Kannada Books to Adjoining Areas - Good Move

The Indian Express on Sept 28th reported a story on GoK's moves to make sure NRK's (Non Resident Kannadigas) learn Kannada:
Kannada Book Authority (KBA) is despatching more than one lakh books to the Kannada medium schools outside the state. The authority will also send books to Kannada organisations in foreign countries free of cost. There are more than 500 Kannada medium schools in border districts outside the State, including in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
There is a move to distribute books outside India also:
Kannada Association in Singapore has come forward to get Kannada books. The books will be sent by December end. He said that interested organisations in foreign countries can contact the Authority. “We will send books free of cost to other countries, provided the organisations take care of the transportation,” he added.
Given the fact that most of the destination areas adjoining Karnataka (such as Kasargod in Kerala and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu) should in the first place have come to Karnataka during the Reorganization of States, this is perhaps the least we can do to make sure Kannadigas therein are not cheated of their right to learn their own mother-tongue.

Read the full story here: Kannada books for schools outside State


lakki said...

what is also required inside the state is to make all ICSE, CBSE and all English medium schools compulsarily have kannada as a subject, so that everyone learns the local language. This should start from 1st STD itself and all children who are joining at that level are people who have already migrated to karnataka. If there is migration in between, meaning someone comes into 5th STD, then an alternative can be provided. But i believe, looking at the plight of the language and its usage, next generation would not even speak kannada if we do not teach the kids in all schools, be it state, CBSE, ICSE or other language schools. In karnataka, kannada is supreme and it should stay that way...

Sandeep said...

Kannada text books should be made available on websites, so that
1. volunteers can print and distribute them on time in case there is a shortage of text books.
2. kannadigas outside of Karnataka or even India can access them and teach their kids Kannada.

Thunta said...

Great Idea Sandeep. Ignited minds like you must have been in Government.

Can anyone tell me what is the compulsion for these ICSC CBSC schools to not to Kannada. Are they so hateful about the local language. Are they creating a kind of educated people who can do more harm than good to Kannada, though growing up in our own land.

Why these people dislike teachings in Madarasas, when in fact I saw in the news that many madarasas teach Kannada (near Shivamogga) and the parents of those Kids are very happy about it. ICSC & CBSC seem to be very dangerous.

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