Windsor Manor, Bengaluru: the Next Target of Terrorists?

While the English media (both print and electronic) is singularly focused on covering the counteroffensive operations against terrorists in Mumbai, a Kannada daily - Vijaykarnataka - reports a horrifying story on the Windsor Manor hotel, Bengaluru being the next possible target of terrorists.

We offer an English translation of the Vijaykarnataka article below. We urge readers of KARNATIQUE to spread word, and immediately call the police, local MPs and MLAs and enquire about what measures have been planned to avert a possible attack.

Bengaluru is the next target, be careful

Bengaluru: It is now coming to light that the Deccan Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility of the carnage at Mumbai has made Bengaluru its next target.

The state police have information that the terrorists have devised a plan to attack 5-star hotels and IT companies within 37 days of the Mumbai attacks in the same way as was done in Mumbai.

Three terrorists arrested

Three individuals, Haji, Khader and another person allegedly belonging to the Deccan Mujahideen have been arrested on the Kerala border near Virajapet.

The costal guards have captured a motor-boat used by the terrorists near Bekalakote, Kasaragod. The terrorists might have entered the state using this boat. A link between these terrorists and the Mumbai blasts is suspected.

The Deccan Mujahideen might have spread itself in Karnataka. According to highly placed sources, the state police are carrying out investigations in this regard from two days, and many have been interrogated in Belagavi (Belgaum), Hubballi (Hubli) and Udupi.

The terrorist organizations have a link with a software company in Bengaluru, and the attacks have been planned with the help of engineers in the company.

Main target: 'Bridge hotel'

According to information available to this newspaper, the Windsor Manor hotel has been identified as the main target. The terrorists are using the word 'Bridge Hotel' as a codeword for the hotel, likely because one has to cross a bridge to enter the Windsor Manor.

Central intelligence has issued alerts

The central intelligence department has issued an alert that the Deccan Mujahideen is planning attacks all over Karnataka, including Bengaluru.

Home minister V. S. Acharya has said that security has been tightened in important places, sensitive areas and 5-star hotels.
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Karnataka is very badly prepared for any such eventualities...

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Anonymous said...

Three terrorists arrested in Virajpet...

Maga stop putting some fake news until u dont get it from credible resources please.

I tried looking for this on many websites but no one has written about it.

No doubt our city is a soft target and we need to have a ATS team here, but giving out Hoax news just creates panic amongst fellow bangaloreans.

post a credible link for the arrested terrorist then we can serious spread the word across

Anonymous said...

Dude, read the article carefully before calling people names. Here is the link:

Unknown said...

The recent Mumbai terror attacks have not only attracted world wide condemnation and left the city and the country numb and alarmed, but have also usurped a big question on the political system and security format of the nation. Unbelievable carnage of such landmarks as the Oberoi and the Taj and rampant and indiscriminate firings have left the people shocked and suspicious of our security system. Following the attacks, the security has been beefed up in the places like cinema halls, malls, hotels, and other public places. For quite some time Bangalore has been touted as one of the prime targets of terror attacks. Following the attacks in neighbouring Mumbai, the big hotels in Bangalore have tightened security measures considerably. Many Bangalore hotels are either installing their own security gadgets and risk management plans or are hiring the services of the risk management companies. Not only the five stars but even the budget hotels in Bangalore are gearing up to have an elaborate security check for security reasons.

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