Is Kannada Literature Ageing?

The Indian Express yesterday reported how Kannada steals the limelight in the "Bangalore Book Festival". Excerpts below.
If you believe that in this era of technology and shortcuts, Bangaloreans have lost the love for printed words, you need to check out the sixth Bangalore Book Festival at Palace Grounds. It drew many visitors, including children on Saturday, after doing encouraging business on Friday. The fair is on till November 23...

Kannada literature has found a prominent place in the fair, with 55 stalls of the total 288 stalls being dedicated to books in the language.
While literature (as in novels, drama, poetry, etc) has kept Kannada alive in the written world, and made Kannadigas proud recipients of more than half-a-dozen Jnanapitha awards, the question is - can the language survive only the basis of juttige mallige hoo?

Should we take it for granted that Kannada can be used only for expressing our deep sentiments, study of Kannada itself and studies in "local" humanities? Is there no serious academic output possible in Kannada except by ageing professors in dusty Kannada departments in our universities? Can't Kannadiga youth take Kannada more seriously than that? Can't Kannadiga youth take Kannada as seriously as German youth take German, Israeli youth take Hebrew and Japanese youth take Japanese?

On the positive side, do you think we're seeing the entry of Kannada into hottege hittu business in "self-help" books like translations of Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People"?


Anonymous said...

Bang on. You have hit the nail on the head. It really feels like Kannada is only for either literature or movies, communication and no scientific development.

Drawing lines to the similar article in enguru, isn't it also a reason for this?

Where can I find a good Kannada medium school? Where can I find great Kannada scientific writers?

Anonymous said...

This is great approach with respect to Kannada.We win and influence our friend by publishing the positive and attractive things of Kannada.I think search engine can provide the facility to search different books.

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