Make Hindi Court Language: Parliamentary Committee

While it is commonsense that the Karnataka High Court should function in the Kannada langauge (and the Supreme Court in all State Languages), a "parliamentary committee" recommendation which seems to be devoid of any such commonsense sought to impose Hindi as the official language of the Supreme Court and all High Courts. The recommendation has been dismissed. Reports The Hindu:
The Law Commission has rejected a parliamentary committee recommendation to make Hindi the official court language for delivering judgments in the Supreme Court and all High Courts and also to amend the Constitution to enable the Union Legislature department to undertake original drafting of laws in Hindi.

In finalising its report, the Commission, headed by Justice A.R. Lakshmanan, considered the views of several former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, retired Supreme Court and High Court judges and eminent lawyers.
While that looks like a prudent decision made by the Law Commission, the following statement in the Law Commission's report is not made in good taste:

Furthermore, the unity and integrity of the country is [likely] to be affected by the linguistic chauvinists and the switch over from English to Hindi in the Supreme Court and High Courts will create political and legal unrest throughout the country, which is an avoidable exercise.

It is unacceptable that those who ask for one of the most fundamental of rights - the right to preserve, protect and promote one's own language - are being called as chauvinists by a responsible Law Commission. In reality, it is the "parliamentary committee" which needs to be labeled as a band of chauvinists who are up to imposing their regional language on the whole of India. It is the "parliamentary committee" which seeks to dent the unity and integrity of India. It is the "parliamentary committee" itself which is an "avoidable exercise".

For the full news story, read: Panel says ‘no’ to making Hindi court language

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Anonymous said...

If Kannadigas do not play active role in the Central Politics then it wont be long when Hindi Speakers RUIN the integrety of India. It is high time we need represetatives from Kannada heartland.

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