German Minister Begs EU to Allow Teaching of German in Germany

Picture this. The Munich edition of Le Pseudo Figaro reports on 11 Jan 2009:
Munich: German looms over EBSE schools in Germany

Government is now working out arm-twisting strategies. The government may deny NOC to schools that may decline to teach German as a subject in Germany.

The German government is now seeking to get the European Board for Secondary Education (EBSE) schools to introduce German as a compulsory part of the curriculum in Germany.

A review meeting held by the German minister for education, Anne Schavon with the department of public instruction officials here on Monday discussed the issue.

The meeting decided to use the no-objection certificates (NOC) that EBSE schools are required to obtain from the German government as a means to make it must for them to teach German. The EBSE board gives recognition to a school only after an NOC is obtained from the German government. "The proposal is at a preliminary stage, we have to discuss the issue with higher authorities and then send it to the EBSE. Our intention is to ensure that the EBSE schools in Germany too teach German to their students," said Schavon.
Are you thinking..."Wait a miniute....what the *&^% are you talking about? Of course German has to be taught in Germany! I thought it's already being taught"? Are you thinking from when the Germans became so weak that the European Union can ensure that students can get away without studying German in Germany itself? Are you thinking from when the German education minister has started needing to beg the European Union for deciding what is taught to children in Germany?

Of course, the news item above is cooked up by us, a joke. There isn't any such bullshit in Germany or Europe. There will be a world war before schools backed by the European Union in Germany gather up the audacity to not teach German. You need to come to the Heaven of Unity in Diversity - this great setup called India, and in that, to Karnataka to read any such bullshit. Read the DNA story of 9 Jan 2009: Kannada looms over CBSE schools.

How deep are the anti-national roots of a system which makes Rashmi Belur report that Kannada language looms over schools in Karnataka? You know what looms over something? Death looms, a terror attack looms, a paralysis looms, a disease such as AIDS looms over something, not a classical language, that too the language of the very land with which this news item concerns itself.

Also, it's an open secret that CBSE schools no longer cater only to central govt. employees. Even if they did, why are they teaching Hindi? What's so pan-India-ish about Hindi that it can be taught even in Karnataka? The pan-India lie that Hindi is the national language of India? When will we get over this?

And how can any responsible citizen (no, we're not talking about those who run the English paparazzi harems) say that the Karnataka Govt. is doing arm twisting? Who is doing the arm twisting? Is it the CBSE schools backed up by lots of ill-begotten money and a central government running on a rusting constitution which openly treats Kannada as inferior to Hindi? Or is it the Karnataka Govt. which is being logical, reasonable and acting like any government anywhere in the world needs to?

If you had any power in your hands, what would you do now?


dandapinda said...

I read this article and wondered how could someone use a word like 'loom'? Is it threatening for the parents when the government asks them to learn the language of the land which in turn will enable the kid to mingle in the society.

The strategy of the Central government is to teach us Hindi which they feel will enable us to mingle with them as they are kids of greater god.

The government should totally reject the 3 language formula and make it mandatory for any school which wants to open here to teach Kannada as compulsorily as part of the curriculum. If not don't give them seats to PU, Engineering, Medical and other colleges. But, do they have what it takes to do this? I guess not.

sandhya said...

I guess this is a start... first of all, we need to find out why DNA, which has posters all over BengaLuru saying "3 most widely spoken languages of Bengaluru are c, c++ and Kannada" has allowed an article to be titled this way. The media n the news paper are most important means in influencing public opinion.

Subrata said...

This happens only in India

Jockey said...

@ sandhya

Although you're right about "The media n the news paper are most important means in influencing public opinion", I believe blogs on the internet are slowly but surely going to take over - especially in the English space.

Devesh said...

Good Fake news!
There the situation is different. There Germany is a different Country. Here Karnataka is not a different Country. Not yet.

Do we need another revolution to ban the 3 language policy ?

Anyone has any ideas what we should do to end this Hindi imperialism here? Can we invoke any law in the country.

THEN LETS HAVE AN ELECTION FOR THIS. LET EVERYONE VOTE FOR/AGAINST THIS 3 LANGUAGE POLICY. If election is not permitted, then please be assured that you are not living in a democracy. You are still the oppressed.

dandapinda said...

@ Sandhya,

They start off by advertising as you have written and once they reach the desired subscription base, they reveal their true colours. They are probably targetting the buddi jeevi clan amongst Kannadigas.

Jockey said...

@ Devesh,

Even in a democracy, everything is not decided based on vote. There are some basic things which are decided unilaterally by the concerned authorities inspite of democracy.

For e.g., if tomorrow a set of people start disliking driving on the left of the road and create a big fuss about it, we don't decide the matter based on a vote. It wasn't decided by vote that Belagavi should have a second vidhana soudha. It wasn't decided by vote that schools run by the govt. should offer education in Kannada medium.

If everything needs to be decided by vote, democracies turn into anarchies.

Even here, whether 3-language policy should remain or not need not be decided by vote.

Anonymous said...

Central Government is not just Hindi. It is a combination of states, languages, religions. Hindi is less than 40% of Indian population and it cannot be forced on the whole country. But unfortunately because of power hungry politicians and government officials of non-hindi speaking states, slowly Hindi is pushed into every corner of the country. Very soon it will be hard people to stay in their own villages without knowing hindi. India was a vibrant country because of its unity in diversity but it is not going to be anymore. We are seeing this hatredness in many states because of the hidden agendas and policies of the people at the helm of affairs in the central government. And 2 populous Hindi states with more number of MPs are pushing for these agendas. It is good that younger generation kannadigas are becoming more aware of their identities. It should not stop here and should go a long way unitedly irrespective of caste and religion in Karnataka. I luv my kannada naadu and ofcourse luv India too.

Clangorous said...

Even I got a shock of my life reading the fake news... How on earth Germans facing such a threat..?

Author has rightly said that there would be another world war if EU does anything like that....

But at the same time it gives immense pain in reading such articles from DNA... I would like to know the opinions of the same parents whom the CBSE is quoting... Why do they make their children take up English tests like : TOEFL, IELTS before their kids beg for Visas to go study in the US/Australia or any other country.... ? eventhough the primary education of their kids are in English... .

What is so superior in Hindi that it can be enforced everywhere whereas its a pain to learn the language of the land ..?. When all technical/scientific subjects are learnt in English.. what is the need of Hindi or for that matter any Indian Langauge at all ... ?
Hindi is in no way superior to any other Indian Langauge... matter of fact a classical language like Kannada is way superior than the recently born Hindi which dont even have its own script... .

When these same parents are ok with their kids learn a foreign language like German/French/Japanese (Motive is ofcourse to beg for Jobs in those countries in future)...but at the same time show indifference to learn another Indian Language of the very land they are making their living out of.... Why this double standard ... ?

If the reason they are giving is because of transferable jobs... Why on earth a Kannadiga should learn Hindi in a State run school when its nothing but an extra burden.. ? ... let even a Kannadiga have an option to learn his own state's languages like : Tulu, Kodava... or international languages like German/French/Japanese than just blindly learning the so called false national language..

It would be nice if whatever mentioned by the Education Minsiter gets implemented.. At the same time state government should see to that Kannada is taught the rightway (not through English) not only in those CBSE/ICSE schools but also in all the state schools as well.

@ Devesh,
Its better to be part of Indian Union as a seperate country than be second grade citizens in this so called Indian Democracy

@ Jockey

Three Language Policy is nothing but Hindi Imperialism at its best... agreed it cannot be decided by votes (even if it can be.. there are enough brain-washed kannadigas to vote for hindi)...but at the same time Kannadigas should start introspecting if learning another Language in the name of a blatant lie as 'National Langauge' is of any use for the progress of Kannada/Kannadiga/Karnataka.

Anonymous said...

I dont need Hindi it's as simple as that.

dandapinda said...

@ Devesh,

Was it decided by vote that we will follow the 3 language policy?
I dont need Hindi in Karnataka and thats that!

Kannadiga said...

if you read the DNA edition, it says the established institutions will be insisted not ordered. what the **** is that. I wonder when they will learn the lesson not to be nice in sensitive things like the language. in spain there is a big division or the country and that part speaks catalonia language and they deny to speak in spanish and catalonia is the first language in schools and colleges. No matter how mobile is child's parent, child has to learn catalonia. so why spare other state freaks ?
and we have to be strong in every aspect related to this.
should not entertain them in our state.

Devesh said...

You would never have heard such a thing. Listen to this!
A 4th standard school going girl, living in a good locality in Bengaluru, do not want to speak Kannada with me. Not even in her mother tongue, but she speaks just english. She has Hindi as a subject in her school & no Kannada.

Just imagine the next generation people living in these posh localities. God help Karnataka.

Clangorous said...

Don't know whats so posh in learning Hindi and whats so inferior in learning Kannada... Cant blame the kid.. its her parents who have brain-washed even a small kid with their inferiority complex

ರಾಜ್ said...

Good article! While Kannada must be made compulsory in all schools in Karnataka, the regional language of states like Bihar and U.P. (Hindi) must not be taught at all! There is absolutely no need for Kannadigas to learn the regional language of U.P. and Bihar (Hindi) in Karnataka. The Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis can keep their regional language to themselves! Right from independence, criminal goon politicians from states like Bihar and U.P. tried to remove English and wipe out all the national languages of India and turn the whole of India into BIMARU by imposing the regional language Hindi on the whole of India.

There is no need for the disgusting "three language policy" at all. Why the hell should non-Hindians learn the regional language of states like Bihar and U.P. in their own states when Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis don't learn any other language? Even English is taught as an after-thought in the schools of U.P. and Bihar. The criminal goon politicians from U.P. and Bihar, having ruined those two states completely, still want to turn the whole of India into BIMARU. Those thugs from U.P. and Bihar will try every dirty trick to impose the their regional language (Hindi) on the whole of India. Unless non-Hindians realise this and reject the regional language of Bihar and U.P. (Hindi), the Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis will slowly but surely marginalise them in their own states and turn the progressive states of India into U.P. and Bihar!

This is exactly what happened in Maharashtra. Due to some boot-licking politicians in the state of Bombay (as it was known then), they replaced English with the regional language of Bihar in the schools of Maharashtra. These boot-lickers even changed the original Modi script of the Marathi language. The Biharis found it convenient to claim that Marathi was a "dialect" of their regional language Hindi. If anything, Marathi is much more sophisticated than the artificial and completely unnatural regional language of BIMARU (Hindi).

The Biharis and Uttar Pradeshis flooded Maharashtra due to the criminal policies of goons in the form of railway ministers who were all from Bihar. Having ruined their states completely with their disgusting politics, they wanted to extend their fiefdom and turn Maharashtra into Bihar! Were it not for Raj Thackeray's MNS that opposed the crimes of the goons from U.P. and Bihar, they would have wiped out Marathi from Maharashtra, marginalised Maharashtrians in their own state and turned Maharashtra into an extension of the feudal badlands of Bihar/Uttar Pradesh.

The Bihari/Uttar Pradeshi politicians still want to impose their regional language Hindi by hook or crook on non-Hindians in order to carry out their nefarious designs of ruining the progress of India by turning the whole of India into BIMARU. If non-Hindians don't realise this and reject the regional language of Bihar/U.P. (Hindi), they will be turned into second class citizens in their own country by the criminal goons from U.P. and Bihar. A good first step to prevent India from turning into BIMARU is to stop the nefarious imposition of the regional language of Bihar/U.P. (Hindi) in schools in the non-Hindi states.

Jai Veerupaksha said...

Honestly I feel that economics is doing a great balancing act. The current recession is putting a lot of pressure on the lesser affluent of our Buddhi Jeevi clan and the migrants are finding it difficult to afford the high fees charged by the ICSE/CBSE Boards which are the main perpetrators of Hindi.

So while recession pinches everyone including me, somehow at times I do feel that for some lessons to be taught to an entire generation that is getting carried away by the tide, such downturns do play a major role in setting priorities right on a massive scale. Trust me,if 5 things can happen simultaneously for the next 18 months, then we could see some changes happening for the better ( i.e in time for admissions in 2010 :-) )
-Recession carries on for another 18 months
-Such blogs continue to educate relentlessly on the absence of any palpable benefits in pursuing with ICSE or CBSE Board atleast for people who are natives of KA or who have decided to make KA their home.(i.e non transferable Central Government jobs)
-Need to highlight cases of guys from Kannada medium Schools and from state board who have gone on to achieve a lot in India/US and in other countries in mass media with a stress on their educational background.
-State Board Schools also think innovatively on how to capitalise on the downtrend for ICSE/CBSE Board Schools by marketing their USP's well or coming out with improved pedagogy.
-Pressure is put forth by the state governments to get Hindi replaced as the 2nd language with a language of their choice in the South Indian states and this list could also include Hindi.

If all of the above happens, then we can confidently look at striking Hindi at the roots. Let me put this in Hindi itself :-)
"Karnataka mein Hindi kO Jad sE nikaalO"

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