Is the family the ideology? Is a cabinet berth an SSLC rank?

MAMMA MIA! Banavasi Balaga welcomes the induction of two Kannadigas - S.M. Krishna and M. Veerappa Moily - into Manmohan Singh's cabinet. While both certainly deserve being in the cabinet, we can neither forget the fact that it took so many years for Kannadigas to take decent offices in the Govt. of India, nor the fact that these two ministers are gleefully "surprised to be included in the cabinet" like a couple of SSLC students who have won ranks "unexpectedly". As if it were an act of Goddess Maino.

Goddess Maino, of course, is an Italian woman whose full name is Edvige Antonia Albina Maino. She wed Rajiv Gandhi some time back (you don't need to be told if you've learnt "Indian history" well enough).

If it's true that loyalty to the Gandhi family (as reported here and here, for e.g.) - the dynasty which has ruled India for 37 of the 62 years of its existence - is a strong factor in the inclusion of ministers into the cabinet, the Congress is continuing its nonsense which apparently began with the renaming of Feroze Khan as Feroze Gandhi for political reasons.

One humbly asks - does the Congress have no ideology (their website surely doesn't talk of one)? Is there no such thing called as being loyal to the ideology? Or is the family the ideology? How can grown up men and women be so enslaved to one family? And how can we expect a bunch of spineless apple-shiners to rule India?


dandapinda said...

The congress mocks about 'appa makkaLu' party when their ideology (which does not exist but which they proclaim to) is 'ToLLu'.

This loss in Karnataka has pinched Congress which took no pro-Karnataka stance and unnecessarily created Cauvery Issue, Belagavi Issue, Hogenakkal Issue, delaying City names correction issue, delaying Classical status and many more bowing to the pressure from Tamil Nadu and other states.

Is this some kind of a damage control to regain the confidence of the Karnataka people? I say this is a pure political game and dont be surprised if they sanction quite a few things for Karnataka in the coming days (IIT, Rail lines etc).

Lets also hope that this serves as an eye opener to BJP which lobbies with AIADMK & SS in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra respectively to rake up the same issues as Congress. They have been voted only as an temporary alternative to Congress and not because of their good work or any other bull shit.

Ramesh Rao said...

They (S.M. Krishna and M. Veerappa Moily) are sure happy that they have been awarded Cabinet berths. But, for sure this is not what they got because of they deserved. Congress would not have awarded Kannadigas the Cabinet berths; but for the agitations against discrimination by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike in Karnatka and Delhi between 2004 till 2009. Due to the awareness created among Kannadigas, Congress lost its ground in Karnataka. And in a attempt to resurrect and gain more seats from Karnataka in 16th general elections, they have instilled S.M. Krishna and M. Veerappa Moily in their cabinet. This is a "make way" for the Prince of the dynasty to attain the throne.

shashi chandrashekar said...

Very true Ramesh,

During election campaign, Yeddy left no stone unturned to pass the message that the Centre has ignored karnataka in every single aspect of governance.
Be it hogenkal issue, kaveri judgement, classical status, renaming our towns, congress just danced to the whims and fancies of it's allies in neighbouring states thus getting an impression that it is Congress which is more anti-karnataka than BJP ( BJP is even more anti-karnataka with their hidden agenda of hindi imposition, sanksrit glorification at the place of Kannada and nation first crap).

Good that Congress has decided to gain some ground in KA by trying to do some good.

Ultimately,, Karnataka has to get a regional party, if it ever dreams of bargaining with the centre for development projects for KA.

Jingle said...

With due admiration to the content that Karnatique-editor is trying to present here, I must add that the number of HREFs that your blogs contain today (and some indeed irrelevant to the post) are in a way misleading me to get the gist of the post in one shot.

It is literally making me hover over those links, deviate my mental flow of thought, and peep to find where they point to, even while a un-noticed re-wind of thoughts is happening in my brain.

Bottom-line, reading your posts is tougher with so many more links - especially when some were not needed at all. Would be a welcome gesture if you could cut down on one link at least, per post!

editor, KARNATIQUE said...

Jingle, the links are placed for those who'd like to read more. Is it not possible to ignore the links?

Unknown said...

A good eye opener, but i just wanted to let you know that the image is not of Edvige Antonia Albina Maino but is of Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon (a hollywood actress).

editor, KARNATIQUE said...

Photo changed. Thanks to Subramanya for the pointer.

Anonymous said...
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