Will sons benefit from sale of soil?

Export of raw iron ore has been a very easy way for uneducated, unpatriotic and corrupt politicians of Karnataka to loot the state and fill their coffers. Just sell your soil, that's it. But now the Government of Karnataka seems to have finally realized that the state is being slowly relieved of its iron-ore reserves without any sort of profit for the state. We hear traces of sensibility in Shobha Karandlaje's remarks on this issue:
The state has about 9-10 billion tonnes of iron ore, mainly haematite. In order to conserve and discourage the export of the ore in the raw form, a push is being given to value-added iron ore-based products only.
Well well, well: if selling our soil is one of the very few ways in which the treasury of the state can be filled, there's obviously and unfortunately no other go. And yes, it makes a lot of sense to create jobs in the state in the process of selling our precious soil (value-addition doesn't come about without new jobs). But the big question is: Jobs for whom? Who will benefit from the "value-addition"? What percentage of the new jobs created will be filled by Kannadigas? How many Kannadiga experts will get jobs in this new "push"? How many of the top officers will be Kannadigas? Or will we have more Biharis and UP-wallahs come to Karnataka in search of these jobs? Will we see new overnight trains from Patna and Lucknow to Bellary? That's the question.

It is binding on the Govt. of Karnataka to ensure that Kannadigas get atleast 90% of the jobs which are created due to this new "push". Is the government committed to this? Will the sons of this soil benefit atleast by way of jobs while their precious soil is being sold? Yeddy, are you listening?

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Anonymous said...

"It is said there are about 300-400 companies active in illegal mining in Sandur-Hospet-Bellary forest and agriculture lands".

The public there, I am sure are not aware of this issue. If this has to be stopped and our lands to be protected, there should be huge awareness programs in the Bellary, Chitradurga. All these precious lands fall as border to Andhra Pradesh and everytime I think of Bellary, I realise that Karnataka has become incapable to control the Reddy's and the mining activity.

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