Kannadigas should go entrepreneurial full throttle

The need of the hour for Kannadigas today is to go entrepreneurial. The economic policies of the Government have resulted in sector after sector (which were earlier in full or partial Government control) being privatized. Also, consumption by people has increased in the past decade, hence there is great demand for new products & services, many of which was earlier unheard of. All these present a grand case for every second Kannadiga to go entrepreneurial. Are we Kannadigas ready for it? Do we Kannadigas have the stomach to take on the challenge of establishing business enterprises to service the huge business opportunities within & outside Karnataka?

Do you think there is an option for us, the Kannadigas anyway? NO. We have no option but to get on the race. If you don't get on the race and compete, you are gone. If Kannadigas do not, someone else does it. Ultimately people are looking for good products and services, Period. It does not matter to them as to who makes a product or who sells it. Generally a lot many Kannadigas express their worries about issues like discrimination against Kannadigas in jobs, consumer service and many other facets. If this concern of theirs could be converted into concrete action of creating enterprises, that would work wonders. Many of the problems that Karnataka and Kannadigas face today can be addressed by Kannadigas getting big time into business. Kannadigas will have more money, more money will get pumped into Karnataka's economy, more Kannadigas will get jobs, Karnataka government will be more confident in taking up welfare & development programmes & so on and so forth.

Kannadigas, it's time to get started

For those Kannadigas who want to build great brands & have access to intellectual & financial resources, they should go the whole hog and start higher end businesses which create great value for the customer as also great valuation for the promoters. Also, there are huge opportunities in being dealers, distributors, resellers, franchisees for larger existing brands. Kannadigas should just grab every business opportunity – be it product or service, high-tech or low-tech, own brand or dealership, urban or rural, big or small. One thing for all of us to remember is if we do not get on this race in the next couple of years; we just cannot get in & may be out of it for a very long time to come. So Kannadigas, what are you waiting for? Look for business opportunities around you and start your enterprise


Anonymous said...

If we observe how business is being done by Muslims/North Indians, one common factor is the partners are their family members.

A family business cannot be thought of in Kannadigas. The mentality that another Kannadiga is his competitor should go.

So what next? who will create a forum for all tose aspiring businessmen. Who will create market for Kannadiga run business? When will a Kannadiga undestand that he has to unite and do business, as this very factor is going to rule the roost in the next few decades atleast.

Rohith B R said...

@ Altaf..
When you mean competition in business, in its truest sense, it is supposed to mean a healthy competition - not the kind among the Ambani brothers!

When a Kannadiga starts a business and excels in it, it must become a soruce for inspiration amongst thousands of other Kannadigas. He must come and deliver lectures in IIMs (more in Karnataka), inspire other fellow businessmen, imbibe competition in the market by constantly improving his hold over the market... and so on.

And btw, when it comes to market-making, I dont think any business man will sit tight on his business, expecting some dream-prince to come over and lay out that much desired market for his business. Kannadigas must first *be* the market, and help broaden the base of this market. The Kannadiga entrepreneur must himself/herself herald his/her business, make money out of it, build a healthy competitive atmosphere around, and the remaining Kannadiga entrepreneurs have their task cut out to better this target..

Anonymous said...

To cite a particular instance in this context which will prove that partnership is not the lone way of getting there.. one can look at the Asianet network - having originated from Kerala, the small and cornered state of our country from far south, has reached out to nearly the entire country surpassing all language borders, and now runs TV channels in nearly 10 Indian languages. Howzat for a starter? If Keralites could do it, Kannadigas can definitely do it too, and vow to better it too.

But looking around us today, do we have a single TV channel created bu *us*? At least for ourselves? A Kannada channel?

Kannadigas have to stop imagining that the public sector will come to their doors selling them what they need. Take the saree industry for instance. Although Mysooru Reshme technology (yes, it is a technology indeed) is gobally renowned there're not many Kannadiga businessmen making money out of it - instead it has always been expected to be the govt. run KSIC to make business out of this technology. It is strange that we only want to be CONSUMERS of our own technology, and not its SELLERS.. this needs to change. I think the author meant this as well in this article.

Anonymous said...

bussiness is ultimately the need of the day for kannadigas. More and more kannadigas should get into the field and also the mindset should change. We should help our kannada people grow in bussiness. We all need to be united.

ಪುಟ್ಟ PUTTA said...

It definitely is the need of the hour. We need Vishweshwaraiahs,Gururaj, NRNs, Deshapandes and Suhas Gopinaths.

Anonymous said...

The main problem seems to be with our education system. Though there are hundreds of Engineering collages across Karnataka, none of them encourage students to take entrepreneurship. As a result, almost 95% of the people passing out of our engineering collages wont even be having any knowledge on Entrepreneurship & its advantages. For eg., though there are hundreds of start ups operating from Bangalore only a very few of them are started by Kannadigas.

Ragavendra said...

First and Foremost education should be in Kannada. All exams should be in Kannada. Most of all Kannada is our mother tongue. Anything communicated in our mother tongue is BEST learnt.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Banavasi Balaga!

After liberalisation of the economy, the stupid mixed-economy that was neither socialist nor capitalist has been finally buried. Enterpreneurship is the way forward for all Indians. Kannadigas must not get left behind in this important area. Karnataka can witness great development if a new bunch of Kannada enterpreneurs spring up. Importantly, we need to take enterpreneurship in a big way to the rural areas. Only if development is taken to the hinterland can our country develop. And who else can do this best other than the sons-of-the-soil? The Southern States have a lot of good quality engineering and technology institutions. Enterpreneurship should be made a compulsory subject in the engineering and technology fields. Instead of churning out job-seekers the technical institutions should turn out job-providers.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Kannadigas are always in the right spirit and dont exhibhit their entrepreneurial spirit more often. they are self contented to their JOB and financial security rather then weighing out options to be in the fray of oppurtunities.
Except FEW all others are especially in blore are followers and not leaders.

Anonymous said...

ಬನವಾಸಿ ಬಳಗ,

This article holds good not just for Karnataka's economy but also for Kannada art, literature and culture. If there are more Kannada entrepreneurs, they can invest in Kannada art, literature and culture. The times are changing fast and if Karnataka's rich culture is to be encouraged, it can only be done by Kannada entrepreneurs who can invest in these areas. The central government has the aim of promoting only Hindi literature as a part of its outrageous Hindi imposition policy. Kannada entrepreneurs should come forward to sponsor events to promote Kannada literature, art and culture as a part of their activities.

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