The Third Pinnacle and India's Political Deadlock

Up till now, we have argued that it doesn't matter whether the BJP comes to power or the Congress does. However, we had not commented on the so-called "third front" because this motley crowd does not even have one vision, one goal, one ideology. But we're forced to comment on them because some of our readers are getting the feeling that we're basically campaigning for the "third front"! Wrong.

What's wrong with the third front?

The third front is not a political party. It's an alliance of "like-minded" state-parties which hope to capture enough votes in their own states, pool 'em all together and come to power. The question is - does this motley crowd have what it takes to rule India? The answer is an emphatic "No", and here's why.

First of all, although we said they're all "like-minded", we must not forget that the only thing their mind is on is to come to power. They don't have the slightest idea of what India is, what India's problems are, what it takes to solve them, or any such thing. It's like a set of SSLC-failed students coming together with the sole aim of securing the Nobel Prize in Physics. It doesn't work that way. In principle, there's nothing wrong if the politics at New Delhi is equated to the sum total of the politics in each state. In principle, different state-parties can definitely come together and lead India in the right direction. The problem with the "third front" is that individually, they're unfit to rule their own states, too! Then there's no question of being fit to rule India as a whole.

Secondly, even if this motley crowd does gather enough votes to come to power (which is not unlikely, given the power of money and caste-politics), their "like-minded" hunger for power itself will destroy the like-mindedness and "unity". The leader (if any) of each party would fight tooth and nail to become the PM - because that's their only "ideology" - to come to power! This is the picture of a set of street-urchins fighting for leftovers in the night, making enough noise to snatch away India's sleep and peace.

Thirdly, they don't have any declared manifesto whatsoever - other than to stop BJP and Congress from coming to power. That doesn't suffice to take a billion people in the right direction. This motley crowd does not have single economic or social philosophy - even flawed.

Fourthly, these parties don't understand the very basics of leading a democracy. Since they are of the opinion that democracy is all about getting elected by hook or crook, they haven't given any thought to what to do after getting elected!

Admission into the hall of fame

Now, to the question as to whether it's better to vote for candidates who are non-BJP and non-Congress - the answer is again No! In the hopeless state in which Indian democracy is today, it just doesn't matter who comes to power - whether the Congress or BJP or the Third Front or any other set of opportunists - all of them are equally disqualified to lead India.

Hence, we declare the "third front" as the third Pinnacle of Indian Stupidity and admit it to the existing hall of fame. You know what, let's include the "fourth front" also in the "third front" here, anticipating those who might call us as "fourth front" guys. Which Nth front you belong to is a fluid thing anyway - you're here today and there tomorrow. In all, we don't see a single party which has what it takes to lead India. They're all equally useless, equally unqualified. We have a political deadlock in India where the voter is really left with no clear choice.

Till now, we have shown that India's vote doesn't matter in reality. We really appreciate the media which did a great job in asking India to come out and vote - but the problem lies in the people whom India votes for. Even if we have 100% polling in India, that amounts to nothing because, as we've argued, none of the parties in the electoral fray can sufficiently differentiate themselves from each other and from stupidity, corruption and a vulgar hunger for power.

We will have ample opportunity to comment on how to get out of this political deadlock. Read on, and believe like we do that a bright future exists for Karnataka, for the whole of India.

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Gautham said...

I liked the fact that your article is not just bashing them but explaining the readers in a way which will make themselves think.
This has happened with all your blogs.
Keep up the good work.

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