Good move by Orissa. Yeddy, are you listening?

It's the turn of Orissa now. Orissa Chief minister Naveen Patnaik too has finally realized that the state cannot give up internal employment opportunities to non-Oriya people. This is again a right move by an Indian state. Orissa is the second state, after Maharashtra, to announce this. We'd like to see similar declarations by every Indian state:

Following the footsteps of Maharashtra, the Orissa government on Tuesday decided to reserve jobs for locals in the upcoming industries in the state.

In the semi-skilled and unskilled category, the reservation will be 90 per cent. In the jobs requiring skilled man power, at least 60 per cent vacancies will be filled up by the locals. Maharashtra last week had announced reservation of 80 per cent jobs for locals in the industries operating in that state.

Similarly, a minimum 30 percent of the supervisor and managerial posts will be filled up from locals, though the appointment of senior executives will be on the basis of merit.

The question now is - would the BIMARU states have the guts to make similar moves? Do they have anything to secure for their citizens? Or would they continue to play the "we're Indians of a greater God because we're Hindians, so we've got the right to snatch jobs from lesser Indians all over India" card? No marks for guessing this.

What about you, Mr. Yeddyurappa? Two of your peers have realized why they've been voted to power. Don't you think it's time you do equally well in the class? Or do you want to wait until you have orders from the Advanis and Vajpayees in New Delhi? Do you realize that it's all the more dangerous if states around Karnataka keep enacting laws protecting employment for their citizens while the bulb doesn't glow in your cabinet? Do you realize that nobody is talking about preventing their citizens from migrating to Karnataka? It's only Kannadigas who are being prevented from going to their states. Get the point? No? Repeat this lesson.

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ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ said...

it is an "RED ALERT" for Namma Karnataka and Namma Kannadigaru,

Arise, Awake And STOP not .Until Namma Political Leaders bring out the same rule in Namma Karanataka too

Anonymous said...

A scenario will arise when all the other states will pass a law that 90% of the jobs in Karnataka should be reserved for people from other states. The day is not far honestly, considering the dirty politicking they do.

A perfect move both by Maharashtra and Orissa if they do manage to get the bill tabled.

Anonymous said...

A good move by Orissa! And Maharashtra too! This must be replicated by all states, especially non-BIMARU states!

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