Shall we say "Give us Akkalakote, Jatta, Sangli, Karad, Kendur, Poyanadu, Shirola, Kallamatha...

...and Devarakoppa, Akkalakoppa, Ulavi, Attigere, Mosale, Nerur, Pale, Devur, Doni, Nirgade, Kanakavalli, Brahmanala, Ganagapura, Kuradiwadi, Kalasa....and...thousands of other villages in Maharashtra"?

Karnataka's Minister for Law and Parliamentary affairs, S Suresh Kumar has given a fitting reply to irresponsible wordage employed by a handful of spineless votemongers in Maharashtra which seeks to convert "Marathi-speaking areas in Karnataka" into a Union Territory:
This will back-fire on Maharashtra... if we start talking about it. There are a large number of Kannada-speaking people in Sholapur and Kolhapur and at different places (in Maharashtra). If they are also converted as Union Territories, the issue will not stop anywhere.
Mr. Suresh hasn't given the full list, of course. There are more places in Maharashtra which are full of Kannadigas. The list is nearly endless. Prominent Marathi historian Vishwanath Kashinath Rajwade himself admits that nearly half the names of places in Maharashtra are in Kannada.

Back to the spineless votemongers. Showing that they are throwing stones from within a glass-house, Minister Suresh Kumar...

warned if Maharashtra leaders continue to rake up the boundary issue, Karnataka would be forced to raise "in the same way, its legitimate demands", and also take a delegation to the President and the Prime Minister.

He said competition between the states should not be in terms of "snatching villages" but focus should be on development, administration and governance.
Of course Karnataka doesn't make a claim on the places mentioned in the subject here even though they're full of Kannadigas and their history has been part and parcel of Kannadiga history from ages.

That's because Karnataka realizes that that is not the solution. The solution is for both states to respect the Mahajan Report, recognize that border areas are always going to have people speaking the other language, and to get on with more important things. It's not just healthy competition which needs to exist between the two states as Minister Suresh Kumar opines, but cooperation too. There are lots that the two states can learn from each other and each other's languages. There are lots that both states have to achieve together, including stopping Hindi Imposition on both states.


bhimanna said...

I am proud to be kannadiga and i am from north karnataka. You can still hear more and more kannada words in marathi language. I would say We should not give up and instead we must ask above mentioned village to be part of karnataka.

Jai kannada

Santosh Patil (Veera Kannadiga) said...

Good reply for Suresh Sir.

Let the Maharastrian think of it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, myself hailing from Sadalga village from Chikkodi Taluka of Belgaum dist, Instead of asking parts of Karnataka ,let them give our old regions (now in Maharashtra Sangli,Miraj,Shirol,jatt,Sholapur,Akkalkot, etc) back to Karnataka. If politicians of Maharashtra are sincere and honest then forget asking Belgaum, and give up some of your talukas to Karnataka.

Jai Kannadambe

Prashanth DN said...

Kannadigas don't disturb any neighbouring state. But if others try to acquire our land from any corner then surely we'll set an example..
This applies to all those anti-indians who are targetting Mangalore, Bangalore, Kolar, Bellary and other places.. As Mr Narayana Gowda said Kannadigas are Hoysalas who had fought with tigers and lions..

Jai Veerupaksha said...

Marathi's and Kannadigas have similar issues to address in the context of the federal set up of our country as also uncontrolled influx of Hindi speaking hooligans to both their state capitals.

Secondly Maharshtra shouldn't forget that before Shivaji, it was Kannada speaking Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas who ruled vast tracts of Maharashtra. Like Shivaji who fought the onslaught of the Mughals, each and every Kannadiga empire from the Kadambas to the Chalukyas to the Rashtrakutas to the Hoysalas or the Great Vijayanagara empire,acted as protectors of Dharma and had it not been for the Vijayanagara empire which acted as a bulwark to the marauders from the North, the entire Hindu culture that we see in the South would have been eroded.

Kannadigas who could protect larger regions know better how to safeguard their rights without indulging in cheap gimmicks.True....the latent heat within Kannadigas is high because of which it has taken so much of time to even realise the injustices happening on our very own turf, but once the Kannadada deepa starts burning, it will be with the brightness of a thousand suns.

Anonymous said...


Is this issue going to end ?

Every year same writing in different words.
Same issues repeated unresolved.
Same country, Same states, Same people
I think, only the time which is changing.

Nandisha said...

It's indeed a good and concise voice raising from our people. We should really proceed in this way.

Hello "Anonymous",
> Same issues repeated unresolved.

I think you should ask this question to the one who raises this issue every time and every year. As long as we get the question on border issue (just like what's happening now), we must answer to their questions and hence S. Suresh Kumar is speaking.

> Every year same writing in different words.

Yes, same matter different perception. Just like how I and YOU think on a particular matter.

Let's all of us raise our voice in whatever possible individually.

Nandisha said...

It's good and concise raise of our voices.

> Every year same writing in different words.

As long as we get questions (just like what's happening now) we should be answerable. Each time different personality / perception. It's similar to how YOU and I think on a particual matter.

> Same country, Same states, Same people

I think you should ask this question to the one who raise this issue primarilly and why center govt is not acting rigidly.

Let's join our hands and raise our voices in whatever ways possible from individual.

Anonymous said...

yes.. I have asked to the one who threw the stone first.....

But isn't it a lose-game we Kannadigas playing by allowing this to be dragged?

I think this is an opportunity for the Kannada politicians to enjoy for 10 days every year and forget. We need to appreciate their usage of time and resource during the SPECIAL SESSION.

Whatever... lets hope supreme court gives an early decision.

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