Blasts: Why Do They Keep Happening?

A decade ago Bengaluru played safe haven to an assasin and his accomplices. But then of course our security engine reached there and caught them, dead. But the mystery even today is how these assassins sneaked into Bengaluru.

Ever since then, there have been several such unexplained occasions of terror outbreak in Karnataka, and there has never been one occasion with a solid display of security being restored in the real sense. By this what we mean is a real restoration of safety and a guarantee of non-repetiton of such untoward events around us.

But of course, terror unrelenting, on Friday, Bengaluru witnessed a series of blasts, minutes apart from each other, just like they did in some other capital cities in India. And as always, the people holding the stick, are clueless and seem to be asking themselves - who could it be?! where did these terrorist come from?! how could we have prevented it?!

Experts have come up with many reasons for the dismal record of our administration in combating terrorism, these being:
  1. Lack of legislative teeth for our security agencies to combat organized terror network
  2. Lack of investment to provide for adequate infrastructure & training for our police force
  3. High corruption levels in our police force
  4. Political interference in appointment of police officials to key intelligence and investigative wings
  5. Appeasement of certain sections of society by politicians for narrow political gains
  6. Indoctrination of certain sections of society with extremist ideologies
All the above are issues that have to be addressed on a war footing to root out the scourge of terrorism.

However, one significant point missed out in this whole discourse is about the lack of a mechanism to track people who live in a particular state and those who travel in / out of that state. If each state could really have an account of all its citizens, have basic information about their whereabouts, know when someone new has entered the state, as to why he has entered the state, what is the duration of his stay there, it would greatly help the state security agencies to accomplish their job better. This mechanism will act as a major deterrent for mischief mongers who as of now can simply board a bus in (say) Chennai or Hyderabad, come to (say) Bengaluru, perpetuate a terrorist act and catch a train and travel to (say) Ahmedabad for their next terrorist act there.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

So true.. People must be issued proper identifications and asked to carry with them always...sepcially if they are migrating...

Anonymous said...

Fundamental reason is the lack of fellow-feeling amongst kannadigas. Nobody knows their neighbour here. Too much status politics. Unlike in Tamil Nadu , where the first thing we do after changing house is to get to know neighbours , here in bangalore we have been here eight years and none of our neighbours are communicative. They have status. And they think the neighbour is one rung below.

When Rajiv Gandhi was assasinated and the whole country was searching for Sivarasan , my father said he will be hiding in bangalore. His "prediction" came true and he was caught in the outskirts.

Over the years karnataka has been THE place for terrorists to meet , plan and arrange for logistics. Terrorists of every hue , muslim,hindu, naxalite, sikh fundamentalists all converge in bangalore and other places in KRN as they have all discovered kannadigas dont bother who is around them. Even fights between shias and sunnis which take place in pakistan and bangladesh are planned here as very easy torent accomodation here.Plus hyper-tolerance means they can go around doing their business with doing anything.

Thus the Skih Dera chief came here as he knew he was safer here than in Punjab with his fundamentalist ideology. Plus everybody will talk to him in punjabi and he will feel at home.

Terrorists have also been careful to preserve the status of KRN as a "planning base" and not alert the kannadigas by commiting acts of terrorism itself here. So these explosions would have drawn condemnation from the terrorists themselves and thus the sikh, muslim and naxalite organisations would be unhappy with these bomb blasts. Perhaps this was the reason the explosions were low-intensity as they didnt want to alert people too much yet the muslim terrorists could not remain silent with the BJP coming to power down south. So a compromise was drawn , low-power blasts to protest against BJP, but not strong enough to wake up kannadigas.Only one killed as opposed to 46 in Gujarat the next day.

The solution to this problem is not the list given above by the author, but by promoting kannada more vigourously, improve fellow-feeling and propagate dravidian values of brotherhood and equality as opposed to the Aryan values of status,eltitism & merit and things like that.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with Harish. How come promoting kannada can stop terrorism in Karnataka. Going by that logic, how come other states have been victim of terrorism. If Harish remembers, Coimbatore, a tamil city, has also been victim of bomb blast. The only reason of these blasts are incompetencies of our political class which just want to ensure their security. Public security is Myth.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for this article, it is completely RUBBISH ! Author seem to blame everything on Kannada. This issue NO WAY realted to Kannada and Police ! For your info. folks with sticks can't do anything with this kind of terrorism. This is serious problem needing serious solutions by serious people not the jokers appeasing minorities for the votes !

Learn from other countries, how do they deal with this. Corrective actions are taken immediately. Do you expect " people with sticks " to fight with crooks having AK47 and the worst thing is supported by local turks !!!

Wake-up, this kind of articles are typical show of "analysis paralysis" not really getting to the harsh realities, like many media channels do by having collaboration with political parties.

Kishore said...

Can we now sneak into our neighbourhood, atleast 10 houses surrounding us & know whether they are not renting any suspicious guys. Take out 1/2 hour of your life and know them by faces. This applies to me aswell.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Anonymous, The author of this article nowhere used kannada. I didnt understand why you told that "Author seem to blame everything on Kannada".

This article is explaining the importance of controlling and tracking of the migration of people from other states and it is nothing to do with just kannada or karnataka. This article applies to all the states.

i think you should change your point of view.

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea -
1> fix or embedd a GPS on every bodys head..
2> if any body is crossing the border rise a alarm.
This is the best way to prevent migration..we also need to prevent
distric wise migration.
The people of gulbarga should not come to bangalore..without permission
This will hopefully prevent terrorism and so many things that is happening.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ravare,
I dont understand with what sense you are asking for controlling district migration. We are working for United Karnataka, where all the people in the state can take the benefit of the industries being set up here. Lets concentrate on Hindians migrating to Karnataka from parts like Bihar and Government should control their migration.

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