"The world's biggest democracy means little without a clear choice"

The Times writes from London about the Congress and BJP in India:

They offer no rival visions for India's place in the world, no competing plans for the economy, no serious differences on social policy. The world's biggest democracy means little without a clear choice.

It's easy to dismiss this off as stuff coming from the capital city of a country which subjected us to slavery for 300-odd years, but the words are not without wisdom. Democracy is really about choice. The situation we are in - where it doesn't matter whether BJP comes to power or Congress does - is a defeat of democracy. There's no point in holding elections or going out to vote if there's no clear choice. Really.

Note: we haven't considered the "third front" in our analysis because it's not a group with one goal, one vision, one philosophy, even flawed.

Plans for the economy don't just "not compete"; they don't even exist!

The BJP's ideology school - the RSS - thinks it's against Indian culture to focus on the economy. Given the BJP has strayed somewhat from the RSS, but you can't get mavina hannu from a bevina beeja. It's because they don't give a damn about the economy that neither the BJP nor the RSS see any point in getting Indian languages to start delivering hottege hittu.

The Congress, on the other hand, is opposed to industry to begin with. Go spin charkhas instead of inventing machines. Let projects take ages to complete. Let the state (read: the Nehru/Gandhi family) control everything. With the likes of M. K. Gandhi & Jawarhalal Nehru being iconified even today (albeit due to the lack of anybody better to iconify), there is no question of this party being in sync with the demands of a 21st century globalized economy.

Social policies differ, but nobody gives a damn about them

The Times gets it wrong w.r.t. social policy. The BJP and Congress do have competing social policies, but the differing social policies don't matter. Nobody gives a damn about them any more. Both the pro-hindu stance of the BJP and the pro-minorities stance of the Congress don't matter to Indians - because in neither case have either of the parties what it takes to deliver any economic value to India. India's wealth cannot increase if you look at India as a predominantly Hindu country - which it is. Nor can it increase if you become the champion of the Muslims. Indians realize this, and nobody gives a damn about the difference in social policy. It doesn't mean anything.

In short, both parties have not even an iota of the DNA necessary to lead India. And as we said earlier, this is the fate of India -- unless reason dawns on us. Okay, here's the good news: it is dawning as we speak.


TeeteSubba said...

BJP's ideology school has so much of potential. Its a pity they dont have a goal to achieve. It has become a character building institution.

RSS is surviving because Hindu's consider it as a prestige institution.

Niranjan said...


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