Does Karnataka Lack Sexy Actresses?

There used to be a time when the Hindi film industry used to attract the likes of Vyjayanthi Mala from Karnataka. Now, people throng to Kannada movies, and actresses (and a few actors) throng the Kannada industry from all over India. The Times of India yesterday reported a story on how the Kannada industry is attracting heroines from the Hindi film industry:

“The Kannada industry doesn’t cater to a limited audience anymore. Even non-Kannadigas are interested in watching our films, especially in multiplexes,” says Raghuram, who’ll soon be directing Sonal Chauhan in his debut. “Having familiar faces on the film posters provokes their curiosity,” he says. Since Bollywood artistes have a universal appeal, they widen the reach of our films, he says, adding, “The hosa combination of a B-town girl and Sandalwood hero is an added attraction.”

According to Sridhar, who worked with Gauri Karnik in Karanji, a musical film, B-town heroines are extremely professional. “Not that our heroines aren’t, but the ones from Mumbai have an extra edge. I wanted Gauri because she was apt for my film — she’s trained in music, is talented and also down to earth,” he says. Choreographer Imran Sardariya, who’s made many of these girls dance to his tunes, agrees that B-town babes “know their job and never compromise on quality.”

But the burning questions are: Is it true that non-Kannadigas who watch Kannada movies immediately recognize a Sonal Chauhan? We think it's absolute crap! Don't Kannadiga heroines have what it takes? Can't they act? Aren't they sexy? What have the actresses from Mumbai got that their counterparts from Bengaluru or Dharwad haven't? Do we lack sexy actresses? Don't they know their job? Do they compromise on quality? Can't they get universal appeal?

For the full story, read: Yella Ok. B-town heroine yaake?

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Anonymous said...

Since Bollywood artistes have a universal appeal, they widen the reach of our films, he says, adding, “The hosa combination of a B-town girl and Sandalwood hero is an added attraction.

Brain damaged comment from a brain damaged Kosmopolitan Kannadiga.

What Universal Appeal ? The Indian Actresses who have got Universal Appeal are all from KRN. Shilpa Shetty, Deepika Padukoney and among international Models we have Sheetal Malhar.

The thing is our actresses refuse to sleep with ugly pot-bellied directors unlike Northies who would do anything for a break. This is their "Professionalism" which the Cosmo Kannadiga aims for.

If Northies can cheer Shilpa Shetty , so can they the Rakshitas and the Ramyas.

I have created an entertainment forum exclusively for kannada film industry at I don't allow posts of northy actresses there , its menat onlyf or our girls. Kindly come over and patronise it and also we can discuss many other things !

Anonymous said...

Harish Dude, your intentions may be good and as per your comment, but your site sucks with Bollywood and Hollywood porn and spam.

Anonymous said...

Lets start discussion here itself.. 'cause anywhere we need to just start talking. I think that our industry girls have the capabalities to influence world audience. The acting skils of Kannada Girls are good enough to win Oscars. Our films are not being nominated to Oscars, which is a different question.

But there is no paucity of sex appeal in Kannadiga Girls in our film industry.

Anonymous said...

karnataka girls are the sexiest ! We tamilians consider them to be the most beautiful and sexiest of all. They are hot , bold and voluptuous and so when they reveal , its an awesome sight. Sangavi was a hot ticket and she used to drive the adrenaline up by wearing tight t-shirts and hot pants. Can give many more examples like Lakshmi Rai and Damini. But kannadigas dont seem t be proud of their hot women. They want to see the skinny and useless northy girls

Anonymous said...

Fact of matter is it was our bold and sexy women who made karnataka famous in south india. Kannadigas hardly had any respect in south india and people did not even know the existence of the state.

It was our hot and sexy women who brought our state to the forefront and midnight masala was what made krn the talk of the town. The bold and highly erotic moves of our heroines carrying off skimpy clothes with elan had all of south india transfixed to their tv sets all through the night.

We are not using the sex appeal of our women like say the bengalis are doing or even the north indians or even the tamils when they keep talking about hema malini or rekha. Just see the kind of boast the bengalis indulge in public about the sex appeal of their women like bips or sush and kind of make bengalis fashionable to speak. But even though our women are curvier and hotter and bolder we keep dumb when others boast of their women. We need to show our women are the best !

And of course the mallus. They have exploited the fact that most soft erotic movies are made in their state to make a propaganda that their babes are most beautiful and their women are most desirable and act superior out of it. But you know half the women in those erotic movies are kannadigas and such sex bombs like Reshma and Babylona are also our girls. Yet mallus make propaganda as if only their women are worth exhibiting in the buff !!!

Anonymous said...

Karma said :

Harish Dude, your intentions may be good and as per your comment, but your site sucks with Bollywood and Hollywood porn and spam.

Thanks for your feedback.The problem is lack of moderators. Forums don't make enough money to make me go for paid moderators. I have to rely on volunteering. My site , like most forums barely breaks even. So I need committed kannadigas to help me run it.If you are ready to volunteer and contribute , I would really be grateful to you. And doing our film industry a service !

ಪುಟ್ಟ said...

does Karnataka Lack Sexy Actresses?


Kannada films not having sexy actresses from karntaka

Harish Kumar said...

If the actresses are hot, the non-kannadigas will definitely come and watch. You can make good movies with hot kannada actresses and if it is presented well, the non-kannadigas will come and watch atleast for the hotness factor if nothing else.

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