It ain't enough if MPs from other states speak up. You need to.

Well, well, well. When MPs from Karnataka don't even open their mouths in the Lok Sabha, what's the point in sending them there? The Deccan Herald reports:
Lok Sabha members from Karnataka have done it again. As the curtains came down on the life of the 14th Lok Sabha last week, they have demonstrated once again why they are so ineffective in Parliament – they have hardly opened their mouth during the past five years of their term.
It's high time MPs from Karnataka realize that they have a serious job to do - of representing Karnataka in New Delhi and making sure that we're not taken for granted. Apart from general obesity and corruption, our MPs have another important disability due to which they don't open their mouth other than to yawn: Coming from one or the other National party, they're conditioned to thinking that the work of India is going on if MPs from other states are speaking up!

No, it ain't enough, and Mr. MP from Karnataka, you gotta speak up. The work of India has grounded to a halt because you're not doing your part. Do you realize that?

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Sri Sai Skanda said...

Not only are our MP's silent but are also seen as playing truant at the Parliament. Is it a lack of understanding of their duties, is it an absolute inferiority complex or is it the failure to understand where they fit into the scheme of proceedings that is responsible for this.

Still remember a simple incident that happened a couple of years back. A couple of Kannada to Hindi/English translators ( Parliament provides for certain set of translators for non Hindi states but the responsibility of getting these guys is of the respective MP's) retired or moved out of service back to back and we were left with no translators for months together.We were the only non Hindi state at that point in time w/o a translator. If 28 heroes can't act on one such symbolic thing, expecting them to stand on their own in a melee of 540+ folks is maybe asking for the moon.

I still wonder if we have any translator out there even now.....Looks like our guys have sought the easiest solution out....Why attend sessions that we can't understand and where we don't have our translators for the same.

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