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The Times of India today on how and why we lost the Tata Nano deal, thereby losing about 10,000 jobs which would have been generated, and losing the chance of 60 vendors setting up shop in Dharwad, a development which could have potentially turned Dharwad into the next Bengaluru:
Caught napping over Nano
Industries Minister Nirani Will Still Talk to Tata Authorities

Times News Network

The decision of the Tata Group to relocate their Nano Car manufacturing unit to Ahmedabad has come as a great disappointment to the people of Karnataka.

The state was hoping that the Tatas would select the land being offered by Karnataka government at Belur near Dharwad. While the people were optimistic that setting up of Nano plant would generate employment opportunities on a large scale, the farmers, who were ready to part with their land, were hoping to get a good compensation.

Industries minister Murugesh Nirani was hopeful because Tatas already own 638 acres of land in Belur where they have set up two units-Telcon and Tata Marcopolo. When informed about Tatas’ decision, a surprised Nirani said that Karnataka too was ready to offer all the facilities sought by Tatas. The government had decided to constitute a committee to hold talks with the company heads.

“Chief Minister
B S Yeddyurappa had reiterated in the cabinet meeting Karnataka’s decision to offer all the facilities to Tatas and had authorized me to talk to them. I do not know what made Tatas decide in favour of Gujarat. The decision to set up the plant has come without speaking to us,” he said. “After visiting two sites at Gamanagatti and Belur in Dharwad on Sunday, the Tata team had promised to get back to us before taking a final decision,” he said, adding that he would speak to Tata MD Ravikant to know what made him reject Karnataka’s offer.

“Protocol should be given the go
-by. One should approach as a friend, which is what I used to do as industries minister. Before Toyota set up their plant in Karnataka, it was wooed by five states. I approached friends of Toyota owners to persuade them to set up the plant here,” he said.

The Hubli chapter of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed its disappointment over the development.

“We had hoped that Tatas would take into account all the factors and decide in favour of Dharwad for setting up their Nano plant. It is a disappointing decision,” said V P Linganagoudar, president, KCCI, Hubli.

(Article and cartoon courtesy Times of India)

Today's edition of the Kannada daily Vijayakarnataka blames the government for having failed on the following counts, forcing Tata to go to Gujarat:
  1. Political instability
  2. Scarcity of electrical power
  3. A unconvincing lobbying process
  4. Slow response from the government
  5. Lack of influence
What do you think? What has Gujarat got which Karnataka ain't got?


Anonymous said...

Different states did their best to get the important Nano project once it became clear that the Tatas were going to pull out of Singur. In the end, I believe the state which promised them the most concessions and the least hurdles would have got the project. It turned out to be Gujarat.

Anonymous said...

1) Aggressive Leadership
2) To Get more people talking about these important issue.. like relasing some 100 - 200 articles in a week in all leading/not so leading dailies, magazines.. etc.,
3) Even a plumber should talk about investment coming to Karnataka. Govt. could have done it very easily by spending few pennies from the Sarkari Khajane.
4)How much influence does we have over the policy decisions of Industries. How much Karnataka's investment is going there.... how many Kannadigas are there in high posts?
5) Government should take all possible routes to reach out them and keep talking to them.
6) Employ some good Graduates and give them opportunity, time & good money & see how they will change the face of Karnataka. Very much applies to other states aswell.
7) Narendra Modi is a true leader who stood by his people.
8) Can Yadiurappa work for like Narendra Modi with the life mission of working towards "Kannada-Kannadiga-Karnataka"

All this could have got us the Nano.

All said and done. If Kannadigas wish they can start a new venture and produce the same kind of Nano's right here in Karnataka. We can even better TATA. All this will happen only if we start discussing the issues of National Importance.

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