Are these the beginnings of a truly federal India?

The recently concluded Lok Sabha elections have shown that state-parties (called by some as "regional" parties) whose leaders have done things other than just looting their respective states have fared very well. Reports the Business Standard:

The high hopes of the Third and Forth Front might have been dashed, but regional parties have gained more strength in the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections.

The election results show that parties such as JD(U), BJD, DMK, AIADMK, Trinamool Congress, TDP, RLD and National Conference have improved their show compared to the 2004 elections, according to official figures.

Parties like BJD in Orissa and JD(U) in Bihar have done exceedingly well. The BJD, which broke its 11-year-old alliance with BJP in the state and fought the polls single handedly, mustered 14 Lok Sabha seats while one seat went to its ally CPI.

The party also made a clean sweep in the Assembly elections by winning over two third majority in the House.

Similarly, the JD(U) took its tally from eight in 2004 to 20 this time. The party under the leadership of Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav had fought the polls in alliance with the BJP.

The Trinammol Congress, which had only two MPs in the 14th Lok Sabha, has got 19 seats, turning the apple cart of the Left parties in West Bengal.

Are we beginning to see the rise of a truly federal India where the politics at New Delhi equates to the sum total of the politics in the states except for purposes such as defense?


Anonymous said...

Please check the following link in Yesterday's Deccan Herald.
MH Akbar's says:
''An important result of this election is that the elimination of regional parties from national space has begun.''

Ramesh Rao said...

M J Akbar has failed to understand where regional parties have won and who are they? Karnatique shows where exactly regional parties have raced marring the dreams of National parties. JD(U), BJD, DMK, AIADMK, Trinamool Congress, TDP, RLD and National Conference have made their presence felt even better than before. Hold on, even the National party BJP, has chanted the regional mantra in Gujrat (N. Modi). There by giving a clear indication that there is a shift in the interest towards Regional parties from National Parties.
In the next general elections, if the National parties (BJP and Congress) don't make right alliances with the responsible regional ones, they might be eating dust like BJP is doing now.
We see a Federal India in making and Mr. Akbar lacks a "Federal eye" ;)

dandapinda said...

General tendency of people in any form of democracy is to vote for those with whom they relate very well, their ideologies match and sometimes who has muscle power/money power. People usually relate to language, religion etc. In states like Kerala, TN, AP, Bihar and Orissa language comes first and then the other divisons.

We the people of Karnataka are yet to realize this and hence we see the dearth of the real Regional Parties in the state. This is one last chance which these so-called national outfits have in states which do not have much of state parties. Going ahead the truly federalism is what will shake the floors and bang the doors of Parliament.

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