What do we call this? Bihari Terrorism?

The Indian Express reports on 5th December of a recent attack on Kannadiga construction workers by Biharis. So much for letting the Biharis into Karnataka.
Bihari workers attack locals in City

BANGALORE: A request for water ended up in a fight among the construction workers of the Manthri Greens apartments in Malleswaram. Reportedly, a local worker had gone to ask for water, when some Bihari workers assaulted him and later his friends and also their sheds. It is said that a similar incident had occurred earlier also where these workers assaulted each other. Police said that when the fight got severe the Karnataka Rakshana vedike members were informed about it, who rushed to the spot for the rescue of the local workers. A few men suffered injuries and six Bihari workers were arrested.
Should these uncouth goons, aka "Indians of a Greater God" (for they speak the Language of a Greater God called Hindi) be allowed to come to Bengaluru? Who should protect Kannadigas from these goons? Should there be a new Karnataka Immigration Law?

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Anonymous said...

I am dobutful of the new immigration law, because Yadiurappa Government dont possess that bloody GUTS to bring such law into force. The Locals safety is at risk.

India's population is growing because of Biharis.

Anonymous said...

Please dont blow up small or one off incidents.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ananymous,

Is this a small incident? They have beaten up a police inspector few months ego... What about that? Is that a one off incident? Do you know they have raped a young school girl.. Is it not enough? Yeh... they are all small incidents, because it has not happened to your family. right?

Anonymous said...

We need a Raj Thackeray

Anonymous said...

Idiot, even after what happened in Mumbai, you don't understand what is terrorism?

You SOB, Raj Thackeray ka chamcha, where was your father Raj Thackeray when Mumbai was attacked by terrorists?

Learn the lessons Indians, otherwise you would be broken off like twigs as has happened numerous times in the History of our nation.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Ms Pseudo Nationalist AngelzFear,
Dont keep relating Mumbai Terrorism issue to your propogation of being Indians through forcing down your regiional language hindi upon non-hindi states in the name of false notion as being the 'national language'. These are not one off incidents... these keep happening often, If India is indeed a democracy no Indian be it a hindian superior to another Indian who is a non-hindian. Instead of directing those barbarians to behave/atleast condemning such issues, you are trying to force your pseudo nationalism upon us.

Sanket said...

Learn the lessons Indians, otherwise you would be broken off like twigs as has happened numerous times in the History of our nation.
Please give examples

Anonymous said...

I think many northi's feel we are making hue and cry of this issue. From their perspective Rape,Assault,half murder and beating cops are petty crimes; it happens every one second in some part of their region.
They are right, in their land raping a minor is very common, beating cops is a pride, they speak in guns than in words.

If an immigrant comes from that land, he will grouped into A and B. Where A is an educated, B is a worker. Those who are born in their land are so immune in their genes that, they have a full tolerance to these kind of crimes.

Hence 'A' supports acts of B as Petty crimes and calls for brotherhood,patience,forgiveness and acceptance.
Where as B thinks every other state as his home land, every woman other than in his house a pleasure for brutal act.
We expect A to educate B,which is a false hope,coz 'A' themselves doesn't know how to live in Socialized socitey.

Anonymous said...

no wonder I advocate to curb migration.

Anonymous said...

"they speak in guns than in words"
the peaceful south india is being challanged by these kiind of north indians. An immigration policy is the need of the hour. A protest rally is required.

Anonymous said...

Should these uncouth goons, aka "Indians of a Greater God" (for they speak the Language of a Greater God called Hindi) be allowed to come to Bengaluru?
All people who support this kinda thought are no less than terrorists. Sad and ignorant people all of them !!

Anonymous said...

When will we have Sarojini mahishi report in force in Karnataka? Does yeddy nt have it in him? Will KRV do some thing about this? We are all suffering because of outsiders coming here and spoiling and claiming everything that is ours. I really do hope KRV starts some protest.. We will all join in.. now th eiron is hot, its right time.. The kanada-ness and kannada spirits are now running bit high.. Hope we all can make use of this and keep our land, culture and language un-hurt

Anonymous said...

Incident in Pune a bihari couple from beated neibour till his Death.

His fault was only that he ask them in afternoon where is his wife while they was sleeping.

Anonymous said...

LONAVALA: The tranquil hill station town of Lonavala, a frequent weekend haunt for Mumbaikars, awoke on Saturday to the shocking news of mass murders in the bustling vegetable market. Another related murder in neighbouring Khandala was also detected.

Anonymous said...

wee hours of Saturday, nine labourers were clobbered with a stick while they were asleep in the open at Bhaji Mandi, as the 80-year-old market is locally known. Of the nine, five were killed on the spot while four were rushed to a hospital in Pune.

Within a few hours of the murders, a team of the Pune (rural) police managed to nab Manish Kumar Pande, one of the two youths who had killed the sleeping workers for cash.

Superintendent of police (Pune rural) Vishwas Nangre Patil, who visited the spot, said, "We first thought that five murders at one go could only be the work of a psychopath, but later, following a tip-off from a local businessman, we learnt that two youths had killed the poor labourers for small change and petty amounts of cash."

The accused, who was produced before mediapersons, confessed that he and his associate Baban Omprakash Yadav had killed the labourers in the vegetable market. Baban was arrested late on Saturday evening. The two men had met at Khandala railway station at about 7.30 pm on Friday and killed a sleeping labourer with a stick to steal his cash.

They then proceeded to Lonavala by train and decided to steal some more money from the workers at the sabji mandi.

"While Baban has still not been nabbed, we are confident of arresting him soon. The two accused are from Uttar Pradesh and were doing odd jobs in Lonavala for three years.

They killed six men for cash of very small denominations like Rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100," said SP Patil.

He added that while Baban was addicted to ganja, a narcotic substance, Manish Kumar regularly drank liquor. Noted a police official, "They were always in need of easy cash, and decided to steal.

Anonymous said...

whole story


cool said...

our country get freedom at one time. In bihar they they steel before independence so many natural resouces why they cannot get succces

cool said...


Anonymous said...


If you don't know your history its your ignorance. India didn't become slave of Turks/Afgans/British et all for a thousand years no reason.

In every case, local Indian rulers envied other and fought amongst themselves while outsiders conquered them all one by one.

If people don't learn from the history, history is condemned to repeat itself. If you still believe your Karnataka or your Maharashtra or your Bihar can survive on its own , you must be kidding.

To all the supporters of regionalism :

Why did you need the NATIONAL ARMY and NATIONAL SECURITY GUARDS to flush out the terrorists.

Understand one thing, you have to live as ONE nation. You don't have another option, otherwise if not Pakistan, China would be more than happy to gulp you down one by one.

And India doesn't have 1 national language, take any note of the nation and you would find your language on it also. So stop crying about languages, the nation has 18 ( or 21 now) national languages.

And nobody here has the guts to oppose English. Was it your father's language. BLOODY SLAVES!

Anonymous said...


Treat the issue as a law and order issue. Any person indulging in crime needs to be punished. However seeing the incident from a parochial view is simply not acceptable.

Don't tell me no kannadiga ever indulges in any arson. How does the crime of a Kannadiga become different from the crime of a North Indian? A CRIME IS CRIME. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

hey who you people are chatting with each other in undue respect.......
See because of KANNADIGAS AND KANNADA AND KARNATAKA all other state people are happily living in KARNATAKA and enjoying to the core.See you can go around and hang around anywhere you want in bengaluru.......

But you guys neva want that ....u take liberty of KANNADIGAS and you go an extent to hurt us.Keep in mind..... you outsiders are testing our patience and digging your own well.You foresee KANNADIGAS and use our generosity as ur liberty..........

This is what happened in maharastra.. you are eating our share in each n every area. you do all kind of politics in IT, BT and govt sectors.. and say outsiders are clean.In IT have you ever seen an outsider helping in terms of JOB to some KANNADIGA no, You want your people (outsiders) to improve ........ GUYS N GALS mind it......

"DONT YOU TRY TO PLAY AGAIN AND AGAIN there's always a fineline between patience and arrogance............ when the threshold limit of PATIENCE is reached it leads to ARROGANCE FROM KANNADIGAS,. and mind u outsiders you are going to suffer very badly................."

LEARN TO RESPECT THE PLACE WHERE U LIVE IN .......... then try saying all those crappy things......... INDIA IS ONE

STOP CHATTING WITH THESE ........ and lets have a rally against outsiders trying to woe our people.........KANNADA RAKSHANA VEDIKE AND IT BALAGA LETS DO SOMETHING

EVEN IN MY COMPANY........... lets begin to teach lessons to these outsiders...

Anonymous said...

@ AngelzFear,

Agreed we have to live as one nation and Kannadigas have never opposed the notion of one nation... . You have mentioned that India doesnt have one national language and all 21 languages are national languages taking the example of currency notes... I personally appreciate that you are not being the usual pseudo nationalist who insists that only Hindi can be the national language... All said and done, do you think that is what is happening in our country... ?.. still innocent school kids are force fed the wrong notion that Hindi is our national language especially in Central Government run schools. A non-hinidian is always looked down of being less patriotic if he doesnt know hindi... . Matter of fact tax payers crores of rupees have been pumped to promote hindi imposition...which could as well be put to better use in terms of more security, eradicate poverty..

Coming to your notion of National Army and National Security Guards... States have willingly delegated defence responsibilities to the Centre.. but what have they done.. ? they have kept the NSG only in Delhi and have ignored other states which clearly showed in the amount of time NSG took to reach Mumbai.. common its not as if only Delhi citizens pay their tax and only they deserve an NSG. Moreover states have provided equal infrastructure in terms of acres of land, other facilities to these Defence organistaions in their respective locations .. so its their duty to protect the whole nation with no discrimination.

I am sure you know it was not just people from one state who were present in the NSG.. there were people from all corners of the country.. its ridiculous how few people made fun of the marathis that outsiders protected their city.. common all the slain ATS officers were marathis and the countless police who died were also marathis..

Its not the non-hindian states who are being parochial but its because of the superiority complex of hindians who are continuosly disrepecting the language, culture and the local citizens of a state they immigrate to with a notion that they speak the national language called Hindi and dont have to care about the local culture, language and natives.

If India indeed is a Democracy and believes in Unity in Diversity.. Central Government should first stop imposing a regional language called hindi on non-hindian states... Do you think that is a possibility... ? ... I doubt that will happen ever...

Anonymous said...

They are used to "either Dominate or be Dominated".
They cant understand what is co-operative / collaborative approach/living.
They have to be educated about this, if not naturally forcefully.
who is going to be karnataka's Raj thackery???

Anonymous said...

No we do not need one Raj Thackrey.. We are Kannadigas and we need Kannadigas to be one.. Each Kannadiga must become a leader and do his/her duty... If we learn to respect ourselves n learn to make any other outsider to respect us, we will win and no one can opress us. I personally do not like Raj bacause he believes in killing people, we Kannadigas need not stoop down to his level. All we need is that no one disrespects us and takes away what is ours. I believe there is no need for violence to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

i m frm Bihar and i m ashamed wat biharis hav don.strict & legal actions should b taken against such goons whu take law for granted.

Anonymous said...

I recently visited Sri Sri Ravishankar's ashram outside bangalore. There everybody who is employed from the watchman to the top man is a north indian. And everybody speaks in hindi only. From security guard to info centre to the restaurant , everybody speaks in hindi only.

North Indian barbarism is invading the spiritual centre as well.

Anonymous said...

Citibank ATMs have instruction in only hindi and english. Also warning messages on the ATM machine are in hindi only. Citibank things kannadigas and non-hindians do not deserve to be protected from any type of mistakes they or the ATM machine might commit. Kannadigas need not be instructed fully on how to operate the ATM. Thats the attitude of the citibank corporation.

Anonymous said...

Veerappan was born in Karnataka and he killed people right across the southern states. So should we all start complaining that the people of Karnataka are bandits?

The answer is simply NO. Any gross generalization is a STRICT NO. A law and order problem is a law and order problem. A criminal is a criminal.

'Kanndiga chauvinism' is being displayed over Bangaluru. The irony of the matter is that the work that is done of our bangaluru has a great amount of out-sourced work from the Western worlds. You are fighting amongst the people of your own country. You are not prepared to let people of other states work in your state. What if the same attitude is replicated in the Western World and their chauvinist groups demand and stop all out-sourcing. What would happen to Bangaluru of today? I know it was a beautiful city earlier that has now been converted to a concrete jungle. However, the reason that made Bangaluru world famous would be gone. There would be un-employement all around. Is that acceptable to you all?

If any of you who are so full of 'Kannadiga' pride says NO, he is the biggest hypocrite in the whole world. Either have same yardsticks for everybody or else you are no better than the politicians who divide and rule.

Seems you are HIGHLY frustrated with your life! Get some fresh air dude!

And surely I now understand why we are under-developed and how such a large nation got conquered by every damn invader. We have no work other than fighting on emotive issues.

I don't know but CBSE shool books certainly say India has 21 national languages. I don't know which books you referred to. Everybody wants to learn English today. I am sure nobody has time to fight for Hindi or other regional languages unless they don't have anything better to do.

Anonymous said...

I am from ASSAM, we have seen enough bihari menace. These goons are unfit to live in socitey, only place which can tolerate them is BIHAR and Only ROBBERY DEVI land.

Anonymous said...

@ AngelzFear,

First of all it is BengaLuru.. not Bangaluru.... Agreed work which is been done in BengaLuru is outsourced from west... but what every one is trying to say is...people who migrate from other states do not care a damn about the locals...instead of learning to be one amongst the locals they try to impose their language upon us... also agreed everyone is trying to learn english and not any other Indian Languages.. but what hurts a kannadiga most is an outsider who comes from other states never considers every one as equal.. he/she will make it a point to promote their own state people even if there is a better/capable kannadiga who can do the same work much effectively. Tell me if this is treating every Indian as equal ?. Dont tell me only kannadigas have to be accomodative and leave these chauvinists to steal what rightly a kannadiga deserves.. This is not the case in any particular company.. its all over... . All HR departments are dominated by either Tamilians or Mallus... you know what they do.. they go to their own states to do campus recruitment even though karnataka has lot of good engineering colleges... In the few colleges which they do visit in karnataka.. they make sure only a non kannadiga gets recruited...again dont say this is too much of a generalisation.. its a fact happening here and every kannadiga would have faced it one form or the other.

Coming to what Harish has mentioned... its a fact Central Govt has always projected only Hindi as the sole Indian Language.. that is why we see Hindi in Citibank ATMs. Why should a non-hindian be treated as a second grade citizen in his own land just because he doesnt speak hindi ?.. its not only with Citibank ATMs.. take the railways.. oil companies...anything which is central in nature has only hindi... even emergency exit instructions in Trains are in Hindi... so do they mean only hindian lives are precious and all other language people either learn hindi or perish ?..You gave the example of the currency notes which displays all national languages.. other than currency notes show me any other place where all languages get equal status ?.. even the PSLV launch vehicle used by ISRO just had hindi on it eventhough all the scientic work would have been in English and the key scientists for the moon mission were non-hindians. Dont you think this is nothing but a slap on democracy ?.. I can go on like this giving more and more examples of hindi superiority complex and its imposition. Matter of fact there are enough articles about it in this blog itself..

Coming to the CBSE books ... good if they have mentioned all 21 languages as National Languages.. but personally i have seen 4th standard ICSE syllabus social science which mentions Hindi as the National Langauge... not to mention even state syllabus books have it mentioned... tell me one good reason why students of karnataka need to learn three languages when all your central schools teach only hindi and english no matter wherever they are ?... Hindi is a compulsory subject in primary schools of karnataka...why the extra burden ?..show me one school in North India which teaches any of the south indian languages as a compulsory subject ?.. Does it mean only south indians have to learn hindi to be a patriotic Indian and North Indians dont have to care about anything other than Hindi .. ? Do you think that is indeed equal treatment of all Indians as one? ...

Coming to invasions... I am not sure if you know but most of the mughal rulers got utmost resistance from the south especially Kannadigas when rest of the country happily surrendered to them (If possible try to learn about the history of Kumararama from Kummata, Madakari Nayaka from Chitradurga, Vijayanagara empire and n number of kings who fought to protect the land from invasion ).. in return what do we learn in Indian History.. only Akbar.. Shahjahan... even Karnataka syllabus does not depict their own history with full pride.

And when most part of the country was under British control it was Tipu Sultan from karnataka who resisted them big time...so dont generalise invasion happened because of the diversity... it happened because of double gaming amongst our own people which happens even to this day.

Anonymous said...

Very well said... AngelzFear seems to be a person who is not from this world. He is a brainwashed Indian. He thinks that it is wrong that Kannadigas are asking for jobs in Karnataka to be theirs. I do not understand why he has given Veerappan's example. Everyone knows he was a tamilian. Atleast people were aware of what harm he could do. But when it comes to people of other states who come to our state n try to do their best to get their profit out of us, its as good as back-stabbing. Its so difficult to make people aware of this danger until its too late.
Lot of us kannadigas are finding that there are less and less kannadigas getting recrutied to software companies. Only AngelzFear cant see this.
And I dont think people everywhere are trying to learn english.. Most kannadigas in BengaLuru are becoming more and more proficient in hindi.. Wonder when our govt will open its eyes and stop teaching hindi to kids in our state. I seriuosly see no profit or advantage in this burdening.

And today when I was travelling from MaLavaLLi to Shimsha, both of which are almost town-villages, 80% of mile stones are in hindi/english.. no trace of Kannada. My dad told me that this is so right from 1960s.. even during his school days they all had held protests to oppose hindi.. even then, nothin happened.. This clearly shows how inadequate the govts by so called national parties so far have been in our state.
I really hope all Kannadigas learn to try and include Kannadigas as much as possible where-ever possible.. else we will soon be outlanders in our own land.. nammooralli naave anaatharaagodu beDa alwa?

Anonymous said...


I personally have experienced these north indian attrocities. I went to attend an interview in HP and when we were waiting outside to be called, the guy who was sitting behind us in the queue was called much earlier to us just because the HR person and this guy were both from the same state. It always happens that companies have a crowd of people from same state, same language always.
This is because a person from Bihar would always want people from his own state to be in the company so that they can meet often, indulge in a talk about their state, language etc. I have seen 80% tamilians under a tamilian team leader, mostly mallus under a mallu team leader. When it comes to kannadigas, forget team leaders, team managers i see 1 or 2 kannadigas in some team. This happens becos these telugus, tamilians support and recruit people from their language, region etc. My kannadiga friend who is part of the interview process in HP has told me that some of his telgu friends when interviewing the candidates look at their pesonal profile first, if they see any mention of Andhra pradesh or telugu in the resume, then they have better chances of getting recruited even if that guy's experience is a fake
These non kannadigas speak about unity, indianness. Is it the sole responsibility of only the kannadigas to feel patriotic, treat all indians as one, Speak in their language even when we are in our own state...This is all bullshit...
I am an Indian because i am a kannadiga and not vice versa. Do these north indians think only the people from North are fighting terrrorists. We have our own kannadigas in army as well so thinking only hindi speaking people are protecting india is crap.
In functions, celebrations organised in companies, these north indians yell out saying "Kannada baralla" when someone starts singing a kannada song. WHy ? We are not singing a kannada song outside of our state...but still this is happening inside s/w companies running business in our state. This is pathetic...

Anonymous said...

@ Sandhya

Thanks.... whatever you have mentioned are hard facts.. but whats more depressing is lot of brainwashed kannadigas feel proud to accept Hindi as the national language and dont even hesitate to speak to a fellow kannadiga in hindi.. I have personally experienced this .. a colleague of mine from mysore kept talking to me in hindi..even after knowing I am a Kannadiga...I kept ignoring his hindi, then he realised and started speaking in kannada. How many of Kannadigas do that .. ?, instead of teaching kannada to others they would happily show their proficiency in different languages.. this is the main thing which others encash and never try to learn the language of the land. Above that even if some people are interested in learning..they would discourage them by making fun of them.

@ Anonymous above...

Whatever you have mentioned is so true... these outsiders make sure to hire people from their own state/language and finally boast that kannadigas do not have the skills, thats why they are less in numbers in IT. Unless fellow kannadigas realise this back stabbing.. there will be a day when kannadigas presence in IT would be wiped out. Kannadigas need to unite irrespective of caste, creed and religion to fight this menace.

Coming to celebrations at companies... mostly it would by default be a hindi/english one.... . Even if some companies try to fit in some kannada programmes these outsiders wouldnt dare to make fun of these things... so how much indian are they who make fun of a fellow indian and his language. All these people lecture us about being an Indian and accomodative of other languages when they themselves openly disrespect the language of the land which is feeding them. Ultimately this Indianness applies to only kannadigas for them.. when the hard fact is people still consider themselves as a Tamilian.. Telguite.. Mallu...and not as Indians.
So why not a Kannadiga be proud of what he/she is and expect that jobs generated in their state should go to them. Forget skilled jobs , even unskilled 'D' group jobs in railways are being cheated to a local. When a person is being cheated in his own place...do these pseudo nationalists still expect him/her to be accomadative and render his/her family without basic needs. Time and again its proven that these national parties are slaves to their 'high commands' and do not have any interest to protect Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka.. its high time that a regional party comes in to power in karnataka... looks like thats the only way our interests could be protected.

Anonymous said...

The only solution would be that we all start a state wide protest asking for Sarojini Mahishi report to be brought into effect. How long does the Karnataka government need to open its eyes? Ooru koLLe hoDd mele baagl haako hang aagde idre saaku.. eeglu time ide.. if we do something now, we can expect that Kannada and Kannadigas are not wiped out from face of India...

Anonymous said...

Guys n gals my english typing is not much goood as you.

i want to you only thing is that we r not politically equal in centre as compare to hindi bhashi ( i am marathi but my many friends and acquintance are south people and north people also )

there type decency is in the south indian people

means give respect and take respect

but these pepoles dont know these philosophical things

as i earlier posted this url i want to post it again for those who dont visited it


so the issue was politiacal eqality.

In our parliement 552 seat in lok sabha (lower house)87 out of them filled from old U.P. And 64 or 68 from Bihar. And 210 to 230 are hindi bhashi MPs in our parliament. obiviosly they will see towards welfare of there peoples. It is not bad on there part also. These peoples have power and they mis using the power.

The persons like criminals becoming our railway minister

I think persons from the south we must come together fight for our political soverenignty.

This And This thing only save our culture.

we dont have choice................................

Anonymous said...

i am from maharashtra .... i have seen how these northys dominate the local culture and language .... soon they will oppose boards in your own language .... bring their cheaper (by both means attitude and economically) labour from up bihar and local guys will be jobless.... you will see most of the people in railway are biharis ... road contractors will be bhaiyas and their labours will be bhaiyas... above all they will say local here are chors and they demand high wage (why not they have families to look after..they are not leave their families mercy of others and go to other state for work)..... what happened in mumbai (rahul raj) these northys made him a big hero but he was criminal that was proven in the end ( every showed news as if raj killed that criminal) ...these northindians do not see development of their own state and teach us who have developed their state above all they say its coz of the ppl who have come from outside that these states have developed (who told u to come btw and if u hate locals in any state no one is forcing you to stay here)
second thing we love our own language and we will speak that i dont know hindi i will either speak english or my local language if at all i have to go out of my state i will learn the local language of that state if i have to stay there for longer duration that is how i will earn respect in their eyes by giving them respect ...no one will oppose to adopt part of my culture this is how india will become one ...not by only hindi speaking guys will impose hindi on every state ..... these northys are themself anti indians and they teach us how to be indians...

This moment will start in every non hindi speaking state if hindi speaking guys will start dominating rite now its happening in zarkhand............ hindi speakers should learn how to respect first then they should be preaching about nationalism and stuff


s salaskar

Anonymous said...



what type culture is this????????????

They said they had earlier asked Bihar police to help in tracing the MP but could not manage to get him. "We were told by our Bihar counterparts that the MP was not traceable," a senior officer, engaged in the investigation, said.

After his arrest in 2005 following recovery of some arms, the Jammu and Kashmir police are now preparing grounds for questioning him after a militant of the Hizbul Mujahideen outfit said during interrogation that he had supplied AK rifles and pistols to him in Delhi.

A report to this effect had also been sent to the Union Home Ministry. During the nearly three-year-long investigations, police had arrested a militant of Hizbul Mujahideen Mushtaq Ahmed, who, during interrogation, revealed that Shahabuddin had visited Kupwara town on three occasions during which he had fixed a deal for supply of arms and ammunition to him in Delhi, the sources said.

The state police, along with central intelligence agencies, had sent a report to the Home Ministry and also shared the information with Director General of Bihar Police and Inspector General of Muzzafarpur about the links.

According to the report, the MP is claimed to have got in touch with some of the Kashmiri students studying in Siwan's dental college, who turned out to be sleeping cells of Hizbul Mujahideen. On their insistence, Shahabuddin travelled to Kulan gaon in Kupwara on three occasions. Twice he is said to have met senior Hizb commanders and fixed a deal for supplying AK-47 and pistols to him.

The first consignment comprising three AK-47 rifles and three pistols were sent to him in apple truck and the MP is alleged to have received it from Azadpur Subzi Mandi and later drove in his personal car to his official residence at Six-Meena Bagh in Srinagar [Images], the sources said adding, the arms were later taken to a house in Muzzafarpur.

The second consignment comprised only three AK-47 rifles and the delivery of the same were again allegedly taken by Shahabuddin from Murthal on the outskirts of the national capital before being smuggled to Patna.

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