What really did the trick for BJP

Discussions are on till date as to what did the trick for the BJP to finally make that coveted mark in Karnataka politics. Few believe national issues like price rise, terrorism, internal security and few others say a result of a surging tide against the Congress, which has seen the party lose election after election. There is another set of pollsters who describe it as a victory for the strong regional identity shown by the BJP. Shekar Gupta of Indian Express felt it was a fight between one national party and a strong regional one. Pundits and pollsters described BJP's campaign in Karnataka as a "regional" campaign, led by a local chieftain, Yeddyurappa, on local issues pertaining to Kannada, Karnataka and Kannadiga and hence the second national party in the equation has actually become a regional party with a local leader, and is benefiting from that "localisation".

BJP's localisation efforts can be put like this:
  1. Instead of waiting for high-command's decision post-poll, BJP moved to clearly and unequivocally project B.S. Yedyurappa as chief ministerial candidate.
  2. Instead of raking up their original Saffron agenda, BJP in Karnataka took a dig at Mr.Karunanidhi for going ahead with Hogenakal project and showed courage that, it will stand up for issues affecting Kannadigas.
  3. Instead of their pet topic of hindutva & hindi, BJP talked about issues which are of importance to Kannada, Karnataka and Kannadiga. This included getting classical status for Kannada, employment opportunities for Kannadigas in Central Government organizations like railways, bridging the gap in development across the state and many more.
  4. The Kannada ad campaign by Sushma swaraj stuck a chord with the genaral public.
  5. Modi, whom millions of Gujaratis saw as embodying 'Gujarati asmita' and 'vibrant Gujarat' campaigned in Karnataka and BJP's campaign definitely took a lead from him and projected itself as a better regional player which can deliver on issues pertaining to Karnataka.

The lesson, therefore, is self-evident. even national elections are now no longer "national" in the conventional sense but a net result of elections in different states. In Karnataka's case, the BJP, which played like a true regional player reaped in rich dividends, while the other national party which looked at high-command for everything till the last moment has bitten the dust. Any national party which dreams of making it big at the center must sit down and take notice about the growing "regionalisation" of national politics. The party or coalition which has the best regional leader & which addresses the issues relevant to the state will win.

BJP, the party which always considered linguistic diversity as a hurdle to progress, a hurdle to unity has come a long way and has realized the importance of localisation. BJP's victory in Karnataka has thought a lesson to all the national parties that unity is practiced by way of upholding diversity as opposed to destroying it.


Anonymous said...

Good.I agree to your point.There were oyher points also

ಅಮೃತ said...

I do not agree completely with this.The scene created by Mr.Devegowda in October and the developments after that helped BJP.Devegowda further said No party can rule without help of JD(S). This provoked voters.

ಪುಟ್ಟ PUTTA said...

.. and ofcourse the sympathy votes.
The real challenge for Yeddy now is to keep those bellary mining lords away from important portpolios. Do you remember the world telugu meet being organized by them at bellary sometime back? I am sure they will repeat that all over karnataka if not resisted.

Anonymous said...


What you said is 100% true....
Let BJP.. Make Kannadification

Anonymous said...

How dare the mining lords conduct world telugu meeting here ? They should be thrown out of KRN.People are hardly aware of telugu imperialism in KRN at all. For the kannadiga , every individual who speaks a language other than kannada is the object of affection and love.
Even in Udupi , it is telugu songs which are song , completely ignoring the huge kannada compositions by dasas of karnataka.

Stopping Telugu imperialism is as important as stopping hindi imperialism.

Hope people wake up soon.

Anonymous said...

North Indians have this stupid idea that the reason for their defeat at the hands of their invaders and subjugation for a 1000 years is due to the cultural diversity of India. According to them if Indians had one language and one culture they would never have been defeated.

Consequent to this after independence they started a massive program of hindification. This was to ensure India's safety and security.

But again in 1965 after winning the war they returned thousands of KM of captured territory back to Pakistan not asking for Kashmir in return. Then again in 1975 they won the war and captured a record 90,000 soldiers , again sent them back home with gold coins inspite of massive human right violations by these mad pakistani dogs.

And they keep spreading hindi thinking that it will give them safety and security.

Anonymous said...

North Indians were subjugated because after winning every war they never pressed home the advantage.

They shoud realise this and stop blaming India's cultural and linguistic diversity for their troubles.

Anonymous said...

More trouble. Indian government wants to make Hindi another UN recognized language.What it means is India will be represented only by Hindi.


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