Advani doesn't get the point.

Or so it seems from his claim that...
...the Parliamentary poll results were neither a victory for Congress nor a defeat for BJP. "Voters wanted to teach the Third Front a lesson for blackmailing the government".
He was speaking about the reasons for the BJP's failure, of course.

While this statement is strongly reminiscent of M.S. Golwalkar's unceasing quest to posit one or the other "common enemy", it has a more important message: that the BJP will never learn.

Even if one were to agree that India punished the Third Front (which wasn't formed sufficiently before the elections for the voters to even recognize the existence of one), why shouldn't the same voters have voted for the BJP instead?! Do you dare answer that question, Mr. Advani?

We'll tell you why, and try to get this straight:

Because the Congress had a larger spread across India, built better relationships with state-parties and remained open to federalism, and didn't believe anything as foolish as a Hindu vote in a predominantly Hindu country. Now it's because your party just doesn't get the point that amidst tall claims of turning India into a "bipolar polity", you're plunging India into the same old unipolar polity of the Gandhi urf Nehru urf La Famiglia Italiana.


dandapinda said...

If BJP were to do some serious analysis of why they won in Gujarat even after all the tags attached to Modi it would have clearly told them what was needed to win. I will not include Karnataka as an example because Mr BSY got a chance as Mr HDK conceited at the last moment.

Come on guys, we all know, you have not won 19 seats in Karnataka because of the 'great development work' of your party led by BSY. You have been voted only because people have the feeling of being cheated by the central government on almost every issue even the most important ones like security (No NSG for a city whose contribution to GDP is about 2-3%).

BSY was in a way intelligent enough to highlight this at every opportunity and woo the minds of the people of Karnataka. If you were shrewd and smart enough, you would have realized that you need to align to the needs of the state and your idea of 'desha modalu' will not work because Desha is because of the state. A whole is the sum of parts.

Pity that Mr Advani does not realize this and his dream of becoming India's PM will remain a dream.

Anonymous said...

You are right!. Advani hasn't got the point and it looks very unlikely that he will get it in his lifetime. He is not a great thinker moreover he is too old now. he should really step back and stay at home like Vajpayee.

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