Are India's political parties coming of age?

Have our political parties finally started to realize the true nature of India? One would tend to think so, given strong messages regarding the need for a more federal setup coming out from two opposite ends of the political spectrum: BJP and DMK.

Here's what Swapan Dasgupta from the "Friends of BJP" writes:

The Centre is important, but there seems an unwillingness to recognize that power no longer flows downwards from New Delhi. The energies of post-socialist India lie in the localities. The architecture of politics must begin to reflect this shift. To remain relevant, national parties have to reinvent themselves as a sort of broad church that incorporates different, but not necessarily contradictory, impulses.

And the DMK, on the other hand...

demanded appropriate amendments to Constitution for a "wholesome and genuine" federalism in the country with autonomy at the state level and federal governance at the Centre.

So - is India growing up?

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dandapinda said...

I wish one day we really see a federal setup work the way it is setup to work. DMK will push for these things as they would see some political mileage which our people will realize only after 25 years.

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