Why Do All Railroads Lead To Chennai?

Last friday, the Times of India covered a story about the Railways planning to operate 100 long-distance special trains, mostly within Tamil Nadu:
CHENNAI: Southern Railway is planning to operate 100 long-distance special trains, mostly to southern states of Tamil Nadu, and 372 short-distance special trains as these routes have seen an increase in passenger traffic.

The special trains will be operated to Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Kollam, Bangalore, Tiruchi and Thoothukudi. This include special services from Coimbatore to Tirupati and Eranakulam to Bangalore, said Southern Railway chief public relations officer Neenu Ittyerah. Of these, as many as 28 trains would be operated between Chennai and Nagercoil.
While the Indian Railways makes every possible attempt to create more and more railway infrastructure within Tamil Nadu, Karnataka is royally sidelined. KARNATIQUE invites readers to ponder over the questions below and express their opinions:

  • Why are most of the new projects sanctioned for the State in the last couple of years are limited in scope ? On the other hand, why do our neighbouring States not only get new projects but also a big share in the budget to complete those projects ? Is it because these neighbouring states have a regional party which supports the govt at the center and we don't have one?
  • Why are some of the railway projects in Karnataka dragging on for decades? Why were demands for better passenger and freight connectivity for Kannadigas not addressed adequately?
  • The Hubballi-Ankola rail line could give a fillip to industrial development and also tourism in Uttara Kannada. Why does this century old demand still look like a distant dream?
  • Why did the Indian Railways take a whopping 11 years to resume passenger service between our capital city Bengaluru and the port city of Mangalore ?
  • 70% of the new trains introduced in the last 2 years in Karnataka are interstate ones. Why are there no new routes introduced within Karnataka with the same enthausiasm? Is it not an attempt to push more and more migration of people from other parts of the country to Karnataka?
  • From Bengaluru, it takes nearly 18 hours to reach northern cities like Bijapur by train, while a bus takes 12 hours! Why hasn't the Railways hardly bothered about the pathetic railway infrastructure within Karnataka?
  • Why has guage-conversion work on Solapur-Gadag and Mangalore-Sakleshpur-Bengaluru routes remained unattended?
  • Why has not Karnataka received adequate allocation in the Railway budget year after year? Why such discrimination against Karnataka year after year?
  • The creation of smaller zones was done only to create better opportunity for the local people. But why has it not served the purpose in Hubballi-centered South Western Railway zone?
Why? Why us? Can we stop this discrimination being meted out to Kannadigas? Can we do anything at all? Yes, we can.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes we need a regional party to stop all these.....
We can't depend on the national parties for our welfare.

Why not KaRaVe hire some good politicians and start a regional party?...

Anonymous said...

Guru, It is very SIMPLE ! We need high representation in Central Govt.who're committed to influence and get the projects sanctioned for Karnataka. We were not intelligent enough to think of it and kept on electing COngress which has only the chamchas (stooges) and not really done anything for our state. The group should be able to squeeze the b.... of central govt and get things done. Look at Shivraj Patil, how much SHANDHA (eunuch) has he become in the hands of Madaam (tried for Italian accent :) NOT A SINGLE A...E of congress has done anything for our state for LAST 50 YEARS and forget about JD, he was more interested in his family land holding !

We should support very strong regional party, if KRV enters politics, we SHOULD support if they're clean !

Anonymous said...

India should be divided into countries like European Union.
So, when karnataka becomes a country all these problems will come to an end. But this won't happen in our lifetime.
So, the current solution is a Regional party. Proper leader is very important. Some credible person like Vishnuvardhan would make a strong politician.

Also, it seams upendra will enter into politics in another 10 years.
Check out his answer,
vijju asked, hi sir hw r u when will u act with chiranjeevi
Upendra answers, In future political grounds I will act with him.

for complete log, visit http://www.rediff.com/movies/2008/nov/07creativity-starts-with-clothes.htm

Anonymous said...

TN has two regional parties and they support different groups in the centre. The fight between two parties is on taking the credit of getting work by influencing the Central Government. If a party fail to do this job, they will lose the government in the next election. Is this possible in Karnataka is something should be open for debate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a very legitimate issue... there is no doubt that we have not been able to get projects to our state... i belong to uttara karnataka and i have to travel by bus for long hours.. if only there was a direct train service connecting the northern part to bangalore .. the time travelling would have come down..

Harish Kumar said...

Before criticising tamilians and blaming the central government, do not forget that the central government gave the South Western Railway Zone to Karnataka, because our state is the only state in which it can be located. Usually whenever a Railway Zone is given there is a blood bath between contending states, coz having a railway zone means massive revenue earnings and also it kickstarts industrialization like nothing as it becomes the centre for all railway activity.

But what happened in our case ? We did not accept it for 25 years ! If you go and tell this do anybody else in India, nobody will believe it. They will think we are joking. But that is a fact.

We are not interested in development. We are just very lazy people. Instead of accepting that, people are saying all kinds of things.

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