The Twin Pinnacles of Indian Stupidity: BJP and Congress

Neither the BJP nor the Congress have grown up to the scientific fact that the development of India cannot happen without the development of Indian languages. The pinnacle of Indian political stupidity has re-surfaced in the manifestos of both these parties. What stupidity? The stupidity that Indians can progress without the due importance given to Indian languages.

BJP's unwilling talk of linguistic plurality

It's funny how the BJP's official website - - displays the manifesto only in English and Hindi and how the website of the party's prime-ministerial candidate - - has the manifesto's highlights in "regional languages". We've heard this crap before - that there's something supra-regional about Hindi - and this is what we call Hindi Imposition or Hindification - to which the BJP has again succumbed.

Wait, even has the highlights only in Hindi, Telugu and Marathi. No Kannada. Is it because Karnataka is already conquered? And why no Tamil? Because Tamil Nadu is inherently not conquerable?

Turning to the manifesto proper, The BJP mentions the word "language" only in the last part of the last section, that too only from the point of view of juttige mallige hoo stuff such as arts-geerts, culture-gilture and everything related only to the past, in a manner which befits a babysitter trying to silence weeping children:

Indian languages are repositories of our rich literature, history, culture, art and scientific achievements. Many of our dialects are important source for knowing our heritage. Samskrit and Tamil have made remarkable contributions in this regard. B.J.P. would promote Indian languages and measures for the development of all Indian languages including Urdu will be taken by providing adequate resources so that they become a powerful vehicle for creating a knowledge society.
It's a pity that the BJP does not realize that the "development of all Indian languages" is basically the development of India, and that Indian languages are not fossils of past glory but vehicles of future growth.

And hey, they forgot Kannada and remembered to mention only Tamil - which is no more a repository of
"our rich literature, history, culture, art and scientific achievements" than Kannada is. Why did they remember Tamil? Simple: because they were the ones who opposed everything Sanskrit (which opposition we vehemently disapprove).

In any case, the BJP gets credit for mentioning Indian languages for atleast the wrong reasons. Wait till you hear what the Congress has in store.

The congress's dry talk of unity in diversity

Okay, the Congress, in typical Nehru-family style, has the manifesto in English, Hindi, and Urdu. The congress hasn't bothered to have the manifesto's "highlights in regional languages" either - even a couple of Indian languages like the BJP.

Now the manifesto itself repels majority of Indians with the Hindi welcome string written using the latin alphabet - so much for being sensitive to linguistic diversity. While the manifesto appeals to the voter to "Vote for Unity through Diversity: Vote Indian National Congress", it makes no mention of Indian languages whatsoever. Not even for the juttige mallige hoo stuff.

And of course, there's quite a bit of talk of progress without recognizing the need to improve Indian languages - like the talk of going to the moon without a rocket.

So, the manifestos of both parties recognize only a couple of Indian languages (albeit for the wrong reasons). Other languages: go to hell.

It doesn't matter who comes to power - both are blind

In summary, both parties are blind to the idea of India. They have their own imagined Indias in which Indian languages don't play any significant role. By this alone, we declare both parties unsuited to rule India. It doesn't matter who comes to power: both don't understand India. It doesn't matter who comes to power: both don't have the basic education that there is only one thing which can propel India out of its current pitiable state: the upliftment of Indian languages.

Both parties are blind. And India's fate is to be ruled by either the blind or those who blind others -- until reason dawns on us.


dandapinda said...

Very well said. The basic fact that even Mr Ananthakumar, the 4 time MP from South Bengaluru, the contestants Krishnabyregowda & other candidates from the prestigious constituency have ignored Kannada tells about the stance of all these parties. The 'so called' regional party JD(S) changing its stance every minute from national party to regional party is another pity.

We truly need a regional party which is truly regional enough to voice the concerns of Kannadigas and establish the dream federal set up which everyone desires.

The manifestos of these parties are a sore eye wash as statistically there is only 1.4% difference in all the manifestos.

sandhya said...

Forget MR.Ananth Kumar.. he is the one who is (in)famous for his "desha modlu" stuff!! how there be a country without its states. Theres been a very good article about the raise of reginal parties in today's vijaya karnataka... Its time the so called national parties actually turn national by trying to think beyond "Hindia"

Akshaya said...

why not someone among us take an initiative. now everyone will step back. namge yake bekri risku, tale novu. even if i want to take the initiative, people will step back and only join me if i get successful unless otherwise your effort and invesstment will go waste. problem is with us, who keep neglecting by saying "hogu guru yavon tale kedskoltane adakella". when this attitude changes to one embraced by other states, then the development in terms of enrichment of language and stalling embarassment to our language is possible.

ಉಉನಾಶೆ said...

Root cause of this stupidity lies with the awareness in the mass. Unless people (voters) realize what they (as a linguistic group) are losing and demand for it, political parties do not see a need to support that cause.
We need to build more awareness with common people of Karnataka. Political parties will follow.

shanks said...

I am at a loss to understand 'We the People' if we talk of one nation one language we are called 'narrow' and THEY talk about diversity of culture, language and et. al.
On the other hand if we talk about this diversity and then THEY talk about diverse politics and no sense of Nationhood, oneness etc.,
I wonder where 'I' stand

Creativeleo said...

Actually the root cause is our attitude that is "kannadiga's" attitude towards our language! people dont want thier children to study in kannada medium, Kannada movie producers/directors want actors/singers from other language to work in the movie and sp called the patriots are active only on November 1st! with all this our politicos who are trying to cash in on things which make huge noise just ignore the language!

So whats the solution? promote Kannada in all aspects help those poets/ folk singers etc conduct workshops etc

Priyank said...

Your concern towards the language is appreciated.
However, the solution you mentioned is not sufficient. The solution falls into the category "juttige mallige hoo". What we really need today is "hottege hittu".
To elaborate on those, "juttige mallige hoo" is good to have. Poets/folk singers etc are all good to have. Necessarily, we need Kannada to be equipped with so that it can give "hottege hittu". Kannada must become the bread-winning language to Kannadigas. Kannada must become the knowledge carrier to Kannadigas.

Creativeleo said...


Thanks for the appreciation, Well what will be the solution to make 1 earn from Kannada?

my suggestions were in the same line....
Today whoever is associated with the "language" is not making much of it, when all the above are given prominence thats when they start earning out of it and which will encourage many to take this route...

Priyank said...

As German language is the bread-winner for Gernmans, as French language is the bread-winner for French people, Kannada must be the bread-winner for Kannadigas.

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