Kannada transliteration on Gmail

Google - which has been experimenting quite a bit with a look-up-table based transliteration scheme for Kannada, has now integrated the feature into its popular free web-based email service - Gmail. Of course, this feature has been on Orkut and Blogger for a while now.

This means you don't need to run any extra software in order to type in Kannada on Gmail.

Of course, Google's database of words is not complete, but given the processing power that's getting packed into computers today and how big today's databases can be, this is one possible solution to the problem of input-methods for Kannada data entry. Of course, giving users the ability to add words to the database is a wonderful idea which Google has successfully implemented.

There are notable differences between Kannada input-method editors such as Baraha, Lookeys, Lipikaar, SCIM (for Linux), Nudi, etc, and of course Google's database-heavy transliteration scheme, but it's good that all of them atleast use Unicode. Of course, it's a different story whether Unicode - the way it's defined right now - is the best code for Kannada or not.


ಭಾವಜೀವಿ... said...

This is really a nice and appreciable effort from google. In fact the major products of google like webpage, gmail, google docs,orkut etc are in Kannada. This is really a good sign to bring the local language computing.

Apart from these there is much activity is going on in the world of open source as for as Kannada versions are concerned. Most of the opensource softwares like firefox, gnome, kde, fedora ship Kannada support with them.

By looking at the proprietary software industry and the way the behave I don't see any ray of hope for Kannada version of software in their backyard! If at all there is any chance development of Kannada softwares, that can only come form Open source world!

I wish Banavasi balaga or this blog should throw some light on those also so that more and people join hands in them. By this we can make more user friendly and popular Kannada softwares for the coming generation
If any sort of information or help needed in this regard, please do contact me.

ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ said...

we at ~*~Karunadu~*~ Group,

according to me Google. the name beyond everything, we are now the googlers because google is no more a serach engine, it has services such as
Gmail for email
Youtube for Videos
Orkut for Social Network
Picasa for Photos
Blogspot for Blogs
Gtalk for Chatting
and MUCH MORE few are in Kannada Interface and many more to come.

Google has intorduced an service called Google ನಿಮ್ಮ ಭಾಷೆಯಲ್ಲಿ in which we could translate the remaing or new services to Namma Kannada Language


http://ilovekannada.ourtoolbar.com/ (The Kannada Google Toolbar)

SocialCauseTN said...

Thanks to IT industry. At last South Indian voice is audible to the world now. I am really excited to see Gmail allowing people to talk in Indian languages - Kannada,Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

More happy to note that our neighboring state (Karnataka) is woking up to protect it's beautiful language.

Thirumalai said...

Very happy to see that Kannadigas are atlast coming forward to protect Kannada.

There has to be some purpose when we choose to learn a language. Knowing English will open the doors to the world. Learning the regional language of few NI State ('Hindi') is useless unless someone wants to enter Bollywood or wants to become Chief Minister of states like UP or Bihar!!

We felt very happy when Tamil, Kannada & Telugu got Classical language status. We are feeling very glad to note that google is now supporting Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. We wish that this trend continues and South Indian languages get better reach in the future. For this, we wish that South Indians stand united, remove Hindi from the 3rd language and substitute that with one of the Neighborhood state language. This way, we will be promoting southern languages.

In the last 62 years post independence, Hindi has sucked our tax money and grown thousand times. It's high time, we take steps to promote the southern languages by strengthening the unity of Southern states. Central Government should institute a 'South Indian Language Lab' in North India and spread our languages to North India. Henceforth, our tax funds that was going for Hindi should be diverted to this new language lab. We should tell Northies that they can enter South only if they can proove that they also are flexible, have a good attitude and has a open mind to embrace other languages and culture. Let them proove it by learning atleast one south Indian language when they come down to south.

Prashanth said...

Very true Thirumalai..

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