Manege Maari Pararige Upakari Attitude of Industry Repelling Kannadiga Actresses?

The Times of India today reports Kannadiga actress Haripriya's near-humiliating experience in the Kannada Film Industry:
Her next film, E Sambhashane, is slated to release this month. However, she reportedly didn’t attend the music launch of the film. “Since I’m part of the movie, it’s my duty to be part of the promotion. But I was not even called for the function,” she says.
On how difficult Kannadiga actresses find it in their home industry, while non-Kannadiga actresses are treated like spoilt kids:
“Local girls compromise so much on the sets — it’s difficult for us to even get make-up artistes. But actresses who come from outside and don’t know the language get flown down, accommodation, great treatment and a lot of money. It’s hardly surprising that local heroines are vanishing from the industry”
Well, well, well. Do we need more reasons why Kannadiga actresses are being repelled from the industry? Why this non-Kannadiga heroine-worship?

Is this just an extension into the film industry of typical Kannadiga attitude in every other industry? Have Kannadigas become their own enemies? Is there something wrong with Kannadigas because of which they think a hundred times about forwarding the resume of a fellow Kannadiga inside their companies (before deciding not to), while they forward the resumes of non-Kannadigas in a jiffy? Is Haripriya a victim of this very same attitude?

What can we, as Kannadigas, do to change this attitude in the Kannada Film Industry in particular and in Kannadigas in general? Pour in your ideas.

For the full news item, read: ‘Local girls have to compromise so much’. Haripriya picture courtesy Times of India.


Anonymous said...

A fellow kannadiga says "kannadigas are not good man". I didn't understand what he meant by not good. I guess its lack of respct to the Kannadiga community.

Clangorous said...

Yes Kannadigas are not good in doing politics, encouraging a fellow Kannadiga no matter he is good or not (which invariably other language people do by hook or crook), not good standing up for the cause of his land, language or a fellow kannadiga, not good in being proud of his culture, tradition.

I have seen non-kannadigas especially Malayalees, Telguites, Tamilians and Northies proactively encouraging their bretherens if they are in need of a Job/Buying Property elsewhere than their home land. At the same time I have seen kannadigas not even informing a fellow kannadiga about a job opening, forget encouraging a fresher.. they dont even inform about experienced jobs to a fellow kannadiga seeking a job change.

Instead of resisting/opposing any insult on Kannada/Kannadiga/Karnataka, a kannadiga wouldnt even hesistate to join the non-kannadigas in demeaning the same. I feel no where else such indifference/inferiority complex/jealousy exists. A Kannadiga always feels what if a fellow Kannadiga becomes more successful than him if he helps...on the contrary a kannadiga wouldnt mind pulling down a fellow kannadiga for his personal gains.

If one non-kannadiga migrates here... he/she will make sure he gets in atleast 5-10 of his/her kind.. whereas a Kannadiga wouldnt even help a fellow Kannadiga get a Job in his own motherland.

One difference I have noticed is usually most of the non-kannadigas irrespective of Caste,Creed,Color...etc unite under a common entity called langauge which is completely missing with us Kannadigas.. Instead a Kannadiga from one area makes fun of another Kannadiga's accent/dialect/pronounciations/Caste/Subcaste etc..etc which eventually frustrates him/her and he/she starts running away from the very language under which we should unite. A non-kannadiga especially these hindians encash this and starts enforcing Hindi (falsely as National Language) which a Kannadiga happily and proudly accepts as he would be of the opinion that atleast non-kannadigas wouldnt discriminate as fellow kannadigas. Probably this is why most of our kannadigas are already brain-washed that any thing non-kannada as superior. Eventually we have come to a generation who feels hesistant to speak his/her language in his own State. So like a chain reaction a Kannadiga has developed inferiority complex in each and every field having a mentality that a fellow Kannadiga is always inferior to an outsider.

So unless Kannadigas become aggressive leaders in promoting Kannada/Kannadiga/Karnataka at any cost without thinking about ethics,morality etc (which most non-kannadigas hardly care about), it wouldnt be surprising if Kannadigas become a minority in all fields which is already happening. Moreover most of our English obsessed Kannadigas of this generation are already facing difficulties to even construct a simple sentence in complete Kannada without using English/Hindi/Other Languages, Instead of teaching non-kannadigas Kannada slang these so called Vishwa Manava/Pseudo Nationalist Kannadigas are happy to even adopt slangs from other languages like : Macha, What Da, Come Ra.. . Kuvempu's soul would weep in agony seeing these so called Vishwa Maanavas.. . Its high time sanity prevails amongst Kannadigas to become Swabhimani before its too late...

dandapinda said...

A lot of Kannada cinema producers are from other states. It is obvious that they will carry their heroines on a palanquin.

@ Clangorous,

You are spot on, on your analysis. I have traversed across the globe and it is this mentality amongst that us that is holding us back. The Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam speaking people always look for their people regardless of where they are, talk about their achievers, their movie, read their papers, subscribe to their channels and so on.

There is also a confused belief that if they detach from their roots and speak low of their people, they are hip, cool and Global citizens. Identity crisis will definitely play a major role someday for these people.

Abhishek said...

Very Sad... But Haripriya is not any innocent face in this issue ! She was the RESULT of this... She BITCHED with the producer in money matters!!!
Rajashekhar explains that the unit had gone to Nainital for the songs shooting of the film. "In the Hilly areas the sun sets early and we wanted to shoot early in the morning. Accordingly we had requested the actress to be ready with the make up at 6.00 A.M. But she would not come till 7.30 A.M. And though we had dates, she cut short the shooting for a day and left for Chennai to join the shooting of the Tamil film. We had lot of problems dealing with her," said Rajashekhar. He also said a big life style car was allotted to Haripriya exclusively for the shoot.

Haripriya was not present at the press conference organised recently by the unit. Though she was in Bangalore
, she did not turn up. It was not known whether the producers had invited her to the promotional press conference. She has also complained that Rajashekhar was discourteous to her.

Source :

Search on GOOGLE for more!!

Jockey said...


Given the fact that media (that too online media) can be bought for a few bottles of whiskey, I wouldn't be surprised if Oneindia was paid by Rajashekhar to defame Haripriya.

Anonymous said...

Hey comeon.. if the heroine is good looking and has good acting skills she can go to any heights... eg: aishwarya rai, deepika padukone etc....

Jockey said...


The question is of Kannadiga heroines "going to heights" in the Kannada industry. Don't go off-track.

Clangorous said...

@ Anonymous,
The examples you have given are those who dont even want to associate themselves with anything remotely to Kannada..

Kannadigas should stop claiming those moronic heroines as fellow kannadigas as they themselves are indifferent to their native...

Just having a fair plastic face with skin show doesnt account for good looks or acting skills .

Kannadiga said...

nija helbeka guru
there are some anti-kannada elements in kannada film industry
who are showing step mother attitude to our own stuff
ravi chandran investing in tamil movies
kannada actors desperate to act in other language movies due to big bucks eg. prakash rai, soundarya, couple other
we are just ignorant about the facts, we keep silent and bear with them instead of revolting and defying such bad changes
spread kannada fire across folks
then no freaks can dare defame kannada movies in any angle

Clangorous said...

@ Kannadiga,
Atleast people like Soundarya did return back to Kannada industry and made Golden Lotus winning movie like 'Dweepa'... Also she was acting in Kannada time to time, compare this with those naada drohi heroines like Isha Koppikar, Deepika Padukone etc who launched their careers here just to shift to Bollywood... I would say Soundarya was 1000 times better in terms of looks and acting than those bimbettes who are generally reduced to just skin shows and item numbers. It seems she had plans of making more movies like 'Dweepa'... its unfortunate we lost such visionary who got success through other language movies but at the same time they made sure to invest back to their roots.

Dandapinda said...

@ Kannadiga,

Does V Ravichandran (premalokada proprietor) invest in Tamil movies? I think you are referring to Ravichandran of Oscar movies and not the son of Veeraswamy.

Prakash rai never got good opportunities here and I remember him saying this somewhere. By the way I don't see anything wrong in our guys acting in other languages as long as they don't come back to say things like 'sandalwood, what's that?'.

Clangorous said...

@ Dandapinda,
Its not that Prakash Rai did not get good opportunities... I am yet to see 'Nagamandala' kind of roles in other languages by him. At the same time ... if you have noticed.. the roles he is doing in Telugu and Tamil are more cliched villain roles with almost nothing different in the characterisation (usually he would be the father/relative of the hero/heroine opposing their relationship). Its more of monetary reasons than getting good roles...

Jai Veerupaksha said...

For one,lets not get so suicidal that Kannadigas especially in the film Industry lack Swaabhimaana.

Some points...I was watching a program called Preethiya Kannadiga on Zee Kannada( I think it was on a Sunday) where a Horanadu Kannadiga is interviewed every week. Let me tell you that I could hear a very high percentage of Kannada spoken on that day by Arjun Sarja and he had a very balanced view of things.The pride of being a Kannadiga was visible in his thoughts and speech though there was no chest thumping involved.

Also lets say that no language is free from imports...As a guy who has spent most of his lifetime in Andhra Pradesh...let me tell you that its been ages that Telugu had a heroine who can speak Telugu in the movies.Now the disease is spreading to the roles of Villians, senior roles as well. So basically except for the Hero everyone speaks in some other language which is dubbed back in Telugu.

THere is more talent and Jaagruthi and talent here in KA than AP. The only strong point about AP is its huge market(being the single largest language spoken inside India after Hindi) but otherwise it has fallen prey to its own dubbing culture.Nearly 25-30% of movies releasad in AP are dubbed from Tamil primarily and Kannada/Malayalam to a small extent. Out of the sucessful movies, these days dubbed movies from Tamil fare better in AP than home made ones in most cases.

Now come to Television and you have the Sun network owned television channels in Telugu like Gemini, Teja always playing Tamil dubbed movies, TAmil dubbed serials. Now even E TV has started dubbing serials from Kannada in the absence of home grown talent. Only MAA TV and to some extent E TV have managed to retain a Telugu identity in terms of content.

However all Kannada channels are almost 100% Kannada content.
Guys also see the bright side....Kannada movies have really improved in their picturisation and there is more variety in Kannada music these days than anywhere else. We still have a lot to catch up in terms of expanding our markets and in ensuring a home coming for the talented Kannadigas who left Karnataka for greener pastures.But we have just started....So chill maadi and go and enjoy a Kannada movie during the weekend.

Anonymous said...

veerupaksha......chenaag helidri guru......

yella kannada...abhimaana antha ella helthideeri......swalpa nodkoli yesht jana kannadalli post madideeri antha.....

ivatt nammalli abhimaana illa antha alla.......ellarigoo thakka mattige abhimaana ide.....nammalli korthe irodu abhivyakti ge......

we r gud at plans but lack EXECUTION N IMPLEMENTATION.........adu ondu bandre saaku.....

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