MCX's Kannada website - not much better, but better

In a welcome move, Kannada finds entry into yet another linguistic register till now reserved in India for English, Hindi and possibly Gujarati. Reports the Hindu Business Line:
MCX-SX (MCX Stock Exchange), India's new stock exchange, on Friday formally launched its 6th regional Web site in Kannada ( on the benefits of currency derivatives market.

MCX-SX has already launched regional Web sites in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam and five more websites will be launched by the end of March 2009.

The effort to facilitate new financial instrument in the local language, will give Karnataka another edge over other Indian cities, Mr B Srinivas, Regional Director, RBI-Bangalore said at the launch of the Web site.

Mr U Venkataraman, CEO, MCX-SX said: “The Web site is aimed at overcoming the language barrier and spreading benefits of markets to cities and towns across Karnataka.”

But someone needs to drop 'em a few emails and let 'em know that the world has graduated to Unicode. It's funny how such a reputed organization resorts to images to display Kannada! The problem with images is, of course, that it makes the website un-searchable. And if you can't search through your website on the internet, it's useless, dude!

Also, we'd like to hear from users of the website as to whether the website accepts input data in Kannada Unicode, and if yes, whether that data is recognized by the software running in the backend, and if yes, whether that data is then recognized by MCX.

Looks like three very weak links? Welcome to Kannada computing. Want to help strengthen those links? Step in, we need your help.

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