Hindi Imposition Pollutes India

Did you know that Karnataka has been identified as part of "Region C" by the "Official Language Rules - 1976"? This means that Karnataka is not lending itself to Hindi Imposition easily. Of course it's very difficult to do that in Karnataka, whose people speak a language called Kannada which is as different from Hindi as is Swahili! The fact that we're in "Region C" simply means that the focus for Hindi Imposition is going to be basically on us!

Against this backdrop, KARNATIQUE cautions Kannadigas to unite againist this slow poison.

Hindi Imposition targets for Karnataka (

The undemoctratic imposition of a foreign language on Kannadigas, which is considered as a crime by the UN Declaration of Linguistic Rights is very, very organized, and very, very legal in India.

In 2008-2009, every single central government employee in Karnataka is scheduled to be trained in Hindi. Every single typist / stenographer is scheduled to be trained to type / take shorthand in Hindi. In the same year, the website of every central government institution will become bilingual (Hindi, not Kannada, stupid!). Every single computer purchased in any central government institution will support input and output in Hindi. In the next year, every single central government institution will be inspected a minimum of four times to make sure that the imposition is going on fine.

Hindi imposition pollutes India

The positioning of the Hindi language as the only "official (Indian) language of India", as well as the absence of true federalism and consequent disproportionately high stakes for the central government in internal matters of the subscribing states - both constructs ill-begotten in a hurry - have polluted India.

Hindification has destroyed the very idea of unity in diversity and accorded a higher status and undue advantages to the speakers of that language. This, together with the constitutional right of all Indians to work and settle anywhere in India, has placed speakers of Hindi (and close-by languages) at an advantage over and above other linguistic peoples. When once you declare the knowledge of Hindi as a prerequisite for any central government job, it is natural for the speakers of that language to fill those jobs.

The states subscribing to any federation of states do so for personal material gain and for not any spiritual reasons. It's as simple as that, and India is no exception. In an environment which does not treat the subscribing peoples as equals but instead accords a higher status to one people over the rest, songs of the sublimity of the Idea of India start to sound like the harsh calls of a predatory bird! Who can care to appreciate the beauty of the common sublime thread of culture when the harsh reality is that you are not being treated as an equal? How long can anyone continue to sing the praise of the Idea of India from his heart when the harsh reality is that he is being considered as a second-grade citizen when it comes to employment?

Kannadigas must unite against this pollution

Kannadigas are Indians because they do not speak Hindi. Kannadigas are Indians because they prefer to use Kannada in banks. Kannadigas must not forget this and be suppressed by anything which loots their fundamental linguistic rights. Kannadigas must unite against this pollution of India by way of Hindi Imposition and re-establish respect for diversity among its destroyers. India needs to realize that there can be no unity without diversity, and that Karnataka is not ready for the murder of great and ancient Kannada language because of recent political developments which have placed it in a system which imposes Hindi. The murder of Kannada is the murder of Kannadigas.

That India is a dead India in which Hindi replaces Kannada. Kannadigas cannot let that happen. Arise! Awake!


Anonymousadmirer said...

Is there a link for this Region C classification. Also what about Tamil Nadu, they'll be region D or something in the same range

Jughead said...

Just google "karnataka region c official language" and you'll hit atleast a couple of sites.

Raj said...

Well said!!! Hindi imposition is the curse of India! The Hindians want to impose their regional language (Hindi) on others and wipe out all the national languages of India. Their filthy designs must not succeed if India is to remain united. The Hindians have nefarious designs of converting the whole of India into UP and Bihar. If their disgusting plans succeed, India is doomed!

The article related to the official language of the central government in the constitution is a piece of shit! It goes against almost everything in the same constitution. Imposing the regional language Hindi on others is a crime and is undemocratic, fascist and disgusting! Why the hell should Kannadigas learn the regional language of Bihar to work in Karnataka? On the other hand, the Biharis, Uttar Pradeshis and other Hindians should be made to learn the language of the state where they posted!

Either all national languages of India should be made official languages or only English must be the official language of India. More importantly the filthy, disgusting, nauseating practice of imposing the regional language (Hindi) of states like Bihar and UP should be stopped immediately!

Broad-minded patriotic Indians should unite to oppose the filthy, despicable practice of Hindi imposition!

Anonymous said...

The agitation should be taken to the next step. We should start picketing Hindi Prachar Sabhas and stop them from functioning. We should not allow them to teach hindi.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if we or any govt policy can change the current scenario. The fact is that Hindi is slowly n slowly becoming a pan-indian language. Forget about Government jobs, even Private jobs require knowledge of Hindi for pan-indian business presence. How many CEOs of big companies in India can claim that they dont know Hindi. I dont think even Marans can claim that they dont know Hindi.

Telugu said...

Hindi - Myths and Reality

Raj said...

Anonymous (1),

A practical step would be to ensure that children learn only their own national languages like Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Ahomiya, etc. and not the regional language of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Schools that teach the regional language of Bihar and not Kannada in Karnataka should be forced to shut down. There should be no place for Hindi outside the Hindi states.

Another way in which the regional language of the BIMARU states is being imposed is through the filthy, despicable shit called Bollywood. The bags of bullshit (Bollywood films), many of which are financed by the most notorious criminals in India and the "phillum-star" scum who act in Bollywood films, many of whom are involved in multiple crimes and take huge amounts of money from tobacco and alcohol companies to promote tobacco and alcohol addiction among the youth, should be given the treatment that they deserve!

Besides, the Bollywood filth (with a very few exceptions) is the worst cinema that India produces. Even the Bhojpuri movies that are watched by many Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis seem to be better than the bullshit from Bollywood. And then there are some decent Hindi movies that are not produced by the "Bambaee" underworld, but they have almost disappeared.

Anonymous (2),

I think it is actually the opposite. Private companies (both Indian and foreign) are learning to respect the national languages of India, instead of believing the whole of India speaks the regional language Hindi. Ofcourse, there may be exceptions like the Toilet Paper of India (the Times of India) that are slow to change, but nobody gives a damn about such companies. Who would want to buy something from a company that tries to sell its products to you in a regional language (Hindi) outside the region that speaks Hindi?

I don't think the Marans know Hindi. There are plenty of CEOs of big companies who don't know Hindi or at best, can speak only a few broken lines of the regional language Hindi. Even the Tatas don't know much Hindi.

Only those who lack pride in their own national languages and mother tongues will be eager to lick the boots of the Hindi fascists. Such people are ashamed of the rich diversity of India which is the greatest feature of India. Shamefully, they are so ashamed of their own mother tongues/national languages that they speak in the regional language of Bihar and UP and want to promote the irritating and ridiculous idea that the whole of India speaks one particular regional language and watches the regional cinema produced by the "Bambaee" underworld. This lack of pride is the reason why a few national languages of India are declining. Thankfully, not everyone is like that! Otherwise, the criminal Hindi-fascist politicians in the central government and the Hindi states (and their corrupt boot-licking bureaucrats) would have succeeded in their nefarious designs of transforming the whole of India into UP and Bihar.

It is upto the people of each state to decide whether they want to transform India into a developed country that follows great federal, democratic principles like Switzerland and the E.U. or whether they want to let the notorious criminal politicians of UP and Bihar take them back to the Stone Age.

If the people of some states want to transform their states into Bihar, what can other Indians do? Nobody loves politicians, but the unfortunate people of Bihar and UP have suffered enough under their disgusting, criminal politicians. We should not let those criminal politicians ruin a country like India. If we do, then there is no hope at all for one-sixth of the world's population!

bengali said...

Hindi imposition is very unfair to the non-Hindi people of India. It must be opposed. India does not have a national language. It is a big myth that Hindi is the national language. There are only official languages of the Union and the States. The official language of the Union is Hindi, whereas for all practical purposes, English is used. So it has become very necessary to demand that the official language of the Union be formally changed to English.

Anonymous said...

Knowldege based industries are fast becoming bane for regional languages and Kannada is feeling the heat now. Except for few old ( and beautiful) areas in Benguluru, all new areas near IT corridors are becoming Hindi speaking belt. From Sabjee wala to Garbage wala, all speak in Hindi. Auto wala greets you with "Kaha Jana Saar" in these area. with this level of growth I m sure it will be become another Mumbai (in language terms) in the next 4-5 years.

I heard slowly and slowly Chennai is also falling into Hindi trap. Hindi movies are getting good responses from multiplexes in Chennai. Shopowners are learning Hindi to vows Hindi speaking IT crowds. Hyderabad is anyway a Hindi understood city.. Hope Kerala does not promote IT and keep it area Hindi free.

Raj said...


Thanks for expressing your opinion here. The Hindians would like to believe that Bengalis have accepted the imposition of the regional language of BIMARU. Your comment would expose their lies. The broad-minded patriotic people of West Bengal have always opposed the crime of Hindi imposition.

It is not just a mere myth that the regional language Hindi is the national language of India. It is much more than that. It is a filthy lie spewed out by the Hindi fascists and their boot-lickers.

There is no such thing as the official language of the Union. The regional language Hindi is classified as one of the two official languages of the notorious central government, the other language being English. English should be made the sole official language of the central government or better still, all the national languages of India (this includes the national language English) should be made official languages of the central government.

Instead of taking such a positive step, the Hindi fascist linguo-nazis want to completely remove English and use only the regional language of BIMARU for the central government and replace the national languages of India with the regional language Hindi in the non-Hindi states. They have been perpetrating this filthy, disgusting crime on humanity and India ever since Independence and even before that.


It's very sad to read that a few small areas in Bengaluru have begun to understand the regional language of BIMARU. Hyderabad can understand the regional language Hindi because the city speaks Dakhini Urdu in addition to Telugu.

I don't think Chennai is falling into the Hindi trap. I hope such a nasty, non-sensical thing never happens, not just in Chennai but also in Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati, Bhubaneshwar, etc. Unfortunately and very, very sadly, Mumbai speaks more of "Bambaiyya Hindi" than the national language Marathi. And despite this, the Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis mock the Mumbaikars for not speaking the regional language of BIMARU.

Chennai is a Tamil city and an Indian city but certainly NOT a BIMARU city or Hindian city. The IT crowds don't speak Hindi in Chennai. A tiny handful may know Hindi, but you can hear more of the national languages Telugu and Malayalam in Chennai when compared to the regional language Hindi. There is no "auto-wallah" or "sabjee-wallah" (by the way, I don't really know what "sabjee" means in the regional language Hindi, I assume that it's vegetables) or "garbage-wallah" here. They are called "auto-kaaran", "kaigari-kaaran" and so on in Chennai Tamil.

The filthy, cheap, dirty bags of shit (Bollywood movies) find very few takers in Chennai. Only a few tiny multiplexes show the regional cinema of the "Bambaee" underworld and even there, the bags of C-grade Bollywood bullshit don't run for long. In any case, high quality films produced by two national movie industries (Telugu and Malayalam) draw as much response and profits, if not more than the lowly, cheap bags of dirty shit produced by the filthy criminals in the "Bambaee" underworld. Even hit movies made by the national Kannada movie industry are shown in multiplexes in Chennai. High quality English movies enjoy a great run in Chennai but only after the phenomenal response to the national movie industry that produces Tamil cinema.

I mean, why should any broad-minded patriotic Indian who has even a little pride and self-respect watch the filthiest cinema in the whole world? Have you ever heard of how the regional cinema of BIMARU portrays broad-minded patriotic Indians who don't speak the regional language of BIMARU? They are shown as stereotypical characters and the stereotype is the filthiest, nastiest and dirtiest lie in the whole world! What does the shitty underworld of "Bambaee" that includes India's most wanted terrorists and thugs know of a country as diverse as India? Those scum beings portray Pakistanis as friendly characters while most patriotic Indian Muslims are portrayed as "terrorists"! This is only to be expected, since the criminal underworld-dons-turned-terrorists-cum-Bollywood movie producers are holed up in Karachi with the help of Pakistan's ISI. What else can one expect from the bags of filthy, dirty, despicable shit called Bollywood movies?

Anonymous said...

Today is the anti-hindi-imposition day.

metacool said...

Hi Freinds,

I am Vamsi Parasa and i my mother tounge is Telugu.I love my mother tounge.I never learned Hindi even though i grew up in Hyderabad,which has lot of Hindian influence!

I HATE IMPOSITION OF hindi.Of course, i have no disrespect for the language itself.

Now i am studying in USA.These bloody Hindians,always try to impose Hindi and Bollywood movies on non-Hindi speaking people

1) They always force you to talk in Hindi.
If you dont know Hindi..they insult you saying "Are you an Indian?"...they think making us feel guilty is a good way to motivate us to learn Hindi!

Further,even if they can speak fluent English,they do not want to use it.

2) They get pissed off when i say that i don't watch Bollywood movies and when say i love Telugu and English Movies

3) I personally like to use English as a link language and that pisses off many Hindians!

4) They always insist on playing Hindi Music for Indian Association Parties! and have hard time appreciating non-Hindi songs.

There were many occasions,where i felt that hindi was imposed on me,even in a foreign country like USA.

Bottom Line: Their mentality does not change even if they are not in the Hindi speaking belt!...These people assume INDIA=HINDI...where-ever they are!what does it show????

Marathi manus said...

I am Marathi. I read main blog and all the comments. At times the views sound desparate because we are just watching and really cannot do anything. But I think we can. But I understand the pain in the comments.
Any way, as I understand, when language policy of India was formulated, it was done taking an example of USSR's language policy. This was the first and foremost blunder. In the USSR, Russian was language of Russia (the main republic). But I read that the languages in the other Soviet republics are not as developed or as rich as Russian. But this is absolutely not the case in India. All Indian languages are well developed and very very rich languages of this world; not just by numbers but by the quality of literature created in them (of course this incudes Hindi as well). But attempt to make only Hindi language as nationwide language was not a good apporach considering that India has always taken pride in unity in diversity. It is argued by some Hindi proponents that Hindi is the most widely understood language in India. But whatever it has achieved is because of conscious spread and use of Hindi over television and other central government establishments like railways, banks etc. I don't think if national television had not braodcasted Hindi programmes all over India, Hindi would have been understood by so many people. In other words, this is not natural but artificial spread because it was desired by Hindi politicians. Now, the question of link language; why do we need a link language at all? For centuries (not just few decades), people across India have been communicating in respective languages with each other. For example, when Marathas ruled Tanjore in Tamil Nadu, they did not use Hindi (as link language) but I think they spoke Tamil and used Tamil as language of law and rule. Similarly, when marwadis and gujaratis came to Maharashtra, they spoke Marathi and not Hindi. This link language glorification stuff has been started only after independance. i.e. just last few decades. I strongly think that all Indian people residing in any language area have a direct relation with other language areas (and not related always via Hindi); at least the neighbouring areas if not all. So emphasis after India's independance should have been on learning other Indian languages and not just Hindi. Of course, Hindi is an Indian language but not the only language. But instead, the politicians took a wrong path of imposition.
Now, about the current situation, after so many years, the national language issue is still not solved. The people should force the government to resolve this issue once and for all. Of course, they should take a more wholistic view when doing so and encourage intra-language communication including International language English.

Prashanth Ragavendra said...

it is true that bengaluru(people in IT and central govt jobs) have picked up hindi or rather picking it up, this is simply because of the proganda mad by central govt and by bollywood , people think speaking in hindi makes them stand apart from the crowd and they take pride in speaking hindi , long gone are the days where you can find good english speaking crowd in bangalore the language they use is hindi now, but this is only short lived as bengalureans will change as fast as they adopted to hindi and make these arrogant,north indian comuunity to undersatnd that india is very vast country with multiple languages and cultures ,let us be positive


Clangorous said...

@ Prashanth,
It would be unfair to generalise that all in the IT use Hindi now. Its individual's choice and I take pride in saying that I do not use Hindi at work. All the work involves English and there is no reason why Hindi should be used. Its just false nationalist mentality which make people feel that they are more Indian if they speak Hindi. Top Management (filled with non-kannadigas) are hypocritical when it comes to other languages but they themselves wouldnt hesistate to talk in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam but they would discourage two Kannadigas talking in Kannada, instead they would insist they speak in Hindi so that every one can understand (which is a big assumption any way). Most of the Kannadigas consider it a pride that they can converse in Hindi, this attitude needs to change. When work is being done in English.. its best to have work related conversation in English. If Hindi...then why not Kannada is the question every Kannadiga should ask themselves and each other.

Vijay Gupta said...

The imposition of Hindu faces a backlash in Rajasthan and possibly also other parts of North and West India. After Independence, the selection of Hinduism as the state language placed people from rural areas and tribals under disadvantage. In Southwest and Center-west Rajasthan, the most popular language is Gameti, a tribal language. It is more distinct from Hindu than is Gujarat. Marwari is also not Hindi. Nor is Harauti (south east Rajasthan.) In fact, outside the cities or the region around Delhi, everyone speaks a strong dialect. How are rural Rajasthanis supposed to go to school in a language that is not native? Why should they have to feel ashamed of using Non-sanskrit local words while writing an essay? Their natural grammar is considered incorrect! Educated Rajasthanis are, in effect, bilingual in Hindi and the mother tongue. Should not Hindi education in Rajasthan allow localization to the dialect?

sujay rao said...

this paper calls for reviewing India's language policy completely -
This has been published in a peer-reviewed journal


Sujay Rao Mandavilli

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