Shiv Sena wordsmiths invent "massacre", then pose as saviors

The Shiv Sena is now wielding its dirty tongue on a non-issue and trying to gain political mileage:

Shiv Sena leader and former Lok Sabha Speaker Manohar Joshi on Sunday night gave an ultimatum to the Bharatiya Janata Party to mend its ways with regard to the on going border issue and stop atrocities on Marathi speaking people in Belgaum.

Joshi said that Shiv Sena has taken the matter of sufferings of Marathi speaking people in Belgaum seriously. Any atrocities on Marathi speaking people will not be tolerated, he added.

First of all, while everyone knows that the Marathi people in Belagavi (Belgaum) are living peacefully with Kannadigas (and both are learning each others' languages, too, naturally), was there any need for this bullshit? While it's amply clear that there are no "atrocities" against Marathis, what do we do about the reckless wordsmithy of this irresponsible "leader"?

The best wordsmith award here, however, goes to the Shiv Sena supremo, Bal Thackeray:

"We are happy that Yeddyurappa was behind the `lotus' blooming in the south. But why is he bent on the `massacre' of the Marathi people?"
Which "massacre" is he talking about? Where has even one Marathi been even touched, let alone killed by Mr. Yeddyurappa or his government? This anti-peace and anti-India stance of the Shiv Sena will cost it heavily. Instead of inventing "atrocities" or "massacres" which don't exist, it's high time the Shiv Sena focuses on real problems inside Maharashtra such as poverty-eradication, education and employment. Or is it that that requires a spine?

Karnataka's banning of the so-called "Marathi Mahamelav" which was supposed to have been organized in Belagavi by the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES) overlapping the Vidhana Sabha session there is not a display of "atrocity" against Marathis. It's what any sensible government interested in protecting law would have done.

Why is the MES, a party whose very name connotes an imperialistic agenda (Ekikaran = Unification) allowed to continue? Why is a party whose very name connotes enemity against states neighbouring Maharashtra allowed to continue? Why is it not yet banned? And why is the Shiv Sena - which is hand in glove with the MES in its imperialistic agenda - not banned?

It's a defeat of India's constitutional machinery because of which goonda outfits such as the MES and irresponsible and anti-national parties such as the Shiv Sena are even allowed to contest elections.


Jai Veerupaksha said...

High time Balasaheb calls it quits to active politics. It seems like he has lost touch with reality and is guided by his power hungry chamchas in making such irresponsible statements.It's sad that even after so many years the Shiv Sena has not been able to evolve beyond street politics to actual development issues.

It's a shame on our federal set up that even after 52 years of state formation we haven't been able to ban parties like MES working against the interests of Karnataka and the Kannadiga's / Marathi's of BeLagavi.

Jai Veerupaksha said...

Shame on Shiv Sena and its Supremo Bal Thackeray that they are still to evolve beyond cheap politics to stay afloat.Its high time that Balasaheb calls it quits.It appears that he has lost touch with reality and is guided by his chamchas in making such irresponsible and baseless allegations.

Worse still, its a blot on our federal structure that entities like MES still continue to exist 52 years after states were formed by democratic means.

Anonymous said...

Kelasa Illada Badigya Magana .......

I am sure you got it !! Thats what Mr. B T is getting at....

Accha Kannadiga

Anonymous said...

Does any body knows ancestors of Maratha's they were Kannadigas hoysalas, chalukyas, rastrakutas (in fact Maharashtra word comes from rastrakutas )(kadam from kadamba) many more.........
but do you know Thackeray (is a British blood and even the name as not changed Thackeray ) you can Google and find number of British Thackeray who tried to divide and rule India the same is still going on when will we be free India from these genes

putta said...

Bala Tackeray is an utter useless fellow ..where was he hiding when anti-nationals (terrorists) were attacking his 'amchi-mumbai' ? why dint he come out of his house and rush to the places which were attacked..

These people(mes-shivasena) did not get even a single seat in belagaavi during recent assembly elections...they just want to keep this issue in the limelight just to gain the political milage..thats y they r talking nonsense

useless fellows

Anonymous said...

Frist up all they did same thing with north Indians
and now they are trying same thing with us in order
to gain political mileage from this ongoing border
issue let they understand it first we are Indians

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