State-level NSG is the Need of the Hour: Deshmukh

It was Bengaluru in July and now it's Mumbai which is burning. With nearly every Indian state being targeted by dastardly acts of terrorism and the Centre failing in one of its most important duties - defense - state governments are now forced to do their part in protecting their respective states. In a move to prevent frequent terror attacks on Maharashtra, chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh sees the need for more power to the states in combating terrorism:
MUMBAI: A day after the most violent terror attacks on Indian soil, chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh on Thursday said his government has decided to set up a "state-level NSG-like organisation'' to tackle terrorism.

"Mumbai has always been on the top of the terrorists' hit list. After Wednesday's terror attacks, I feel we should have an NSG-like organisation to deal with terrorists,'' Deshmukh said after a special cabinet meeting to review the law and order situation.

Deshmukh said he would ask the home department to draft a proposal for the same once the situation in the metropolis is back to normal. "We will set up the state-level NSG in a time-bound manner,'' said Deshmukh.


Another IPS officer said setting up a special agency for Mumbai on the lines of NSG was the need of the hour. "The local police are unable to retaliate, as such we should have NSG like organisation,'' he said.

All this raises very important questions: Has the Centre completely failed in defending India? Should defense - a federal subject the world over - also move to the states? Is terrorism so widespread within Indian states that the army stationed in border areas can't do anything to prevent it?

And yeah, Yeddy, are you listening?

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Anonymous said...

Why should there be excuses allowed for the Government which is not defending its citizens. Govt. is accountable for such incidents & we saw how time consuming it was for NSG to reach and start the operation.

Yes, the security of its citizens, is not being promised by the federal set up which India has. so what next? how do we tacle such War like situations.

Anonymous said...

It is a question of life and death. NSGs are needed at every state and it should not take a go/no-go decision by central government everytime something dastardly like this takes place. There should also be a zero tolerance to terrorism. Hang the bleady ******** in public.

Anonymous said...

Yes, its a must for every state to have NSG-like forces not only to tackle terrorists but also naxals. And yes centre has "forgotten" to stop terrorism. This is the rightest time to have a federal agency which can look into all these issues.

There has always been intelligence reports of future attacks and state/central governments are just reluctant to act. It can't be imagined like, the terrorists carrying huge amounts of ammo have crossed the international waters and have entered India. What were the Coast Gaurds doing?.

Army at the borders can't be blamed for such attacks since they are loyal to their duty. It is the governments who is to be blamed for such attacks for not implementing stringent rules against such heinous acts.

Anonymous said...

while it is a necessity that crack units need to exist at state lvls, it s more imperative to have a political "WILL", cutting acorss political lines to grant the states a crack unit and to allow them to function without any political interference!!

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