, to work on solid long term initiatives & policy changes which can put Karnataka on the path of development in the long run. Kannadigas would like to see some serious work to be done by the government that gets to work from June 08.

Karnataka needs a government which has a long term vision of where we need to go & clarity on how to get there. Karnataka needs a government to protect the interests of Kannada-Kannadiga-Karnataka by lobbying & fighting hard in New Delhi to get the required resources. Karnataka needs a government which has the political will to create systems which would reduce corruption, punish the corrupt thereby ensuring effective delivery of government programmes to the beneficiaries.

At a minimum, we at KARNATIQUE wish to see the new state government work on the following 20 points. We believe that these twenty things matter the most to the state here and now:
  1. Provide an industry-friendly policy which would generate large scale employment opportunities for Kannadigas.
  2. Provide physical infrastructure like roads, railways, airports, seaports for increased industrialization.
  3. Ensure adequate power supply for the agricultural sector & industry.
  4. Provide basic physical infrastructure (roads, bridges) to the rural & semi-urban regions of the state. Provide long-term solutions to the problems of physical infrastructure (wider roads, mass transit, better traffic management, etc) in urban areas.
  5. Deliver quality healthcare service to Kannadigas who avail medical service in government-run medical centers.
  6. Deliver quality education service to Kannadigas who use government facilities / services in the education sector.
  7. Provide proper cold-storage facilities in rural areas to help farmers store their produce.
  8. Provide proper physical infrastructure (roads, rails, vehicles, etc) for farmers to transport their produce to the markets & also provide proper information infrastructure (telephone, fax, internet, etc) for farmers to have the right information for decision making.
  9. Provide clean drinking water & required irrigation facilities to every part of the state.
  10. Reduce government red-tape by re-engineering the way the government works (re-engineer the processes & practices, use technology) thereby reducing corruption & ensuring better deployment / utilization of available funds.
  11. Promote Karnataka Tourism in a big way. Present the wide range of tourism opportunities - historical monuments, cultural heritage sites, wildlife, beaches, folk forms, etc to the world and generate revenues for the state & employment for the local population through these measures.
  12. Setup competency building centers to address the shortage of skilled manpower in industries, thus enhancing the chances of Kannadigas getting employment.
  13. Utilize Karnataka’s share of river waters to the fullest extent possible to provide drinking water & irrigation facilities to every part of the state.
  14. Lobby hard with Government of India to mobilize funds / resources from the central pool & deploy them for development work in Karnataka.
  15. Ensure balanced development across the state by implementing the guidelines of the Nanjundappa Report on regional imbalances. Provide for special financial packages towards the development of Karnataka’s border districts.
  16. Implement Kannada as administrative language across the state, thereby ensuring effective implementation / rollout of the state government’s programmes. Press for implementation of Kannada as the administrative language in Central Government offices in Karnataka, thereby ensuring effective implementation / rollout of the central government’s programmes in Karnataka.
  17. During times of crisis – floods, droughts, earthquake, etc; ensure that adequate funds / resources are provided to Karnataka.
  18. Provide funds for institutions that are doing constructive work for the promotion of Kannada-Kannadiga-Karnataka.
  19. Push for greater implementation of federalism as envisaged in the spirit of the constitution. Push for removal of measures by the central government to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking population of India.
  20. Push for a nation-wide policy formulation & subsequent legislation to restrict uncontrolled inter-state migration.
Do you have something to add to this list? Something else you’d like the next government to work on? We’re open to comments and discussion, and of course to increasing this list beyond Twenty Things (we know there's more). So, come on! Participate in the discussion and help create a broad citizens’ charter for the new government that will get elected in the coming days.


ನಂದನ್ - Nandan said...

Basic and foremost thing i would like to have is to make Kannada as a compulsory language in all the schools.

In most of the CBSE, ICSE and kendriya vidyalaya schools, the students have an option to skip kannada. That should not be case. Each and everyone should learn Kannada till II Puc or 12th.

Srik said...

My dear friends,

Would like to understand on these proposals for new government. From my understanding i believe our dear politicians dont know what all these. Have u heard of politician being in their contestant place??? then only they can think of!!!

And please help me to know, how this blog helps our kannadigas? and i wonder who(particularly politicans) reads this?

Ur Friend

pinka said...

Quality of basic education has a lot of deficiencies in Karnataka.
Number of children opting for education has gone down in this decade (A serious cause for concern).
Also, the recent SSLC and 2nd PUC results show the need for improved quality.

Prashanth said...

First of all i would like to say that the 20 points are too good. Let me come to the second thing which Srik had a question "who(particularly politicans) reads this?".

See the main purpose of writing this blog is to make the citizens aware of the real problems and what they really desire and desevre. we should spread it. it is a platform to share our ideas and knowledge. Politicians from all parties and also independent candidates are giving some bullshit promises. so as a educated community we should guide others about this. I appreciate Mr.Vasant for taking the initiative in spreading the idea.

Sachi said...

nice list thr... a lot needs to be done... but what I feel is more imp at the moment is electing the right people at the top rather than just getting someone just because we dont have good people... I would suggest we get some real good power who understand the nuances of what is needed by the state the most rather than just someone who plans to make more money once thr... its only then that a good election manifesto like this one would have any importance...

Naanu said...

Nice compilations of the necessary actions to be taken.
Along with all these, implementation of Sarojini Mahishi Varadi and pushing for the classical language status for kannada should also be worked out with priority

Lenin said...

Its nice to see, hear and read all these. But I want to share one thing. People who really read/write/talk about these nice things don't bother to vote. When u dont do that and have such wonderful dreams, what is the use of it? Can u ppl share Out of the guys who posted comments above, how many actually have a voter's ID or how many actually put the vote? Dont just say that none of the parties/candidates are good? How much time you have invested in exploring the parties/persons who contest at your place?
One more thing to add. Now the politicians and the parties have started an ugly way to get into power. They just started spending the govt. money for distributing free things which is part of the election campaign. who the f*&k needs colour tv when they are not given employment opportunities and other basic needs to survive even day to day life.

Munim said...

the only 2 things I care about:

.. rapid development of good infrastructure all over karnataka

.. improvement in technical/professional education

Anonymous said...

Improve results of State Board 10th Standard and PUC II. In all our neighbouring states the pass percentage is between 75 - 85 %. We take great pride in strict valuation and failing students with a meagre pass percentage of 50 - 60 %.
This is a real shame and is leading to suicide among our teenagers.

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