Zee who's making money using Kannada

Zee News CEO Barun Das in an interview to Indiantelevision.com:
In our new businesses, both Zee Telugu and Zee Kannada are gaining traction in their respective markets and delivering growing revenues and GRPs. While Zee Telugu has broken even, Zee Kannada is strongly on the path to break even as per our previous guidance.
While Kannadigas languish in the lack of entrepreneural spirit, every Tom, Das and Harry is making money selling Kannada entertainment to Kannadigas!


Anonymous said...

though unrelated, my experience with Tata Sky on telecasting Zkannada. I bought tatasky and they were telecasting Z kannada and after a couple of months this was taken off air. i protested but in vain. Other South india languages get around 9 channels but kannada has only six.. out which 4 or 5 come from Sun. So, all variety is gone. but we get bangla, martahi, and other unwanted stuff for free.. the packaging is so bad that we have to pay to get kannada channels in karnataka but get other language channels for free.. very absurd!

Anonymous said...

we should have rule that all broadcasters should provide all Kannada channels.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous, We should not have such a law which mandates all service providers to provide all Kannada channels.
The competition then exists in other language channels only.
Instead there should be lot of competition in the Kannada market itself.
Let the service providers increase multifold and let the number of Kannada channels soar. The viewership will then increase and we shall have good number of Kannada channels as against other language channels.

Though not related, like radio audio measurement system, there should be a tracking of how much Kannada channels are being viewed and The voice of the people should be better represented by the media. There should be more and more news channels, discussion forums aka the famed NDTV's "THE BIG FIGHT".

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