Anjadiru, it's the girl from next door

No, she's not a Latino singer. Nope, she's not a Hollywood actress. Meet Suman Ranganathan, a Kannadiga actress all set to sizzle audiences in the upcoming "Anjadiru". Did someone say there's a dearth of sexy Kannadiga actresses? Reports Sify:
The tall and beautiful Suman Ranganath is back with her third item number, after her come back Kannada film 'Bindhaas'

She was last seen in a Puneeth Rajakumar film, later in Chitranna,.. song in Budhivantha with Upendra which created a rage today and now she is shaking her leg and twisting her well built physique to an item number in Anjadiru.

Suman Ranganath is dancing under the choreography of Sampathraj for Thangali Nagaraj's raunchy song.

Kannalle sketch Haaki, Kolbeda Nee Nanna, Naduvalle nice aagi thalbyadave Nee Nanna….. was shot by director Janardhan for item song at a specially erected set at dilapidated Mysore Lamps factory in Malleswaram Bangalore.

Here's part of her resume on
Suman Ranganathan is an Indian model and actress who has starred in many Hindi and Kannada films. Infact she is a kannadiga and initially her name was "Ranganath" but later she changed her name as Ranganathan.
We don't know if that's numerology or whatever which made her change the name, but the fact remains that she has a bright future in Kannada movies - if only she realizes that, gets entrepreneurial and takes on Kannadiga and non-Kannadiga audiences around the world.


Anonymous said...

I really doubt she changed her name herself as ranganathan. These english newspaper and portal reporters have a bad habbit of adding 'n' at the end of every south indian name. Mostly caus all of these english reporters r tamils or northies .... For tenali rama also they say tenali rama'n'.

Ubiquitos said...

I believe that her surname is Ranganath not Ranganathan atleast I have seen that in media. Today(5/01/08) there was a program on ZeeTV where she was interviewed. The name shown there was Ranganath. Let's call it Ranganath if she is a Kannadiga there is very high chance of she not being Ranganathan. If her DAD is a Katpadi (Tamil) then the 'n' will appear. whatever she makes a point to speak in kannada unlike Rakshitha and Ramya who want to show off that thier thund of London

Anonymous said...

I've seen some of her earlier movies(90's)... a very talented actress.

Anonymous said...

agree with Ubiquitos :)

Anonymous said...

why is she keeping male name. i have a male cousin and his name is suman.
And, amir khan's current girlfriend is kiran rao from bangalore, even she has male name.

so, i think both suman ranganath and kiran rao are not originally from karnataka.

Anonymous said...

name is not the matter,why dont you see her as a beutiful actress

Kannada Masala World said...

Good one.

Harish Kumar said...

Many Indian names are bi-sexual like Kiran,Suman and Madhu to name a few.

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