California Kannadati in Sankata

The Deccan Herald on Saturday 6 December carried a story on Meghana, a Kannadati actress in Ramesh Aravind's new movie to be released in February 2009. Excerpts:
Her debut venture Venkata in Sankata (VIS) is due to release in February. But Meghana, who is among the three leading ladies in the comedy flick, seems to have already made her presence felt.

“I have bagged a role in Shishira to be directed by Manju Swaraj,” she shares the news in her maiden press interview. Meghana is being paired opposite Yashas in the movie. That’s not all, for the lass tells us that offers have been pouring in from other industries as well. “However, I’m focused on these two projects for now and looking mainly at Sandalwood because Kannada is my mother tongue.”

While VIS will see her in a bubbly and fun role, in Shishira her character is of a more serious nature. In the film, she plays an NRI. So will we get to see traces of the real Meghana on the reel? “Portraying both these roles has been really challenging. But probably what makes things easier for me in Shishira is my accent.” The accent is evident while she speaks English, but there are no traces of it when she converses in Kannada.
For the record, she's a B.A. in Political Science and Economics, speaks unaccented Kannada (that's something for an American born Kannadati), is related to Dr. Vishnuvardhan, and often gets lost on Bengaluru's roads. Get the point?

For the full news article, read: Maiden's journey

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