Did your bit? Now do it again (in the name of your beloved)!

Page 2 of the Times of India today carries an ad from the Office of the Commissioner, Dept. Of Public Instruction, instructing the public to "Do your bit" & "raise a toast" in the "name of school".

"In the name of your beloved", as the ad goes to say, "on the occasion of a birthday, in the memory of a childhood friend, for winning an award", the Govt of Karnataka is seeking funds for School upliftment across the state.

Sounds like a good project? Sounds like the Govt is doing a great service to Karnataka? Don't be fooled! This is not service, it's shrugging away from responsibilities, an open celebration of the misuse of tax money.

First of all, a Govt which has done little to improve the quality of education in Kannada has no moral right to instruct the public to spend their money on any more education projects it undertakes.

But that's still not half the story. Consider this: the world over, governments don't go begging like this to finance basic school education. Instead, they use taxpayer money. Taxpayers have already done their bit. Now it's your turn to "do your bit", dear Govt, not ours! What's happening to all the taxes we pay? Why can't the government use that money for strengthening school infrastructure?

You know why? Because all that money is going into the bottomless pit of populist largesses aimed at increasing the stranglehold of the BJP on Karnataka, useless Sanskrit universities and you-know-what.


Ragavendra said...

It is very clear that the Indian goverment have sufficient money to improve schools or start them...........Education cess is deducted from all employees salaries every month in India......where is it???

Cheluva said...

congress pumps money to madrassas and bjp does it for sanskrit universities. as a result kannada medium schools are not well managed like govt run institutions like IIM, IIT etc... so a kannadiga feels english medium is better, ICSC, CBSC is better until primary and after that its state syllabus. that too choosing sanskrit during high school will given more marks because govt has instructed kannada evaluation be tough and hence scoring is low.

there u go, education in kannada is not tough but made tough by our govt.

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