'Centre of Excellence for Classical Kannada'

Here's a welcome move from the Govt. of India post the declaration of Kannada as a Classical Language:

Learning Kannada has just got easier, thanks to the central government's decision to confer "classical" status on the language, meaning that an online course will be developed.

The Union Minstry of Culture is to establish a Centre of Excellence for Classical Kannada (CECK), and will prepare an online course, a senior official in the ministry told the Deccan Herald.

People hoping for places in engineering or medical colleges under the government quota are expected to benefit, especially students from Karnataka who are staying outside the state. Other CECK activities will include promoting quality research and academic activities on different aspects of Kannada, such as translating ancient Kannada works into English, Hindi and other major European and Indian languages.

It will also provide material on Kannada literature and architecture, establish a digital library, promote multidisciplinary research into poetic theory, grammatical tradition and aesthetics and provide a knowledge base.

Article on ITExaminer: Kannada to be taught on the web


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