Train, train, go away! Come again another way!

Chief Minister Dr. B. S. Yeddyurappa has put a bold foot forward in pushing back Central Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav's Chennai-Bengaluru bullet-train project proposal:
Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, in a letter to Lalu on Tuesday, said his government will participate in the project only if the Chennai-Bangalore High Speed Rail Link is extended to Mumbai via Hubli, with an additional link to Mysore.
Consider this, and you'll have reason to believe Karnataka is coming of age on the Indian political scene - largely due to the efforts of Kannadiga organizations such as Mr. T. A. Narayana Gowda's Karnataka Rakshana Vedike:

“If our suggestions are not taken into consideration, it would be difficult for Karnataka to support the projects envisaged by the Railways.’’
And the reasons quoted are in line with facts, too:

“Such projects will help only the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala come to Bangalore and not the people of Karnataka”
To be fair to Lalu, there's no reason why Kannadigas should not use the same trains to go to Chennai, settle there, form Kannadiga colonies, hoist Kannada flags, urge Tamils to talk in Kannada and slowly contest municipal / state elections. But the problem is - and this is a fact - that kind of cultural invasion is not present in Kannadiga blood. Hence the need to be protective is all the more important, and Yeddyurappa is to be congratulated for his stern reply here.

Now, is the lack of this or that in Kannadiga blood Lalu's problem? Of course, it ought to be. Being a central minister, Lalu ought to make sure that the bridges built between the participating states in the Indian Union don't cause cultural invasions - such as what his own state indulges in. It's only then that a central minister becomes truly centred.


Anonymous said...

way to go Yeddy..

Devaraju said...

Thanks to our Hon'ble Chief Minister to push back the proposal made by Mr. Lalu's Railu...

Along with the politicians, every KANNADIGA should protest this proposal


Anonymous said...

good decision.

Anonymous said...

For the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF KARNATAKA , ONE CM HAS SHOWN THAT HE HAS BALLS ! Let us support Yeddy. If you really observe what has happened in all the freaking COngress rule of last 60 yrs in Karnataka (barring JD and others), NONE had brought projects for KArnataka KArnataka, all were connecting to Bengaluru so that Kongas and Gults make merry out of our economy, our resources and own REAL ESTATE in our state (they don't own any on their state...because it is too hot , it seems !).


Anonymous said...

Brilliant move.. Thats what BJP can do.. worth selecting this party to power. Full support for this decision

Unknown said...

Good move. We all KANNADIGAS support for this decision.
Hats off to you.

Anonymous said...

should follow up this news.

Anonymous said...

It's fantastic move. Hope Yeddyurappa will have a stamina to handle any kind of issue in forthcoming. State MLAs/MPs should anticipate more on this issue in the center level. Then, we should be able to get what we want. Good luck for next show.

Anonymous said...

BSY avare olle nirdaara. You have taken a good stance on this. What's the purpose of Bengaluru - Chennai bullet train when it hardly stops in Karnataka? As an eye wash they will later extend it to Mysuru which again will help the neighbours to move in quickly.

Better not develop than this.

Sri Sai Skanda said...

Super decision Yeddy!!

We take such stances for the next 3-4 years and we will see the rouges at the centre waking up to our needs. Also hoping for a situation when the same party is in power at KA and at the centre. Karnataka needs to reach a stage where we dictate what ( read loosely as who) can come to Karnataka and what (who) cannot.

Only 155 kms of Rail line is electrified in KA which is the least for any state. Till we reach the national average of 30% i.e 1100 kms for Karnataka we shouldn't allow any new train to ply from another state to BengaLuru.

Anonymous said...

Why cannot Karnataka govt start its own Railways and Airways? We are a rich state.

This CM is wasting all the money on Habbas and Sanskrit Universities.

See our KSRTC is the best in India. Karnataka Bus transport services it really top class.

Here in USA, food items made by MTR, Udupi etc brands from Karnataka is very famous and of high quality.

We Kannadas are good in catering and hotel business. We can use this skill in the our own railways and Airways.

I think, it is the most probable, simple and easy to go solution than cribbing a lot about a Bihari Minister. What great can we expect from those Hindis and Tamils excepts their too mean selfish moves.!

Its high time, Karnataka must start proving to India that it can sustain and survive by itself with it rich resources, skilled and professional force and the food, liquor, textile, IT and other industries.

Are we Kannadigas(The highest per person tax payers in India) dependent on this India for any thing except military?food?Transport?Education?Police?development? Nothing!

The worst case we can have our own armed forces too, just like the Mysore Kingdom supplied soldiers to the British in the 2nd world war.

Rohith B R said...

This bullet train can be helpful to Karnataka in only ONE way - when all the Tamils use it to go back home where they are more needed. Go there, fast!

But seriously, these trains are not such easy things to lay either.. First they need tremendously strong railway network on both sides - FROM & TO points. Unless the network, including the stations and all that are developed on both sides - which means the BLR station needs an entire revamp, and all the tracks coming into and going outta this station need to be of the highest quality. First let the Rly dept achieve this and then think fancy.

Given the speeds at which a bullet train can travel, all the other trains in the vicinity in our rly stations could just pop out of their rails when this bullet enters the station.. or passes by. So let the Rlys first revamp our BLR station, revamp the tracks that lead to it, and head out from it. Make them all high speed train conformant.. and things like that.

Anonymous said...

VERY GOOD DECISION. The tamilnad politicians think of connecting to bangalore and chennai and hijack bangalore one day.

Pradeep said...

Hi Maaysa, Karnataka Government cannot have its own railways. Because I dont think there is a provision like it. Only think Karnataka can do at this point of time is contribute some percentage cost for a railway line. So I hope Karnataka Government set aside something like 1000 to 2000 crore in every state budget to strengthen railway network within Karnataka. Because expecting Centre to allocate funds will take a long time, unless people here protest. I am sad that Coorg does not has any railway line within it. I dont mind even if State government comes forward and contributes 100% for important projects within Karnataka. Yedurappa can become hero to entire state if he does this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Deepu,

States can.

Kerala govt is going to start its own airways. I read somewhere.

Bangalore Metro doesn't belong to the 'Bihari' 'Indian Railways'.!right?! :)

Anonymous said...

First CM who has the balls to say what is in the interest of Karnataka. Other CM's of Karnataka if you are still alive LEARN

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