Wanted: Kannadigas Aspiring to Become Astronauts

Here's a possible opportunity for Kannadigas to make it to the moon, even if Chandrayaan-1's rocket didn't carry Kannada graffiti. Reports Bhargavi Kerur in today's DNA:

Bangaloreans are set to be over the moon as the city will play the training ground for two Indians who will be making a lunar trip in 2015.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will set up an astronaut training centre in Bangalore by 2012, to prepare personnel for the manned moon mission which will land two cosmonauts on the earth's natural satellite.

A site of 40 acres beyond the greenfield Bengaluru International
Airport has been identified.

Disclosing this to mediapersons, ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair said: "We zeroed in on Bangalore after identifying several favourable aspects. We have an aviation medicine institute in the city which will significantly contribute for the astronaut training."

Will at least one of those astronauts be a Kannadiga who can call back home from the moon and say "Amma, talplde!"? Or has the match been fixed already?

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Anonymous said...

Indian are really doing well.After this experiment India will be placed in the list of space research country.

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