Get the Hell out of Here: Marathis to Shiv Sena, MES

While vested political interests coupled with the utter incapability to focus on real issues are making the Shiv Sena and MES invent a Marathi "massacre" in Karnataka and pose as saviors of the Marathi people, the real Marathi people living in Karnataka themselves - under the umbrella of the Karnataka Kshatriya Maratha Parishat - have passed a 6-point resolution at a convention which exposes the truth:
“The Marathi-speaking people who are residing in Karnataka belong to this State and not to Maharashtra. We are not facing any problem in Karnataka. For us, Karnataka is everything and we do not want anybody from Maharashtra to advocate on our behalf.”

The resolution warned against using issues related to Belgaum or Marathi-speaking people in Karnataka for the political benefit of leaders in Maharashtra.

The parishat accused the MES of trying to create differences between the people of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

It urged Maharashtra to accept the report of the Mahajan Commission.

We welcome such moves by these responsible citizens of Karnataka, and urge them to spread this awareness to our Marathi brethren in Maharashtra also. And yes, we urge them to wipe out the MES from Karnataka.

While we are pleased with the responses of the govt. of Karnataka to this issue till now, we believe stringent action needs to be initiated against the MES and Shiv Sena. The MES, especially, whose very name (Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti) connotes "destruction of peace" must be banned from contesting elections in Karnataka in any garb. We also urge the govt. of Karnataka to gather up the political will required to give an ultimatum to the central government for the implementation of the Mahajan Commission Report.


Sudeep said...

Wow... great news. These Marathis have earned a place in Kannadigas hearts.

prasanna said...

Thats a very good response! Well Done.

Jai Veerupaksha said...

It is such acts like those of Karnataka Kshatriya Maratha Parishat that still offers hope that Good still begets good..

And folks, this is not the first time that Marathis in Karnataka have openly supported Karnataka.Whenever this issue is raked up by Maharastra notably the MES with the support of the Shiv Sena , folks like RV Deshpande or PGR Scindhia who are /were part of the assembly and are themselves Marathis have taken similar delegations to the centre to openly declare that Marathis are safe and happy in Karnataka. The same holds true of Kannadigas settled in Maharashtra. The absence of equivalent entities like MES on the other side of the border is ample proof of this.

Entities like MES are a real danger to the federal set up of our country and the Marathis and Kannadigas in Belgaum must see through this. Both Marathis and Kannadigas share a lot of problems in the present context of uncontrolled migration from UP/Bihar, attempts from the centre to enforce Hindi on the populace, raw deals meted to cities like Mumbai and BengaLuru which contribute a lions share to the Central exchequer and also accomodate most of the migration in the West and South respectively, but still get peanuts in return from the centre.

Raking up non issues like the BeLagavi border dispute will only serve to unite the Kannadigas and Marathis further.It would be in the best political interests of Shiv Sena to look at the other real threats mentioned above that are looming large at the Marathi Manoos.

dandapinda said...

Most of these things are done for political gains. The ground reality is absolutely different from what Media shows or these goons say. I have huge number of friends who are from Sholapur & Belagavi and they all can speak Kannada & Marathi fluently. They never feel anything which the MES or Shiv Sena claims or have never been tortured. For heavens sake stop this nuisance and do some proper development.

Anonymous said...

Interests of Belgaum or Karwar region wont be served if they are tfd to Maharashtra. I have myself stayed in these areas and i feel maharashtra must officially withdraw its claims over a friendly neighbouring state like Karnataka and live and let live in peace.

Nikhilesh said...

Before writing the comment, I would like to mention that I am a Kannadiga living in Delhi and have many good Marathi friends. I got interested in Belgaum issue since this came up in national news channel. Well I noticed them recently.

A Country is divided into states for making the governing of a country easier. Come on guys, where the hell is the unity in diversity among us that we have been taught from the very beginning. We have many miscreants outside as well as inside our country. Please realise the fact "United we stand, Divided we fall" and come to light. Stop squabbling over language divide and other foolish stuff.

Vande Mataram

Jockey said...


First, go get some Kannadiga friends and balance your viewpoint :-)

Cultureless, historyless real-estate can be divided by a handful people into states for making governance easier. A diverse country such as India cannot be divided into states. It was already divided into states on the basis of language by Nature, and it was re-affirmed by those who made linguistic states.

If you want people to stop squabbling over language, ask your Marathi friends to do that first.

Clangorous said...

Well Said Jockey,

Don't know why only Kannadigas like Nikhilesh feel that languages divides the country. May be false sense of nationalism imposed on us by the Hindians by making us study their regional language Hindi. People like Nikhilesh dont realise that all other linguistic groups are supportive of their community irrespective of if they are on the right or the wrong side. But its only Global Humans (Vishwa Manava) Kannadigas who are rejecting their own language and community in the name of Nationalism, Unity.. Other linguistic groups would be more than happy to dominate such false Kannadigas.

Coming to your own point Nikhilesh.. Did you even question your Marathi friends that why are they making issues out of a place which very much belongs to Karnataka ?. It is parties like Shiva Sena and MES who are bringing up such issues and sabotaging the peaceful co-existence of Marathis and Kannadigas, Not any parties or organisations from Kannadigas

Rajendra Chitre said...

My mother tounge is Marathi.I stay in Maharashtra; I never visited Karnataka State or so called boundry areas of Karnataka;still I speak in Kannada;I like that language very much

venugopal narayanswamy said...

Sir I would likeyou to read the ancient history of karnataka for a better understanding of maharashtra and karnataka

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