Attacks on Kannadigas in Kasargod

As Kannadigas are victimized in Kasargod, one questions why Kasargod, a predominantly Kannadiga area, is not included in Karnataka:

Students stage protest against principal in Kasargod

Kasargod Oct 24: The anti-Kannada activities have been increasing in Government College Kasargod and both the College principal as well as the district administration are opting to be quiet about the matter. Instead, the victims of the issue are now held in wrong light and notice have been issued against them.

Till last Friday, there have been three instances where the Kannadiga students have been subjected to atrocities and have been put down heavily.

The instance of miscreant students belonging to other community tearing off the Kannada hand bill put up near Principal's office room, thereby hurting the emotions of Kannadiga students has occurred again and the Kannadiga students staged a protest against this misdeed on Friday.

Usually the Principal of the College declares holiday when such instances occur but since the Principal did not take the matter seriously, the students themselves went up and rang the bell, declaring holiday.

Sure the political movements during the reorganization of states left us at a loss, but don't we have what it takes even today?

For the full news story to: Students stage protest against principal in Kasargod


clangorous said...

look at the comment on that article on dont loose class on kannada or malayalam .. be an indian it seems ... so a kannadiga is not an indian ?

Guruprasad said...

We are Indians first of all, we respect each Indian..That doesn't mean that we - KANNADIGAS keep silent everytime...If this continues, we will have to bloody kick the ass'es of the Mallus here in B'lore & pack them to Kerala....Oops as there is no place, to UAE or Saudi....!! MIND IT!!!

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