Hindi Imperialism Destroys India's Spiritual Unity

On Sept 11, Tarun Vijay (see photo), former editor of the Hindi-language weekly Panchajanya (mouthpiece of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and thoroughbred champion of an India with all diversity ironed out, lashed out at Amitabh Bachchan for not speaking up against Raj Thackeray. Earlier, Raj had called the Bachchans traitors of the Marathi people for favouring Hindi as opposed to Marathi in Maharashtra. Tarun builds his argument on the ground of what he thinks is Indian Nationalism, but which in reality is only Hindi Imperialism. This imperialistic ideology is an effect on weak minds of years of attempts to destroy diversity and impose a false this-worldly unity among the different linguistic peoples of India. Since this wild-goose chase threatens to destroy the unity of India which exists at a spiritual level, we caution readers to not fall prey to the ideology of the Tarun Vijays of India. Their India, which is often the India as advertised in the media, is not the real India. It is the dead body of the real India.

First of all, Tarun Vijay takes the now well-exposed Hindi-imperialistic stance that Hindi is the national language of India. For heaven's sake, when the hell will the people of India realize that Hindi is no more national to India than Kannada or Marathi is? When will the people of India realize that Hindi has only been chosen (what if undemocratically) as the official language of the Indian Union? So when Amitabh Bachchan or whoever speaks Hindi, he is not speaking a language which is any more national than Kannada. Tarun needs to first pick up a copy of the constitution of India and read for himself what Hindi has been called therein.

Armed with total ignorance of facts, Tarun makes a statement which quite a few do not stop to question:
Maharashtra belongs to Maharashtrians as much as it belongs to the other Indians
Now, is this statement true? Let's not be fooled. Does your house belong as much to other Indians as it does to you? Dude, dude, noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Maharashtra belongs to the Marathis and the Marathis alone. Anybody else setting foot on Maharashtra is a visitor, not a resident. The visitor must necessarily abide by the laws of Maharashtra and respect Marathi culture and language. Period. The fact that the visitor does not need a visa to enter Maharashtra does not take away that duty on the part of the visitor.

Well, surprisingly Tarun doesn't shy away from accepting that the Hindi people coming in to Maharashtra don't respect the local culture and language. Well, that's what Raj Thackeray is saying, and that's what Raj Thackeray is acting on! Having admitted that, Tarun hastens to add the following disclaimer, lest he himself be caught subscribing to the idea of the real India:
This is not in support of people like Raj, but just to underline a fact that explains why there was a space created that inadvertently fed divisiveness and parochialism.
What Tarun dismisses off as a small space created in an otherwise perfect structure of the Indian union is indeed a large abyss slowly devouring mile after mile of India, an abyss called Hindi Imperialism. It's high time the Tarun Vijays of India realize the size, the magnitude and the depth of this dark abyss. It's no small space; it's a black hole which is threatening to devour the very idea of India.

What Tarun calls as "divisiveness" and "parochialism" is in reality diversity and patriotism, the very foundation of India's unity. A Hindi who is patriotic to Maharashtra in Maharashtra strengthens India, whereas a Hindi who is patriotic to Uttar Pradesh in Maharashtra is a nail in India's coffin. The sort of pan-national vision consisting of linguistic and cultural unity which Tarun talks about is non-existant, and is only assumed by the Imperialists. The one and only pan-national vision of every Indian is one's patriotism towards one's own Linguistic People and Land. There is no pan-India vision for a Kannadiga other than a Kannadiga's patriotism towards fellow-Kannadigas and Karnataka.

Tarun asks a very good question which he thinks he has answered, but which in reality he has only shied away from answering:
What are the centrifugal forces that keep the nation as one?
Tarun's next sentence lets you believe that it answers the above question:
A sense of belonging to common aspirations, icons of faith, and a commitment to widely acceptable pan-national vision.
But does it really answer his question? What are these centrifugal forces that he has posited opposite us? We have already argued that the only common aspiration of Indians is loyalty and patriotism to his/her own linguistic people and his/her own linguistic territory. There is no common aspiration over and above that. Yes, there is a common aspiration to be secured against attacks from outside India, but that too is just another form of the same patriotism towards one's own linguistic state. Kannadigas wish that the border between India and Pakistan be secured because of the fear of bomb blasts in Karnataka. Kannadigas shiver at the news of bomb blasts elsewhere in India because of the fear that those blasts can potentially occur closer home. Hard as it may seem to the jaundiced ear, this is The Truth.

It's a pity that Tarun mentions "icons of faith" as a centrifugal force. This is flawed to the core. The followers of the great religions of India do not have common icons of faith; they do not need them either. As such, icons of faith cannot and must not be imposed across India because of the flawed ideology that there ought to be common icons of faith. Instead, the real centrifugal force which binds Indians atleast at the sublime level is a common thread of spirituality that runs among the different linguistic peoples of India. We must hasten to add that this force does not have what it takes to unite India at the this-worldly level of economic activity. At the this-worldy level, there is no centrifugal force which can keep the different linguistic peoples of India united other than the force of respect for unity in diversity, which is nothing but respect for every linguistic community in India. The fact that Indians predominantly follow what has come to be known as Hinduism does not make them forget the internal linguistic and cultural differences.

Thus, the "widely acceptable pan-national vision" is not what the likes of Tarun Vijay have been talking about from right after India's freedom from the British. Unlike what the diversity-destroyers have propounded, that vision cannot disrespect this-worldly diversity in the slightest manner just because there is oneness at a spiritual level. That vision helps Indians unite when it comes to warding off attackers, and to celebrate our great spiritual heritage. But at the this-worldly level, the different linguistic peoples of India must compete with each other - Kannadiga with Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Oriya, etc - and struggle to promote their own interests. We must never forget that India's history is full of wars between the different linguistic states, even though they all ultimately bowed down to the very same Upanishads, the very same Vedas or the very same teachings of the Buddha or the Tirthankaras. These wars were fought for this-worldly reasons notwithstanding the clear and present unity at a spiritual level.

India can be made stronger only by recognizing that unity among its different linguistic peoples cannot be enforced by indulging in Hindi Imperialism. Doing so only destroys the spiritual unity which exists among Indians, whether they are Kannadigas or Marathis or who-have-you.


Anonymous said...

As KARNATIQUE has been regularly posting articles against Hindi Imposition/Imperialism, it is suggested that the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Hindi_agitations be useful for its readers. The link talks about the role of Mr. S. Nijalingappa, Former Mysore/Karnataka CM also in indirectly helping the Tamils achieve their goal.

As explained in the above link, Tamils had to fight tooth and nail, and sacrifice even their lives to stop the Hindi-imposition in Tamil Nadu. Though Tamils were successful in their fight against Hindi-imposition, they were portrayed as fanatics, anti-nationals, etc. by other Indians including other South Indians, other non-Hindi people like Marathis. Except for Tamils, Hindi would have replaced English in India in all respects.

I could not understand how other non-Hindi people had happily accepted Hindi as the link and official language of India as well as their own state. I am happy that other Indians realize it at least now and discuss about it. Anyway, best of luck.

rajashekar kc said...

@ Thennavan

Totally agree with what Tennavan has told

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Thennavan and Rajashekar! Thanks to Mr. Nijalingappa and other broad-minded patriotic Indians as well who helped Tamils in preserving the idea of India which was under serious threat from the dangerous language fascist politicians of BIMARU.

Had it not been for Tamils staunch opposition to the inhuman, despicable crime of Hindi imposition on people who don't speak the regional language Hindi, the notorious Hindi fascist linguo-nazi politicians of BIMARU would have succeeded in their nefarious designs of wiping out all the national languages of India (including English) and imposing the regional language of BIMARU on the whole of India. This would have led to secessionist movements in every state that does not speak the regional language Hindi. Tamils saved the unity of India by forcing the Hindi fascists to accept the wonderful linguistic deversity of India. But the Hindi fascist linguo-nazi politicians and their stooges are still looking out for opportunities to carry out their disgusting designs of destroying our country by imposing the regional language Hindi. If broad-minded patriotic Indians are not watchful, the fascists will get emboldened to carry out their nefarious agenda of destroying India by imposing the regional language Hindi.

One of the many ways the language fascists are carrying out their despicable designs is through the
cheap, lowly, C-grade bags of plagiarised Bollywood filth. The disgusting Bollywood crap produced by notorious terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Anees Ibrahim, Abu Salem, etc. in which real-life murderers and girlfriends of terrorists act has almost destroyed the films produced in some national languages of India.

Each national film industry helps thousands of families earn a living as the labour requirement is huge for each national film industry. The disgusting Bollywood filth has led to the thousands of people and their families being rendered destitute due to poor response to films produced in some national languages of India and this includes national languages that the Hindi fascists claim as "dialects" of the regional language Hindi. Ironically, some good quality Hindi films that were not classified as Bollywood filth have almost disappeared as well!

The crappy regional cinema of the "Bambaee" underworld has helped terrorists who are sheltered by Pakistan's ISI. Those inhuman criminals run a vast underground business empire that includes the production of filthy Bollywood bullshit and the money is pumped into carrying out sordid crimes of blasting many innocent people to their deaths in cities across the country like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Malegaon, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and New Delhi.

Anonymous said...

The Unity of India exists at a Psychic spiritual level and it is felt by all peoples of India. It is this Psychic Unity which has fostered a sense of Indian-ness amongst the Indian people from time immemorial. It is this psychic unity which caused tamilians who have the lowest knowledge of Hindi and also the staunchest opponents of Hindi as the national language to make the maximum contributions to the Kargil fund.

The North Indians being a gross and crude type of people cannot feel the Psychic Power of Durga Devi so they think that something concrete like a language is needed to unite the Indian peoples. Perhaps due to their millinea long contact with outsiders, they have become like this.

Also North Indians have this strange belief that India's security was destroyed due to diversity. And if we were united and become identical like muslims (one language, one culture and one version of hindu religion) we would all be safe. But as everyone knows India came under foreign rule because the North Indian Kings for thei personal ego glorifications forgave their enemies and allowed them to enslave their women and children. Yet they ahve not corrected this lacunae.In the wars of 1965 and 1971 the captured territory and soldiers were returned with nothing being asked for in compensation. 1948 stupid north indian nehru took the issue to UN when Indian forces were in sight of victory. Yet the brainless north indian insists that India is weak because tamils dont speak Hindui.We need to kick north indians in other states, remind them to respect the rule of the law adn their culture and languages. We South Indian dravidians are more Indian than Aryan North Indians. They become Indians by learning tamil and kannada. We dont become Indians by learning Hindi.

Tarun Vijay has denationalised the rest of Indians by saying hindi is the national language. So we must all demand secession.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you that South Indians (and other non-Hindi Indians) are more Indian than the Hindians because South Indians and other non-Hindi Indians (Maharashtrians, Goans, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Oriyas, North-Easterners, Sikhs and Kashmiris) recognise India's diversity which forms the very idea of India. The Hindi speakers (most, but not all of them) who cannot think beyond the Hindi belt and its regional language Hindi should be called as Hindians rather than Indians because they know almost nothing about India's diversity or about the idea of India.

The Hindians like to imagine themselves to be "Aryans". That is, until they go to Europe or America when they find out (to their great shock) that they are treated like any other "coloured" people. If they try to join a neo-Nazi club, they will get to know whether they are "Aryans" or "Caucasians" or not. The fact is that they happen to be a complete indistinguishable mix of Indo-Iranians, Indo-Aryans, Parthians, Scythians, Gandharans, Sassanians, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Afghans, Australo-Asiatic and other similar tribes because their region was always invaded by nomadic peoples from outside.

South Indian kingdoms also had contact with outsiders and it was a peaceful contact based on trade and culture between equals (except during the British rule). But the outside contact that the North Indian kingdoms had with others was always through invasions by hordes of nomadic tribes from outside.

I don't stereotype people as I don't like the idea of giving people labels. But the way some of the Hindians behave, refusing to recognise the diversity of India but ridiculously trying to insist that BIMARU is India, one is left wondering whether about the kind of mindsets they have in the 21st century. Many of them still have a backward, feudal, casteist and communal mindset that simply refuses to change.

But stereotyping is a very common thing in those disgusting, C-grade bags of plagiarised Bollywood filth produced by the notorious "Bambaee" underworld. Just consider how non-Hindians are portrayed in those filthy Bollywood "phillums" made in the regional language Hindi (transformed into some variant of Urdu keeping Pakistanis in mind) produced by thugs sheltered by the ISI of Pakistan. Bengalis are called "Bongs" and are portrayed wearing one kind of dhoti, Maharashtrians are called "Ghatis" and are mocked and made fun of despite the fact that the Bollywood filth is produced in Maharashtra, Sikhs are taunted with "Sardarji" jokes, filthy lies are dished out about all South Indians who are called "Madrasis", North-Easterners are called as "Chinkis" and are portrayed as "tribals" and "insurgents", Kashmiris are portrayed as "Pakistanis" and all Muslims are portrayed as "terrorists".

Even Hollywood movies don't have such crude, disgusting, filthy lies. While all "terrorists" in Hollywood movies are shown to be Arabs, they are always shown as foreigners and not Arab-Americans. But the Bollywood filth portrays all Indian Muslims as "terrorists" and Pakistanis as "friends" because the real terrorists who are involved in the production of Bollywood shit are sheltered by Pakistan's ISI.

It is outrageous to see people claim that India is a "free" country and the filthy Bollywood shit is "free" to spread sordid, despicable lies about non-Hindians. Going by the same stupid, false logic, one should be able to "freely" mock religions and offend religious beliefs and spread heinous lies about all religions as India is a "free" country. But when the art students in one university did some paintings for an internal examination or when some foreign company uses the images of Hindu Gods and Godesses, the very same people felt it was offensive and supported criminal goons who attacked the university.

Some Bollywood actors were caught on television singing songs of praise to India's most wanted terrorists-cum-underworld dons. The girlfriends of some terrorists have acted in some Bollywood crap and some top Bollywood actors are facing criminal charges in several cases. The Bollywood "phillum"-star-scum also take huge amounts of money from the tobacco and alcohol industries to openly and shamelessly promote the habit of smoking and drinking amoung youth and children. The plagiarised, crappy Bollywood "phillums" are the lowliest, filthiest, most despicable pieces of rotten shit in the whole world!

Anonymous said...


You sound too strong and too daring in your views. I think you can be mild.

Anonymous said...


I'm very sorry if you found my comments to be strong. But let me clarify.

I have nothing against the Hindians or Hindi-speakers. I don't even have anything against the Hindi language for that matter. I regard Hindi as any other language of India like Malayalam or Marathi or Bengali or Khasi or Punjabi or Dogri or Oriya. What I cannot tolerate is the imposition of the regional language Hindi on non-Hindians by ouvert and covert means.

While I want equal status for all the national languages of India with English acting as a common link language, the Hindi fascists (not all Hindians) want all the national languages of India (including English) to be wiped out and replaced by the regional language Hindi. This kind of language nazism should never be tolerated.

About Bollywood, I have no respect at all for those C-grade, lowly bags of plagiarised regurgitations that stereotype Muslims as well as anyone who does not speak the regional language Hindi. Even fans of Bollywood know the fact that Bollywood and the ISI backed underworld dons-turned-terrorists are inextricably intertwined. The underworld dons have an enormous influence on Bollywood films. That is why so many Bollywood films shamelessly glorify the gangsters and thugs belonging to the underworld. Even good quality Hindi films don't stand a chance against the C-grade Bollywood filth. It is also a fact that the girlfriends of some dangerous terrorists have acted in some Bollywood films. And some Bollywood actors have several criminal cases pending against them. And while actors in all the national movie industries of India have given up smoking on screen or are in the process of giving it up, certain notorious Bollywood actors are actually going forward in promoting the habit of smoking among the youth and children of the country.

Anonymous said...

cool blog

Unknown said...

Let's be ethical, logical and feasible....we should use our mothertongue as well as english (or any other language as per the comfort of people involved in concerned linguistic transactions). Basic thing is, if we are not blind then we will not be enslaved by any language or any thought rather. Let's delete the word national language from our speaking so as to support equality (which is the base of our constitution also). From tamil to kashmiri and from marathi to assami...all languages are equal in level, quality and sweetness, greatness. No special treatment to any language...! Because we are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious...if we lose any of these "multi"...we are finished...our beauty is finished...not only as an indian or asian but perhapse as an sensibe human being also.....

Unknown said...

On surface level south indian looks like devided but we respect each others space well and still united in gross level but north indian thinks we are threat to unity of india but real threat is poor performance of BIMRAU and regional states are paying more tax than them and real asset of india. Let us be united to protect our heritage.

Unknown said...

alok i like your view

Shivaprakash Yaragal said...

Why cant you people publish a book or a pamphlet. I think this could go a long way in bring ideology out of the thoughts. I wish dravida movement could have carried on , this could have broadened our rights and control on our polity. I always think of having a book called "Dravida or Damida(older version of dravida)" or story book on Pulakeshin etc but i dont find one. We have book of Amish Tripathi, these kind of book even being fiction, have profound effect on reader. We need to have books and stories on heros of south India like Pulakeshin, on Rastrakutas etc. Know one know pulakeshin but they Know Harshavardhana. I suppose modern India doesnt want to research on ancient south India ; we dont what was present here during harappan civilisation; we know that gold came from south india to harrappan villages , but no research has been done beyond that. We have sangama literature but they are insufficient to map it all. We need fiction on south india that could counter Aryanism.

Kiran Batni said...

@Shivaprakash: please check out my book, The Pyramid of Corruption. Available online at http://www.amazon.in/The-Pyramid-Corruption-Indias-Primitive/dp/9383808594. Synopsis at: http://kiranbatni.com/synopsis

oindrila said...

Hindi belt not only trying to wipe our language but our identity too.
They want that only Hindi speakers go ahead in all fields.
They are trying to cripple us.
For instance the super tough questions of mathematics 2016 cbse class 12 in Chennai and Bhubaneswar- Kolkata region.
They are suppressing our languages with Hindi through unified ncert which only promote Hindi.
They claim Hindi to be our national language although it's not so at all.
We have to fight for our language our identity.

Unknown said...

Friends,our Forefathers fought for what was Right.The Current Hindi Intellectuals are not of the Past. Times are changing.Hindi people are acknowledging the Truth but Slowly.The IT boom has brought the diverse people with good IQ together at one place to metro cities. Discussions & Constructive Arguments are hot on Coffee & Tea Tables.at the end of the day,week,or a year at least Hindi bros,sis with are learning to agree on our views.Times are Changing , the reason our Forefathers Fought & made sure our Identity would be alive

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