Kannadigas Should Grab the Corridor of Opportunity

The government of Karnataka will unveil a new industrial policy in about three months to give a boost to industrial development in the state and proposedly build the much awaited Bengaluru-Mumbai industrial corridor. The proposed corridor would establish connectivity from Bengaluru to Belagavi covering 11 district headquarters and 20 towns, thus enabling large scale economic transformation in the region. An effort worth appreciation indeed !

The Bengaluru-Mumbai Corridor

The corridor, if implemented in true spirit, would definitely alleviate the cries for development in North Karnataka region. The proposed corridor has all the ingredients en-route to make it a big success. The existing airports at Hubballi, Belagavi and Bengaluru, the abundant water resources available along the corridor in the form of Krishna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri rivers, the hundreds of Institutes producing quality graduates every year in the region makes it an ideal location for such an industrial corridor. Tumkur, Davanagere, Haveri, Hubballi, Dharwad and Belagavi, the most conducive places to conduct business, also fall in the same region. The government is proposing to develop industries along 100 to 150 kms on both sides of the proposed corridor, which will create thousands of skilled and semi skilled jobs for Kannadigas, thus helping to boost the economy around these regions. Government should work to create Hubballi or Belagavi as the Industrial hub for region, much on the lines of what it did to build Bengaluru as an IT hub.

An opportunity for budding entrepreneurs

The proposed corridor should end up creating more and more Kannadiga entrepreneurs. The state government should provide necessary incentives, including tax concession to budding entrepreneurs in the region, thus helping create a pool of entrepreneurs, who tap this opportunity to create more employment, more wealth for the region. There is definitely no dearth of qualified people in the region. The state government should leverage the experiences of successful entrepreneurs of the region in formulating it's policies. Veteran industrialists of the region should be taken into confidence to guide budding entrepreneurs towards success.

Leaders bring development

Development requires a set of leaders dedicated to the cause of their respective constituencies. The amount of development of any region is directly proportional to the effort put by the politicians and industrialists of the region. The lone thing that would put the areas surrounding the corridor on the track of development is some serious political pursuance on the part of politicians and industrialists of the region. Strong political will is what it takes get this corridor from a proposal phase to implementation phase and let's hope this will be a reality in the coming days !


Anonymous said...

The quality of life of Kannadigas who are having to contend with underdevelopment in Karnataka - whether north or south - can improve only at the dawn of appreciation for the pressing need for the unity of Kannadigas in every walk of life including politics. Any thought process which divides them makes them that much weaker.

Anonymous said...


The Nanjundappa commision, which made wide-ranging recommendations on development of backward regions of the State is eating the dust at the corridors of power. The new government should make necessary budgetary provisions to implement the Nanjudappa committee report. The proposed Bengaluru-Mumbai corridor should take care of development across Hubballi, Dharwad, Belagavi regions, while the government should implement a time-bound programme to develop the Gulbarga region, which has around 35 taluks, considered to be the most backward in the State by the Nanjudappa committee. Also, the state government should strive to improve the pathetic rail and road links in this region. The tourist potential of Gulbarga, Bidar, Raichur and Koppal has remained unexploited due to the woeful infrastructure connectivity to the historical sites of this region.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Tamil Nadu government pushing for Bengaluru - Chennai corridor at central level instead of the Bengaluru - Mumbai corridor?

The rules should be set from the day MoU are signed with the industry.

Hope this creates good development for our North Karnataka brothers.

Anonymous said...

Saar, yaav munde magaa propose maadidno gottilla, adu hege bengaluru corridor proposal konga rinda barutte. These a'hole need our talent, our water, our city to grow their economy so that they can crap in Karnataka and go work in TN to pay taxes for their state !!! What a shame !!! Let us do our corridor in our state and improve our life and our economy, then India will grow automatically. People outside India in IT know Bengaluru, they may not know India, but they 'll come to know of India ! Our state should be economic power then our Country will become strongest economy power ! Let others fight for silly reasons ...

Anonymous said...

Karnatique nalle odidde sir idara bagge adakke prashne kELide. I hope that never materializes and we see good deveopment from Bengaluru to Belagavi and our state is a model state for the country and the simhapaalu of this goes only to Kannadigas!

ಉಉನಾಶೆ said...

It is true. TN is interested in BLRu-Chennai and AP is interested in BLRu-Hyderabad and the news article I read they are trying the influence in central govt to make Karnataka pick the respective projects.
But, that report said, Karnataka officials are proposing BLRu-Mumbai, as it covers the most of Karnataka (compared to other plans), and area it covers is also strategically important for Karnataka govt to expedite development in north Karnataka.
I think the cost of the project is shared between Central govt and State govt (for their portion of corridors).
If all goes well, this should give a better means to reach BLRu from north Karnataka. Even if MH is not interested (report said so), Karnataka portion itself will bring lot of advantages.

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