You get an award in Tel Aviv too, but it's somewhat different

Kannada Prabha editor H R Ranganath had the following lament to share with the audience at a function organized in Bengaluru by the Kannada Abhivruddhi Pradhikaara to award good Kannada medium students:
...the status of Kannada language is such that we have to give awards to Kannada students to encourage them to study Kannada.
The question that immediately comes to mind is, of course - has it ever been any different with any other language? Don't the Israelis give Israeli children awards to encourage them to study Hebrew? Don't the Japanese give their children awards to encourage them to study Japanese? Don't the Germans give their children awards to encourage them to study German? Everybody does the same thing.

But the awards are somewhat different. Well...let's those countries, the awards aren't trivial sums of money from the goverment, but the award of a better quality of life! Parents the world over send their children to study in their own languages because there's an award waiting for their children - an award in the form of a good career in a competitive environment.

We need the Kannadiga mind to go through two paradigm shifts before we can give children in Bengaluru the awards which are given out in Tel Aviv.

Firstly, we need to recognize that Kannada won't survive in the absence of the award of a better quality of life for using it. The 15,000 rupees are welcome, thanks, but that just won't count as a real award. We need something which can promise say Rs. 1,50,000 to every Kannadiga of employable age every month. We need to revamp our Kannada-medium systems to get there. We're not even close to it right now. Some think English education and employment systems will get us there, but that's stupidity. Naïveté.

Secondly, we need to recognize that a better quality of life can never become a reality if Kannada is sidelined in education and employment. In recognizing this second point, many have fallen short of themselves since they explicitly assume that English is the passport to a better life for all Kannadigas, not Kannada. Wrong. Terribly wrong here in Karnataka.

While most people understand the first point, many of them do so only in a fatalistic sense since they don't see the second point. Kannadigas have started seeing the merit in the second point only now because of exposure to different cultures around the world which are using their languages in linguistic registers which we've traditionally thought were reserved for English alone.

Are you one of them? Get in touch with us. We're on a roller-coaster ride, and we need company.

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Akshaya said...

muttinanta maatu guru
tale mele sidilu badida haage helidare
no one can explain any better I suppose
its time to realise
realisation is the teacher
lets make our state "kannada maya"
time for "kannadisation"

Sri Sai Skanda said...

The message is truely Loud and Clear-Kannada is the only medium that can propel us- Kannadigas forward, in this world and help us realise our true potential.

This should reach the masses.Let each of us who have read this article get as many people as possible to read this and pass on the message in whichever manner is feasible.

Anonymous said...

Please understand that each and every Indian can go and settle anywhere, live anywhere and buy property anywhere. All Indians can live anywhere they choose. There is no distinction between a Bihari migrant to Bangalore and a Kannadiga migrant from Hubli. In fact there is no distinction at all between a Bihari in Bangalore and a Kannadiga in Bangalore. India belongs to ALL Indians and Bangalore/Karnataka also belong to all Indians.

Anonymous said...


You are just repeating what the constitution says.. Every one knows this.. but the situation today is that by giving special preference to Hindi, all other Indian langauges are becoming second grade. Hindi is not India.. But in recent times, many people are trying to project even in foreign countries as if hindi is the only identity for Indians.
Just look at kids in karnataka and kids of bihar.. here kids are made to study 3 languages.. kannada, english n hindi.. But a bihari kid can do fine with english n hindi. Thats a clear advantage for a kid who has to study his/her mother tongue. And according to central govt and nationalised banks, hindi is compulsory even for gruop D jobs!! why? Why is hindi required here in Karnataka? Why shoud a peon know hindi?? for that matter why should even a manager know hindi?? Is English not enough to communicate with all other states???

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