Hindi Imposition Goes to the Moon

The PSLV-C11, part of Chandrayaan-1 is all ready for take-off tomorrow. Two South Indians, including a Kannadiga and a Tamil-Kannadiga are at the helm of affairs, reports the Star of Mysore:
Even though hundreds of scientists and technicians are involved in the Chandrayaan-1 project, there are three very important persons who are playing prominent roles in the success of the project.

They are ISTTRAC Director S.K. Shivakumar, Chandrayaan-1 Project Director Myliswamy Annadorai and PSLV-C 11 launch vehicle Director George Koshe.

Interestingly, all the three are from South India. That too, Shivakumar is Kannadiga and Myliswamy Annadorai is a Tamil-Kannadiga living in Bangalore for the last 30 years and speaks Kannada fluently. He has been given the responsibility of the Chandrayaan-1 project. Of the three, most of the work of Annadorai and George Koshe ends on Oct. 22. From then on, it will be S.K. Shivakumar, who will be controlling the operations for the next two years. It is Shivakumar who will control and monitor every movement of Chandrayaan-1 from 18 minutes after the launch for the next two years.

Make no mistake: Chandrayaan-1 is a great achievement for India without doubt. We wish the mission all success and hope it does indeed give India economic and strategic value.

However, one can't brush aside the fact that English and Hindi are the only two languages which find their place on the vehicle. These two languages, obviously, do not represent India. If any Indian language must have been chosen, it must have been Kannada, which is the language of Karnataka which is where the PSLV-C11 was built. Why Hindi? Also, why is the name of the mission "Chandrayaan" (Hindi) instead of "Chandrayaana" (Kannada)?

Which languages are used for graffiti on the PSLV-C11 is, of course, a trivial matter from the point of view of the mission itself, especially given the fact that every single task in the project is done in English. However, the graffiti is a glaring example of Hindi imposition. It's India's dark secret all set to pollute the moon.

For the full article from the Star of Mysore, read: THE MAN FROM SRIRANGAPATNA PLAYS MAJOR ROLE IN CHANDRAYAAN-1

Photo Courtesy ISRO. For more photos of the PSLV-C11, go to: Photo Gallery of Chandrayaan-1 and PSLV-C11


Anonymous said...

Totally absurd argument! I'm a kannadiga and respect the kannada sentiments, but this I guess is stretching it little too far.
Lets get the facts clear. "Chandrayaan" is not a Karnataka Government's moon mission. It a GOI mission under the auspices ISRO. English and Hindi are the official languages of the Indian state and I see no reason why we are trying to argue the case of Kannada.

Its a totally different debate whether Hindi deserves to be the official language of the state!

With the current constitutional setup I see no tooth in your argument.

Anonymous said...

Its a totally different debate whether Hindi deserves to be the official language of the state!

I don't agree. It's not a totally different debate. It's the same debate. It's because Hindi has been undemocratically chosen as the only official Indian language that Kannada loses out.

Anonymous said...

"It's because Hindi has been undemocratically chosen as the only official Indian language"

Hindi would emerge winner if there is any democratic way of choosing an official language of india by sheer number of hindi supporters.

Anonymous said...

Hindi would emerge winner if there is any democratic way of choosing an official language of india by sheer number of hindi supporters.

Coming to think of it, you're probably right. Most Indians have been sufficiently brainwashed by now to support Hindi. They won't even understand why this new poll/vote is being held, since they already "know" that Hindi is the official, nay national language of India.

Anonymous said...

I love Kannada, and we should expect those living in Karnataka do learn, speak and use Kannada. But objecting to what language is used in the spacecraft - that is ridiculous. At the national level, the country is represented by Hindi. The space mission is launched by our country, not by Karnataka. We should do our part to be the citizens of the country.

Anonymous said...

Your whole problem is thinking that we need to "do a part" to be citizens of the country. We need to no fuckin' new language to be a part of the country. We need no fuckin' Hindi to become Indians.

It's a fuckin' lie that the country is represented by Hindi. Only a few parts of North India are represented by Hindi. If that's what your country is, cecede from the Union, call yourself Hindia and let the real India rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Mig-29 named "Baaz" which is the Persian word for Falcon ? Why all our weapons have sanskrit names ?

Tamils lobbied hard and as a result the project to install indian software and hardware on the Su-30 MKI came to be called Project Vetrivel( Victorious Spear).

There should be equal credit. Let there be a dravidian name to go along with an Aryan name in everything we do.

Anonymous said...

At the national level, the country is represented by Hindi.

Who says so idiot ? Constitution does not call it National Language. So why should we accept ? Chandrayaan could have been inscribed in all major languages on the launch vehicle just as it done in indian currency notes. What prevented the indian gov to not go for it ?

The space mission is launched by our country, not by Karnataka

And where is Karnataka my dear moron ? In Atlantis ? Artic Circle ? Kannadigas are indians and they dont need to prove their indianness.

Yes , because it is launched by government of India and not by UP and Bihar, "Chandrayaan" should have been inscribed in all 21 official langauges. Putting it in hindi alone would be justified if this was an effort undertaken only by UP & Bihar.

ರಾಜು said...

First of all Chandrayaan is not a Hindi name . This word is taken from sanskrit, Chandra=Moon and Yaan=Travel or Journey. In the above picture, the words (PSLV-C11 and INDIA/Bharat) written on the lauch vehicle is in Devanagari script. The Devanagari script was developed to write Sanskrit and not Hindi. Though many Indo aryan (or Indo European) or many north indian languages including hindi may have adopted devanagari script for writing their languages, the true thing is Indias official language or so called our national language dosen't have its own script. If you find any sanskritised words written in devanagari script, it is not be confused that it's written in Hindi.

To be very clear, the wordings written on the launch vehicle are in English and Sanskrit and not in Hindi.

I agree with what Harish has said... Let there be a dravidian (Indian born language) name to go along with an Aryan name in every thing we do. The name of the project Vetrivel (SU-30 MKI project) is really appreciatable.

Anonymous said...

If it were samskruta.. it would have been chandrayaanaha..

Anonymous said...

All know its the bloody Hindi imposition & we need no explanation of difference between Hindi & Sanskrit. All indian languages are influenced by Samskruta & the present day Hindi looks like the language of Pakistan. Bollywood is importing Pakistani singers, comedians etc., and they dont represent Indian films anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Raj , we the idiots here at karnatique have realised that Hindi and Sanskrit are different. We did know that before and it was ok if everything is named in sanskrit and not hindi.

clangorous said...

Great points Harish and Raj...

Mr First Anonymous....if it was Govt of India's mission then as Harish mentioned all 21 official languages could have been incribed on the launch vehicle..A Kannadiga and a Tamil-Kannadiga are the key scientists on the mission. Don't tell me our Govt of India did not have that much space on the spacecraft or that much money to invest on paint to write all 21 official languages. If the non-hindians do not realise the damage that would be caused by hindi imposition...then it would be too late to protect other languages identity in india. Coming to it not being a Karnataka project....what about all the land/amenities provided for this project is it outside of karnataka ?...and Govt of India is using tax payer's money for this project...karnataka contributes more tax money than any hindian states like UP, Bihar.... If its indeed compulsory to know hindi to be an indian ?... then what are linguistic people.. ?. Its better they call themselves Hindians and leave the true meaning for Indian in peace

Anonymous said...


Just one correction, UP is second largest economy in India and contribution to GDP is second only to Maharashtra.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Like it was mentioned before, the language used is sanskrit. I believe Sanksrit represents most if not all the Indian languages and I believe it is more practical to use that one language for national ventures. Another good indea would be to use different languages for different missions (but pleaaaase not Urdu!).

But do remember one thing. Sanskrit is not the language of the "Aryans". The aryan invasion was a western construct to justify their rule in India. Tamil is known to share a large part of its vocabulary with sanskrit. India already has enough enemies. We dont need to start fighting amongst ourselves based on false theories such as the Aryan-Dravidian divide!

clangorous said...

Mr Anonymous,
UP might be the second largest economy in India... that doesnt mean Hindi can be imposed on every one... Hindi is nothing but regional language of UP, MP, Bihar and the newly formed states Jharkhand and Chattisgarh (which were part of UP/Bihar earlier)...so effectively its just 3 states at the bigger picture. Its highly unfair and undemocratic to impose regional language of these states on others in the name of unity... . If indeed 'Unity in Diversity' is true about India then both Unity and Diversity deserve the same weightage...only then its called India. If one has to know Hindi to be an Indian.. then its better to call it as Hindia than India

Anonymous said...


One question? Whose Hindi is it anyway

UP:Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Braj, Bagheli and Bundeli form the original language of UP..Not Hindi..Hindi has been made official language.

Bihar:Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili ,Angika form the original language. Hindi has been made official language in Bihar.

Rajasthani is spoken in Rajashthan ..but Hindi has been made official language.

And moreover, Hindi is official language in eleven states...just tell me ..Who own Hindi language.

clangorous said...


As you have only mentioned... dont you get a clear picture of how many languages have been put to extinction because of hindi ?....India once was a land of thousands of languages.. A Language will die when people stop using it...Hindi has already made enough damage in the north.. and we would not allow the same thing to happen to south indian languages as they have much more richness...ancientness..than your so called Official Language..

Coming back to your argument of Hindi being the Official Language in 11 states... I would need much more concrete proofs to believe that.. would appreciate if you or anyone can prove that...

If other languages are made no longer suited for Business, Employment...then obviously its a human tendancy for people to shift to a language which would earn them their daily bread... I feel the same thing has happened in those 11 states...If Govt Of India makes it a rule to shove Hindi down on everyone's throat for a job in Central Government... then its natural that people would choose to learn that language to earn their living.. Dont you thing its the most unconstitutional thing to force some one to learn hindi to earn their living .. its nothing but a filthy hidden agenda and linguistic black mail by hindians to promote their language..

If a Kannadiga fights for kannada or for that matter any non hindian who fights for their language are called as Fanatics... Linguistic Chauvnists.. but if Hindi is forced undemocratically on to others its Nationalism...Hats off to their pseudo nationality.. If we demand Kannada in Karnataka its fanatiscism.. anti-indian.. but if Hindi is forced upon non-hindian states its nationalism.. Wow !!! this is called Democracy and Unity in Diversity...

For us its there is no difference between British and Hindians .. British used to Divide and Rule... now even Hindians are doing the same.. dividing different regional language people and cunningly using a back door to promote their regional language hindi as the so called National Language and brainwashing even innocent children in schools to a false Nationalism.

Hats off to Indian Democracy...

Anonymous said...


Here are 10 states + 1 UT where Hindi is official language.

Chandigarh (UT),
Himachal Pradesh,
Madhya Pradesh,
Uttar Pradesh

Also, as u have mentioned India was a land of thousands of languages..which India are u talking about..There was no india prior to 1947. every state was a country in itself with its own language..just open the history book and find which India u are referring to.

So I am coming back to my original question.. Who owns Hindi.

clangorous said...

we all have learnt India as a sub-continent and as you have rightly mentioned... each state was a country..thats why dont you feel there was more prosperity those times ?... I hope you are informed about the glory of how vijayanagara kingdom.. Now after 1947 we still havent achieved the complete meaning of democracy.. still non hindian states are indirectly being ruled by hindian states in the name of Central Govt.. Govt of India or the famous high command whichever party in power...

Coming to the list of states you have mentioned... few of them are newly formed out of existing states... and few of them had/have their own language.... but now successfully converted to accept hindi as official language using the most cheap tactics of providing employment literally enforcing hindi even in non hindian states. Nothing wrong in learning any number of languages...but that shouldnt be enforced even when some customers demand service in the language of the land..

Peace prevails only when its Give Respect and Take Respect... not like creating an environment undemocratically to enforce one of the language among different languages which are much more ancient, rich and atleast having its own script, literary and folk arts. No sane citizen of a democratic country would like to be enforced with a language as so called National Language which is not even the spoken language at the environment he is residing. Instead of wasting tax payers money on vote bank politics...and spreading a particular language forcibly... our beloved Govt of India should focus on tackling lots of other serious challenges like poverty, malnutrition and unemployment.

coming to your final question : who owns hindi ? my honest response for that : 'We don't' !!!

Sasi Reddy said...

OMG who is going to teach these Indians that Hindi is not a national language.. All languages printed on currency have the same level.
But only the politicians from Hindi belt is fooling the people by saying Hindi is the only Language of India....

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