Let Kannada be Heard. And it Shall be Heard.

Are you a Kannadiga who wishes that non-Kannadigas in Karnataka should learn Kannada, but are often confronted with the "How can I start speaking in Kannada when I know he/she doesn't understand it?" dilemma?

Well, there's now proof (if proof were required) from a research project in the Victoria University in New Zealand, which
...found that listening to the sound patterns of a new language set up structures in the brain required to learn a different tongue.

'However crazy it might sound, just listening to the language, even though you don't understand it, is critical,' study author Dr Paul Sulzberger said.

'Our ability to learn new words is directly related to how often we have been exposed to the particular combinations of the sounds which make up the words.

This basically means that you should not worry if the learner is not understanding Kannada. Understanding a language always starts with the state of not understanding. Doesn't it? If Kannadigas persist in talking in Kannada even in front of a non-Kannadiga, unbelievable changes happen in the learner. As the study says,

'Neural tissue required to learn and understand a new language will develop automatically from simple exposure to the language - which is how babies learn their first language'

So go ahead, try it (if you aren't already doing it)! It's not being impolite. It's just being proud and scientific-minded and having the will to carry out your own conviction about the status of Kannada in Karnataka, and to help migrant non-Kannadigas integrate into this great land of ours.

So, let Kannada be heard by them first. Only then shall you have the pleasure of hearing Kannada from them.


ತೀಟೆ ಸುಬ್ಬ said...

Alrighty!!! I guess this is what we have to do. we should speak Kannada to those blank faces & let Kannada be heard by them. I've tried it many times... and whenever I did, i feel that this is my land & I did a right thing by doing it.

A Hindi Manager of mine speaks to everyone in Hindi, whether you know it or not. I've witnessed this only in Hindi managers... We need to try "Let Kannada be heard" technique on them. Whay say guys?

Jai Veerupaksha said...

The article is bang on.Leave alone the scientific proofs - These are required for only the self proclaimed elites of the world.

An occurence that happened in my firm a few months back and I was also a part of it :

Four friends go out for a coffee break, together always- 3 Kannadigas and 1 Tamil in an MNC firm in BengaLuru. Normally the 3 Kannadiga friends can't resist cracking a few jokes, sharing their project experiences merrily or even ridiculing a few Company policies.....and all in Kannada because they enjoy their jokes the best in their mother tongue.

1 week into the process- The Tamil guy at times keeps a blank face or requests a translation to be part of the fun :-)

3 weeks into the process- The Tamil guy is smiling all along but responds in English during the coffee break. Of the 3 Kannadiga friends, the work place of one of the friends is pretty close by and he requests this Kannadiga to speak to him in Kannada only.

2 months into the process- All 4 friends are having a hearty laugh during the coffee break over the biased dress code in favor women in their firm ( of course in a lighter vein the topics of discussion also do play a major role :-) ).The Tamil guy speaks quite a bit of Kannada and grammatically he is spot on.

So All's well that begins well :-)

Jai Veerupaksha said...

Those who have attended German classes, Japanese classes would appreciate the fact that during the classes all escape routes are shut...An environment is created where there is no scope for English at all and lo and behold you have a German trained guy out from the likes of Max Muller Bhavan and the likes.

Similar guys who have learnt Kannada through Kannada by listening pick up faster than the self help course books which try to teach Kannada from English , Kannada from Telugu and so on and so forth. This is possibly because at a fundamental level , a language learner prefers relating words/actions/phrases/sentences to what one senses(sees, hears,smells or feels) and not one on one with another language he knows including his mother tongue.

Jockey said...

Teete Subba, Jai Veerupaksha,

Bang on target. I too have seen Hindi/Tamil managers assume out of nowhere that everybody in the team can or needs to speak Hindi. There are two things we Kannadigas need to do:

1) Never reply in Hindi even if you know. Unlearn it if you've learnt it already. Act as if you don't understand. And then talk either in Kannada or English. Be as blunt as those assholes, but not impolite. You have to be as polite as possible, but still insert the sword of Kannada into their torsos. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Assume that they also can understand Kannada. If not, tell them that they better understand or be left out.

2) Secondly, we Kannadigas need to become those managers and then make sure you use Kannada. Who said Kannadigas don't become managers? Who said Kannadigas who are managers should not talk in Kannada to the team?

Jockey said...

Okay, I meant "Hindi/Tamil managers assume out of nowhere that everybody in the team can or needs to speak Hindi/Tamil".

dandapinda said...

This is common sense isn't it? The more you are exposed to the Language (or anything) the faster it enters your brain. However, 'shankadinda bandre teerta'. The pro-urban Kannadigas need things like this to understand and implement.

Good one!

Vijay said...

Unless you study MBA, Medical, Engg etc., in Kannada you can't eradicate the "inferiority complex" & without political will, this is not possible. But politics is clearly the enemy of Kannada in todays world. Elections were never run with language as the agenda.

Its clear that one cannot impose or enforce Kannada, instead what like minded Kanndigas can do is UNITE. 100000000000 different Kannada sanghas should have consensus on Education in Kannada.

ತೀಟೆ ಸುಬ್ಬ said...

This thing is working wonders. More than half the people in my floor know Kannada. I could never have guess this. Some very good looking girls also can speak Kannada. :)

I moved closely with another 2-3 Kannadigas who are in senior positions and are very blunt I should say. They keep speaking in Kannada with everyone. With them anyone would speak in Kannada.

Anonymous said...

ಚನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ ಬರಹ...

ಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಅರಿಮೆ

the affected said...

I adopt a different strategy. I meet a lot of people in my job who generally speak Hindi. I force them to speak in English. In front of them I speak with office boys, helpers in Hindi as it is just impossible to expect these people speaking in English. I adopt this strategy only outside Karnataka. When in Karnataka I do not utter a single word of Hindi. Many friends, who stay outside Karnataka, whom I used to speak in Hindi earlier, I am forcing them to speak in English.

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