Time to Revisit the Official Languages Act?

IBNLive reported on Saturday that Maharashtra will press for Marathi language tests for recruitment to Central Govt. offices:
Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh says he has appealed to the Centre requesting permission for Maharashtrian students to take examination for their recruitment to the Central services in Marathi.

“When IAS exams can be conducted in Marathi, why not other exams? We will write to the Centre and make all efforts for this,” he said.

With all these efforts happening around India to end Hindi domination, will the Central Govt display its flexibility and consider all the scheduled languages as Official Languages of India? Is it time to revisit the Official Languages Act? Will the Central Govt really realize the mistake it has made in promoting Hindi as the unofficial, extra-constitutional 'National Language' of India?


Anonymous said...

I think it is high time we visit and amend the constitution or legislations. Most of them are blind copy from other countries and are irrelevant in this day.

All parties should press for this and rid the country of Hindi imposition.

ಉಉನಾಶೆ said...


Can we initiate a signature campaign with a petition covering all states where Hindi is not spoken, to end this act and bring all languages at par.

We could reach out like-minded groups in all victim states, and get them to write/fax to their MP.

As MP election is not too far away, I expect that at least some of them may be interested with the issue.

Goal is to get it into the election manifesto of a political party.


Anonymous said...

Really good move by Vilasrao deshmukh
.. e gottagide maharashtra davrige tamma bashe marathi hindi alla antha !!
which ever exam it is ..its meant to test skills of student not his hindi or english ??

Anonymous said...


oLLe kelsa... bega shuru maaDoNa

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