Don't you see Karnataka crying for change, Cap'n?

Capt. Gopinath blogs on how he got into Sainik school:
I was born in a small village called Gorur in Hassan district of Karnataka. My father was a poor school teacher and a farmer as well. I went to a Kannada-medium school till Class V after which I was selected at the Sainik School in Bijapur which had just been set up to cater to students in Karnataka. Incidentally, I failed the first time I appeared for the entrance exam as the paper was in English of which I did not know a word. My headmaster, however, was a very determined man and he wrote to the defence ministry asking them how they hoped to recruit boys from villages in South India if the paper was held in English and not in their mother tongue. I was able to appear again for the exam, this time in Kannada and that's how I got selected.
Gee, that's a humble beginning, and you've scored a point on that for those looking for Lok Sabha candidates with humble beginnings. We were looking for what you did or are planning to do about the situation you've described above, and yes, we were disappointed.

Captian-avare, does it need to be humble to know only Kannada in Kannada's own land? What's your plan to improve education in the Kannada medium? What's your plan to make central govt. institutions have Kannada as the default language for anything in Karnataka? What's your plan to make sure your fellow Kannadigas don't suffer because of not having headmasters like yours (or even any headmaster)? What do you plan to do about those headmasters in CBSE and ICSE and I*SE schools today who don't even recognize that they're teaching in Karnataka which speaks a language called Kannada?

Don't you see Karnataka "crying out for change"? We mean - the state you're planning to represent?


Hubballiyava said...

fantastic Gopinath avaree that time teacher are also well concerned about their students.
in todays atmosphere teacher will say when you are not capable why you are dreaming for such things ask your parents to pay 100000.00 donation and 60000.00 fees every year plus school bus fee extra. and dream of it
And today Govt school teachers are also not bothered about students. Most of the places these teachers play politics rather than teaching.
Issue is not the system we are responsible for the same. Every one thinks let other do the job we will enjoy the fruit.
if every one thinks and acts it is my responsibility and i will do it. Then no one will cry. only politicians will have to cry for the development of their constituencies.
the knowledge and your own experience you are having definitely you can do better.
wish you all the best and only the best.

rajiv patil said...

this post explains where does India lack it's other peers in the world.

Banavasi Balaga, hats off for such nice articles igniting the passion in kannadiga youth to take their state forward.

Ragavendra said...

I went to a Kannada-medium school till Class V after which I was selected at the Sainik School in Bijapur which had just been set up to cater to students in Karnataka.

Are you proud to be a kannadiga? or
Regret for your request to set the paper for you in Kannada?

Good to know about you Headmaster's work for South Indians....

dandapinda said...

These capitalists are fit for nothing people. They will only voice the concerns of people or outfits like MD Pai, Kiran Mazumdar in the Parliament. Why on earth will they bother about real issues concerning us? They are slaves of English & Hindi. Mr Gopinath your low cost airlines is a living example that you will never care about Kannadigas. The basic fact that there is no Kannada announcement in your airline supports my argument.

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