Should Bihar be Penalized for Irresponsible Behavior?

News is pouring in about Maharashtra Navanirman Sena doing everything it can to ensure adequate representation for Marathis in an Indian Railway recruitment drive in Mumbai. A la Karnataka, those jobs which rightfully belong to Marathis in Maharashtra are being filled by (guess who?) Biharis. MNS spokesperson Shirish Parkar is quoted by the DNA as saying
Had Lalu worked for developing Bihar, candidates from his state would have no need to come to Maharashtra for the exam.
Shirish touches the heart of the problem of migration from Hindi speaking states to non-Hindi speaking states in India: an underdeveloped and corrupt home-state leaves its inhabitants with only three choices: (a) die of hunger, (b) live with the underdevelopment and corruption, or (c) migrate in search of food. What's astonishing about the migrants is that instead of respecting the culture and language of the state which saves them from hunger, they misbehave and impose their language and culture on the local population - a behavior entirely unacceptable anywhere in the world. In advancing the "they are Indians too" argument in support of Hindi speakers when they are clearly culprits of linguistic and cultural crime, the media and the central government give the impression that Hindi speakers "are more Indian" than Marathis, Kannadigas and every other linguistic people in India.

What is the solution to this problem? Should states like Bihar which neither improve their own conditions nor let more prosperous states like Maharashtra and Karnataka live in peace be penalized for their lack of responsibility? Should central aid for such states be cut? Should they be taxed more? Should there be a law against uncontrolled inter-state migration?


Anonymous said...

The law can be enforced once enough work is done towards creating awareness among people. Even today I see well educated Kannadigas claim that Hindi is their National language. So we need few revolutions to do a mass education about our identities, about our nationality etc., The ownership of the blame should entirely rest upon the Government of India and the Hindians who migrate to other states.

A small step towards resolution of the problem is to celebrate our cultures like never before.


It's failure and nonsense of leaders from UP and Bihar that their people have to migrate in search of job. Today its happening in Mumbai. tomorrow it will happen in Bengluru or Chennai. Hindi media is trying to picture it as Marathi vs Rest of India, in fact its Hindis(Not north Indians) vs Rest of India.

Anonymous said...

It's high time Karnataka should wake up and impose Kannada everywhere. Common people should virtually impose Kannada everywhere. If they don't respect Karnataka and the culture, We should definitely teach a lesson.


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