Good move by Maharashtra. Yeddy, are you listening?

The Maharashtra government has made a move in the right direction: 80 per cent of jobs will now be reserved for locals in state industries and it's mandatory for the recruiting officer (note very carefully: not the candidates seeking recruitment) to know the Marathi language. Reports CNN-IBN:

"Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had been following up the issue for a long time. The Industries, Energy and Labour department took a decision for setting aside 80 percent jobs to the locals", an official statement said.

Anyone who has been residing for over 15 years in the state would be considered as local, the statement said.

The Government has also decided to set up a committee at state and district level to ensure implementation of the decision, it said.

The panel would meet at least three times a year and would review status of the decision. It would also suggest measures to provide maximum jobs to locals.

A procedure has been fixed to ensure that the officer making the recruitment, should be one knowing Marathi language, the statement said.

Although there are a couple of catches there, this is in the right direction. Maharashtra still does not realize that it's not how many years a migrant has breathed the air of Maharashtra which matters, but whether he/she has become one with the language and land of Maharashtra. In Europe, they employ a very simple technique to make sure you've "become one with the language and land": written and oral tests. Is that too far-fetched in India?

In any case, Mr Yeddyurappa, are you listening? Do you get the point behind what Mr Vilasrao Deshmukh is doing? Do you realize that your government is expected to protect the interest of the people of Karnataka and not Bihar or UP or Tamil Nadu or other states although "they are all states of India"? Do you get the point that you have not been voted to power by the Nagas in Nagaland? Do you get the point that Kannadigas can't care less for the fact that migrants from Bihar and UP "are also Indians" when they're snatching away jobs?

Expectations are rising, Mr Yeddyurappa, and delivering results is what matters. Not tears, not elephants, not prayers, not speeches.


Unknown said...

This is high time that Maharshtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Kerala join hands to gather to stop Hindification and the horrible hindi - culturisation in respective states. The un developed UP and Bihar has only one agenda.. push the population out of state and make them settle at all developed states. There by they don’t have to develop their own state and free to contest election and win from these migrant localities. The migrants not only ruin the culture of the locality but also try to Impose Hindi on the natives under sweet tag of National language ( though its only one of the official language).

The problem has grown to severity in Maharashtra having developed earlier & language easier for migrants. But the day is not very far when the southern states will be in same snag. Hindi belt is having maximum LS seats and hence have clear dominance in central decision-making. Hence, it is high time that Maharashtra and Southern states join hands together and launch a forum to create a pressure group in parliament and to control media.

Anonymous said...

KAR,TN,AP,KERALA&MH should join hands and start counting more number of people in the parliament and in all offices where important decisions are being made.

There should be a group and discussions should start on important issues like these. Better still to have internet presence via websites, blogs & google groups and let the openions get built.

Anonymous said...

Right sir. We in Maharashtra know only too well the agenda of the migrant (invader) population from the cow belt. Thanks to the increasingly cow belt component of the electorate in most constituencies in Mumbai, it is impossible for a Marathi manoos to be elected to Parliament from any constituecy in the city. In the last election even a veteran politician like Ram Naik with his record of sterling service to his constituecy lost to a political non-entity like Govinda. The less said about the Dutts who have made the Mumbai, North west their pocket borough, the better. Time stop the bimaruisation brigade in their tracks.

Anonymous said...

Come on people!. This whole "drama" of fighting migrants is just to bag votes. Instead of fighting against our "own" Indians why don't we join hands together in working for the betterment of our country and our own countrymen. Instead of pondering on this issue which eventually lead to polarisation and hatred to each other let us make the best use of the talents from each other and make this society a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

All states should of course join hands together in working for the betterment of the country. While joining hands, one hand should not squeeze the other to death, that's all. The correct way to join hands is for each state to prove that it can provide good education and employment for its own citizens. Then, while joining hands, each state can share best practices.

The problem today is - the Bihars and UPs have no best practices to share. The only thing they have to share is misgovernment and miseducation. They just ride on the loose definition of India and migrate. This is their "best practice". In the process of migrating, they cause trouble to the host state, its language and culture. And again, the loose definition of India makes them seem like heros and the host states seem like the villians in the story. In reality, it's the opposite. India is not a country of nomads and migrants. A country which requires manual workers to migrate thousands of kilometers is not a healthy one. It's dying. It's rotting.

Anonymous said...

I agree that migration surely brings some bad influence of migrants into the society, hating the migrants is not the solution for the problem. Every civilisation in the past and in the future has and will have migrants. There are several people amoung the migrants who bring good things, won't this bring happiness?, there are always good and bad associated with everything. Please do not generalise the things for which few people are responsible.

If there is something bad, as a responsible and educated ones its for us to change the things, go to the root cause and bring a change.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is hating the migrants. If there is anything to hate, it's the stupid system of governance here which requires manual laborers to migrate over thousands of kilometers. It's the stupid loose definition of India which continues to fool people seemingly forever, and because of which people fail to realize the root cause: migration happens because of 2 reasons: (1) a corrupt and opportunity-less home-state, and (2) an opportunity-laden host-state with no defense mechanism to check uncontrolled migration.

Shaishav said...

Save Karnataka & Bengaluru, else the condition will be like Mumbai. Kannadas will have to suffer like Maharashtrians in Mumbai, if they don't awake right now.
We don't see such hard action from KRV on issues like Railway recruitment like MNS did in Mumbai.
Why don't Kannadas demand reservation in the booming Private Sector in Bengaluru.

Anonymous said...

Creepy feelings,

"Why don't Kannadas demand reservation in the booming Private Sector in Bengaluru"

If we demand kannada reservation in booming pvt sector, they wont be booming anymore. there are other states waiting to grab the pvt investment made elsewhere. We have seen this happen for Nano project. We should better focus on making kannada popular among non-kannadiga than forcing them to learn it.

Anonymous said...

it would be better if there were a seperate dravida nadu long back itself , each state would have 4 laguage and english as common language without interfering with each other

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