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Maharashtra's Kannadiga History and Culture

In his famous 1917 work "Karnataka Gatavaibhava", Kannada Kula Purohita Shri Alur Venkata Rao explains how Maharashtra is soaked in the Kannada language and culture not just in history but also in the present:
Many people still believe that Kannada had never entered Maharashtra. But my dear friend Narayan Srinivas Rajapurohit, who has studied this subject very well, has shown with ample proof some revealing facts in an article titled "Maharashtra Va Karnataka" in the Marathi language "Kesari" which is being published from 27 years. Some of those facts are: that the "Jnaneshwari" is full of Kannada words, that Goa's financial documents were in Kannada until a few days ago, that the Sri Vitthala of Pandarapura is mainly a God worshipped by the Kannadigas.

However, we will now place before the reader some more facts which have presented themselves during my own research on this subject. I appeal in all humility to researchers of history to carry out more investigations on this line of research and prove what I have reason to believe very strongly - that not only was the present day land of the Maharashtra language being ruled by Kannadiga kings, but also that the Kannada language itself was widespread therein.

The facts which I have discovered are as follows:
  1. Kannadigas will not be left without surprise to hear that the names of places in the Maharashtra language were mainly Kannada names. Kenduru is a place with a pure Kannada name near Pune. Further, Thana, Kulaba and Ratnagiri - which are Marathi districts - are full of villages with Kannada names. For example: Poyanadu, Shirola, Kallamatha, Devarakoppa, Akkalakoppa, Ulavi, Attigere, Mosale, Neruru, Pale, Devuru, Doni, Nirgade, Kanakavalli, Brahmanala, Ganagapura, Kuradivadi, Kalasa are villages in Maharashtra! Shri Rajawade, a prominent historian of Maharashtra recently admitted that more than half the names of places in Maharashtra are in Kannada!
  2. The makaara in popular names such as Annambhatta and Krishnambhatta is a feature of the Kannada language.
  3. The Jains in places such as Satara have been speaking Kannada from the very beginning.
  4. The Kuladevategalu of many Kannadiga families are in Maharashtra. Some examples are: Dhoumanarasimha, Neeraanarasimha, Kohalenarasimha, Tulajaabhavaani, etc.
  5. The very same rites and rituals performed within the borders of Karnataka are to be found in Maharashtra also. My friend Sri Rajapurohit has established the similarity between the temples in Devaragudda and Jejuru. Likewise, the Parashurama-Renuka temple near Chiploon is similar to the Ellamma temple of Savadatti.
  6. The Bombay Gazetter mentions that the Shilahara kings ruling over the area surrounding Mumbai were Kannadigas.
  7. It is said that there is a custom by name "Bisiyoota" in the weddings of the royal family of Kolhapur.
  8. Panchadravida and Panchagouda are types of Brahmanas among Hindus. The Konkanastha and Deshastha Brahmanas of Maharashtra belong to the Panchadravida classification. Why?
  9. The way between Savantawadi and Konkana is called "Dodamarga" (Doddamarga) even to this day.
  10. The Maharashtra language in Konkana contains Kannada names such as Mane and Nichchane.
  11. Temples built by Jakanacharya are found in Maharashtra also. They're also called "Hemadapanti" temples.
  12. What is more interesting to know is that Shilashasanas and Veeragallus of the Kannada language have been found in the very heart of Maharashtra! A Shilashasana of the Kannada language has been found in Masawada in Satara district...
Of course, we don't write this in order to provide reason to annex Maharashtra to Karnataka. We write this to provide reason for Kannadigas to stand united when the territorial integrity of present-day Karnataka itself is threatened by votemongers in Maharashtra. We write this to provide reason for Kannadigas to fathom the magnitude of the darkness in which Kannadigas lived during the days of the reorganization of states - a darkness in which many Kannadigas live even to this day, a darkness which every neighboring state exploits for its own selfish gain.

This is partly an English translation of our
11 Dec 2007 post in ENGURU.


Sudeep said...

Shivaji ruled till present day bengaluru it seems.

Sudesh said...

Shivaji himself had Kannadiga roots.

SomeOne said...

yes, Shivaji's father has granted land to Gosai matha which is in Gavipuram area of Bengaluru. The house in which Shivaji's father is said to have lived is still near that area.

TeeteSubba said...

Kannada has actually influenced another language in sucha big way, this is awesome.

TeeteSubba said...

Sena Chief says "Belgaum has become the graveyard of Maharashtra's self-respect" :)

Hindustan Times 23-Jan-09

Jai Veerupaksha said...

2 dynasties which ruled over vast tracts of present day Maharashtra for centures together-Rashtrakutas and Chalukyas were of Kannadiga origin.The point is ,as the author mentions, not to claim back the whole of Maharashtra into Karnataka but to stress that we shared a common history and it is high time that the likes of MES and Shiv Sena spend time beyond their mischief mongerings to understand this and not create non existent divides between Kannadigas and Marathi speaking peple in BeLagavi.

The Marathi said...

The most famous dynasty were Satvahana (not kannad), and senuya yadavas (not kannad)...so go home!

SomeOne said...

@The Marathi:
pls learn to say Kannada... who should go home? What is senuya ?? no one knows about this. How can you say they are most famous. Please mention some supporting facts. Dont try to create a riff aboout things by making unnecessary comments. The authors intention here is mainly to say that when karnataka and maharashtra share a common history of such a long time, why should people give heed to the ilks of MES n shiv sena who are mainly interested in keeping the fire burning rather than having development

SomeOne said...

@The Marathi,
And to improve ur knowledge, Shatavahans(not satvahana) were from Andhra origin.

maaysa said...

Yadava's Kannada origin

yadavas kannada inscription

one more

one more

How many of their inscriptions are in Marathi?

What about Chalukyas, Rashtrakootas etc who ruled till Narmada?

What about this? Kannada roots of Shivaji

Actually Shivaji was born in Bengaluru!!

Nesara said...

le marati, olle mar-koti thara aadbyaada.. your own scholars have said that without kannada modern marathi would not have existed. check this link to see the real roots of shivaaji - http://www.kamat.com/jyotsna/blog/kannada_roots_of_shivaji.htm

Marathi Maboos said...

Being a Marathi, I would like to urge my Marathi brothers to accept historical truth. Kannada language is older than Marathi language. It is a Dravidian language and historical facts suggest that Kannada was spoken in the region what is now Maharashtra. Pehaps, Marathi evolved as an Aryan language in a predominantly Dravidian area. Therefore, we can find many Kannada origin words in Marathi language more than any other Indo-Aryan language. Also, one cannot authentically differentiate Marathi and Kannada people based on ethnicity; again suggesting that we are probably same people; some adapterd the new Aryan Marathi language and some contiunued to use Kannada.
Any way, coming to modern times, Kannada people are not going to ask or claim back the areas of Maharashtra. Also, one can easily observe that majority of Karnataka-origin people living in Maharashtra have adapted Marathi language very well unlike their northern counterparts from UP and Bihar who behave like as if they are the kings of independant India.
So Maharashtrians should fast realise that the real threat to their cultural identity is from people flocking into Maharashtra's cities from up north. Maharashtra shares a glorious common history with neighbours like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. We cannot change history; there is no need to deny the facts; they don't do any harm.

Rabi said...

Kannada is a rich classical language unlike a fairly new n simple Marathi. Kannada kings ruled most of Maharastra and Kannada ppl have fused into Marathi culture easily....but still these Marathi goooons are fighting needlessly for Belgaum...its disgusting.

gundi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gundi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gundi said...

sorry fr early post removals... :P
@marathi maboos: well said... atleast some1 is accepting the facts...
frankly kannadigas have grown really tired of fighting for land and water of our own wid maharashtra and tamil nadu... its like we have been peaceful and tolerating for too long which has now come at the cost of own well being... i have no hopes of improvement from tamil nadu... i hope that atleast maharashtra comes into the terms of realising and accepting the facts...

KIRAN JL said...

historically.chalukyas.rastrakutas ruled maharashtra..seunas of yadavas are semi-kannadaigas.kannadigas are ancient dravidian originated people.they are large hearted people'''vishaala hrudayadavaru'''.kannada literature is very vast and beutiful.no one can beat it

Unknown said...

They say Maharashtra is not interested in excavation works because the more it digs it finds Kannada's history and not Marathi's.

anand.. said...

someone talking about digging and finding only kannada history not marathi`s? Kannada originated around 400BC and marathi around 1000AD. could you tell that for these many days which language you were speaking??? Ask shivaji and come what his elders were speaking. Shivaji was a kannadiga thats truth.

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